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WooCommerce Customers Manager is a plugin for WordPress which helps online store owners manage their customers. This tool offers a wide range of features, including the ability to view customer information, filter results, export and import data, manage customer groups, run email marketing campaigns, and more. In this review, we will explain in detail how WooCommerce Customers Manager works and how it can be used to optimize online customer management.

The main interface of WooCommerce Customers Manager provides a comprehensive overview of the customers in the online store. From here, you can select and view specific customer information, such as name, email address, registration date, payment information, order information, payment total, city, state, and country.

One of the main features of WooCommerce Customers Manager is the ability to filter customer results based on different criteria, which helps identify a specific group of users. For example, you can filter customers based on their total purchase value, registration dates, city, state and country, affiliate source, age and other parameters. This allows online store owners to identify the most important customers, potential customers and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Another key feature of WooCommerce Customers Manager is the ability to export and import customer data. This feature is especially useful when you want to transfer customer data to a new system or when you simply want to keep a backup of your data. Additionally, WooCommerce Customers Manager offers the functionality of importing customers via CSV, which allows you to quickly add a large number of customers to your online store in a single CSV file.

WooCommerce Customers Manager also offers the ability to create customer groups. Customer groups are used to classify customers based on different criteria, for example, customers who purchased within a certain period of time, customers who made specific purchases, customers from a specific country, customers who they purchased a certain number of products and so on. This feature allows online store owners to analyze and segment customers more accurately and create targeted marketing campaigns.

WooCommerce Customers Manager also offers a wide range of email marketing features. With this feature, online store owners can send personalized emails to customers, based on several criteria, such as total purchase value, last purchase date, city, state, and country. Additionally, you can schedule emails to be sent based on specific criteria, for example, sending emails after a certain period of time since the last purchase or on the occasion of a special event such as the customer's birthday.

Finally, WooCommerce Customers Manager offers a wide range of options to customization. Users can customize the information displayed on the dashboard, filters, customer groups, data export and import formats, and so on. This allows online store owners to tailor WooCommerce Customers Manager to their specific needs.

Overall, WooCommerce Customers Manager is an indispensable tool for online customer management. With its powerful data viewing, filtering, export and import, customer group management and email marketing features, this plugin helps online store owners manage their customers more effectively and efficiently. If you are looking for a way to optimize your online store's customer management, WooCommerce Customers Manager is definitely a solution to consider.

What is WCCM?
WCCM (WordPress Customer Customer Manager) is a plugin that extends the functionality of WooCommerce by allowing you to easily retrieve all customer statistics, personal data, import and export, convert guests to registered users and much more.

How can I automatically update the plugin?
To receive automatic updates, simply install and configure the Envato updater plugin: https://goo.gl/pkJS33. The official guide that explains how to configure can be found at the following link: https://envato.com/market-plugin.

What are the features of the plugin?
Here are some of the plugin's features:
– Detailed customer list (downloadable in CSV format)
– Statistics on customer details, orders and purchased products
– Guest list and conversion into registered users
– Blocking of unwanted customers (with assignment of a specific role)
– Order assignment tool
– Adding, deleting or modifying any customer metadata
– Personalized notes, emails and bulk emailing
– Who bought and customer details features
– Statistics on registered customers based on orders
– Compatibility with custom roles
– Assignment of roles on a daily basis
– Import of customer list

How do I update customer information?
You can easily update customer information on the customer details page. You can also delete or add new customers.

How do I find out who my most profitable customer is?
You can find out who your most profitable customer is by using statistics on customer details, orders and purchased products. The WCCM plugin will tell you which customers spent the most in total and in a given time frame.

How can I prevent a user from purchasing my products?
You can block a user from purchasing your products by assigning them the special role of “Blocked Customer”. This way, the user will no longer be able to make purchases on your site.

Can I block the purchase of a product only for a single customer?
No, blocking a product is valid for all users with the "Blocked Customer" role.

Can I view information about registered and guest customers?
Yes, the WCCM plugin allows you to view information about registered customers and guests. Furthermore, you can also convert guests into registered users.

Can I send mass emails to customers?
Yes, the WCCM plugin allows you to send bulk emails to your customers. Additionally, you can customize the content of your emails using the TinyMCE editor.

Can I import the customer list?
Yes, you can easily import the customer list from a .csv file. Furthermore, the plugin also supports automatic email notification containing your login credentials.

Does the plugin have a blacklist system for users?
Yes, the plugin has a blacklist system for users. You can block users by assigning them the "Blocked Customer" role.

How do I find out which customers purchased a particular product?
You can find out which customers bought a particular product using the “Who Bought and Customer Details” feature. Furthermore, the plugin also supports searching for customers who have purchased a certain product variant.

Is the plugin compatible with other WooCommerce plugins?
Yes, the WCCM plugin is compatible with other WooCommerce plugins, such as WooCommerce Shipping Tracking and WordPress User Extra Fields.

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