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We manage your WordPress site

We take care of carrying out all the maintenance activities necessary to keep your website in perfect condition. This includes image optimization, code optimization, cache cleanup, and creating backups.

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We ensure that your site is always updated with the latest versions of WordPress and plugins. Updates are essential to ensure your site is secure and functioning properly.

Bug and Virus Removal

We optimize your WordPress website by removing all bugs and viruses present, guaranteeing maximum reliability from your website

Plugin development

We develop and customize plugins for your website, if you need particular functions we can develop them for you.


We send detailed reports of all the activity carried out on your website every 15 days. We can also link Analytics and Woocommerce data to the report.

Concentrate about what you love to do

Our team of WordPress experts is made up of highly trained and passionate professionals who work to ensure that our clients' websites are always secure, fast and up-to-date. We offer a wide range of services including:


Incremental, reliable, equipped with storage in Europe and capable of operating on an hourly cycle. We can clone the website in a staging.

Safe Updates

Secure updates automatically create a restore point, making updating safer than ever.


Get notified with us when your website is down, so you can get it back up and running before anyone else notices.

Security Check

The security of your website is our number one priority. We monitor your site for vulnerabilities and make the necessary corrections to protect your site from cyber attacks.

Performance Check

We analyze the performance of your website, to notify you of any slowdowns caused by new plugins or templates.

Maintenance Mode

In case of problems we activate maintenance mode to inform your visitors that we are working on your website.

Comment Management

We monitor comments on your website and take action if there are any spam comments.

Link Monitoring

We monitor the links to find any 404 errors, all errors are reported in the report that we send every 15 days.


We pay attention to all updates that resolve vulnerability issues and give priority to this type of update.

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Annual Assistance

Basic assistance for your website
99 Annuale + iva
  • Monthly Backups
  • WordPress update
  • Theme Update
  • Plugin Update
  • Manual safety monitoring
  • Manual performance monitoring
  • 404 Link Monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring via Email and SMS
  • 2 hours of dedicated assistance per month
  • Premium plugin license provided by us
  • Report every 15 days

Monthly Assistance

Assistance for those who have a structured site
49 Mensile + iva
  • Daily Backup
  • WordPress update
  • Theme Update
  • Plugin Update
  • Daily security monitoring
  • Daily performance monitoring
  • 404 Link Monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring via Email and SMS
  • 2 hours of dedicated assistance per month
  • Premium plugin license provided by us
  • Report every 15 days

VIP assistance

For those who want the most from their WP site
79 Mensile + iva
  • Hourly Backup
  • WordPress update
  • Theme Update
  • Plugin Update
  • Daily security monitoring
  • Daily performance monitoring
  • 404 Link Monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring via Email and SMS
  • 2 hours of dedicated assistance per month
  • Premium plugin license provided by us
  • Report every 15 days

Frequent questions

Which WordPress Hosting do you recommend?
If you're looking for quality managed WordPress hosting, our recommendation is WordPress hosting. We invite you to try it, our hosting is the result of several tests and years of experience. It's tailored for web professionals who are looking to grow their business, runs on PHP 7 and 8, includes free SSL, and offers an independently scalable environment. Plus, it was created to work seamlessly with our service. However, we also have other solutions, for any information just open an email support ticket or write us an email to  
How long are backups saved?
Backups are stored for 90 days and you can use a backup from 3 months ago as a restore point. If you remove the website from the dashboard, the backups will be stored for a week and if the website is reconnected during that time the backups will be present.
How does security scanning work?
We have a sophisticated security scan. The security check scans your website pages and compares the code to the known malware knowledge base. It also performs a blacklist check with a number of services, such as Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, etc. It also reports some site errors, outdated software, and vulnerability issues. Security Scan has another great feature. If your site has debug log present in the wp-content folder or if the scan finds that WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE in your wp-config.php file, the results will show that the website is unsafe. Thanks to this monitoring system we will intervene to fix all the security problems detected by our software.
In the case of an infected site, will my website also be cleaned?
If by chance your website has been infected, you will receive a detailed report and a list of all infected files. It will be our concern to intervene as soon as possible.
How is the SEO – Competitor Visibility Score calculated?
Competitor visibility scores can range from 0, if the competitor is not ranked for the keyword you entered, to 100, if a competitor is ranked first on Google for the keyword you entered. Keep in mind that it is important to remember to consider the region of the keyword you want to rank for (Italy, Germany, France, etc.). Ranking depends on the keyword's tracking region. On any single website you can add up to 100 keywords, although the recommended number is no more than 20. In this way the competitor's visibility score is calculated. On a single website, if a competitor's score is 60 for the main keyword and 50 for the second, the overall result for this competitor will be 55.
How do you detect my SEO competitors?
For a website to be your competitor, it must have at least 60% of your ranking, which means you must have at least 60% of keywords, found in some of your competitors. (excluding google, yahoo, youtube, etc.)
Optimize SEO images: how to do it?
How to optimize SEO images and improve the ranking of your site on the main search engines. You are perfectly aware that by publishing content online, the possibility of acquiring new customers increases significantly, as well as making your company one of the most important companies in the sector. To achieve this it is necessary for your articles to be read by thousands of people, but despite the care and meticulousness you put into your work you continue to obtain very modest results. Why does this happen? Most likely the reason is the following: you do not apply the rules of Search Engine Optimization correctly, or at least you forget some of them. If you are reading these lines you will know what I am talking about, that is, those techniques that allow any web content to be indexed on search engines, obtaining a positioning among the first responses generated by Google. There are in fact many systems to adopt in this regard, but some are greatly underestimated and not considered essential for SEO purposes, a significant mistake that negatively influences the performance of your site. A notable example is that of optimize SEO images, an uncommon practice but which, in these cases, can make the difference.

How to index SEO images?

Many people think that, to position their article on the internet, it is sufficient to follow some guidelines such as the choice of keywords and their insertion within the various paragraphs. Of course, this is essential research, although it is not enough. In fact, we must deal with other tools, such as the choice of images and their management. how to optimize seo images First of all, they are essential to obtain a more fluent and interesting reading for the public, especially in the case of fairly extensive articles. You should also know that search engines cannot decipher what is present within the photos or various iconographies. Therefore you must ensure that these images are able to convey to Google what they contain, in order to improve their indexing.

SEO WordPress images, how to optimize them

To optimize images for SEO you need to consider some elements:
  1. The alt. attribute
  2. The name of the photo
  3. The dimensions
  4. The graphic quality
  5. The content of the captions
Let's start with the quality of the graphics. An image with a resolution suitable for desktop and mobile viewing (around 1200x900 mp) ensures that Google faster scans, while promoting the site's ranking. The same thing applies to the captions and the alt attribute (a sort of description of the file aimed at making the content more understandable) which must contain the keywords used to create the text. In all this you need to pay attention to the weight, as it can affect the capacity and relative loading timing, a component that the search engine specifically examines. Therefore, downloading ready-to-use images is the best solution. In this regard you can rely on web platforms where you can download high quality and above all legal photos, for free or for a fee, such as Pixabay, Canva, Envanto, Flickr etc.
seo with images
SEO WordPress Images with Canva


We have seen how optimize SEO images through some simple but effective steps. In this way you will noticeably increase the chances that your content will be read by as many people as possible and that your company will be recognized as one of the leading businesses in the sector. To get to this you need a 360 degree marketing strategy that takes into account many aspects, above all web positioning. And with our digital agency you can have all this at your disposal, significantly improving the performance of your website and further increasing your revenue. Contact us for a consultation and let's analyze together where you can strengthen your online communication strategy.
Speed up WordPress: how to do it?
As Speed up WordPress and guarantee visitors a more fluid and efficient user experience. A parameter that outlines a greater possibility of success in any sector, and of earning money, is certainly time saving. It is a consideration that we must analyze even more so with regard to the digital sector, where the web connection and the use of services online it has reached speeds that were unthinkable until a few years ago. For example, when you open a web page, from a PC or mobile phone, you expect it to be fluid and without any type of bug. Yet, if there were difficulties in loading, the immediate consequence would be that of leave the page in which you were browsing. This is an eventuality that a website manager should absolutely avoid, as all this would turn into a loss of potential clients, perhaps interested in the product or service offered but who have not had the time or means to understand it. Here because speed up WordPress appears as the ideal solution for this circumstance.

Speed up WordPress: fewer bugs, more fluidity

One of the most important things for the credibility of a website is its speed, given that visitors are less and less patient and want to find what they are looking for immediately. But if yours site is slow, they could go elsewhere and never return. Therefore, speed in loading and reading pages is essential both for ranking on search engines and for user experience. how to speed up WordPress Indeed Google rewards fast sites, ensuring that these are promoted to the top positions of search results, obtaining a greater number of visits. But how do you make a WordPress site faster? Let's see together some useful tips that can concretely help you speed up WordPress, making it more fluid and ready for use.

Improve user experience with a fast website

Having said that, how speed up WordPress? Here is some good advice on this:
  • Choose a light and minimalist theme: heavy templates full of superfluous elements will only slow down your website;
  • Reduce the number of plugins installed: if the site uses too many extensions it can become very slow, choosing those that allow an improvement in performance in terms of speed;
  • Update the platform regularly, keeping speed-related issues to a minimum;
  • Choose a good hosting: this can increase page loading speed;
  • Optimize your images: They can slow down the loading of a page, so be sure to optimize them before publishing them on your website.
fast website By following these tips, you can improve website speed and improve user experience.

How to test your site speed

With constant WordPress updates and new technologies emerging, it's important for website owners to ensure their sites are fast and responsive. As we said earlier, speed is a key factor in the success of your online business, as visitors have limited patience, and if your site takes too long to load they will quickly leave. There are several tools that you can use for test WordPress site speed. Among the best tools available on the web we have Google Webmaster Tools, a free tool offered by Google for help website owners improve and monitor their site. This program allows you to run speed tests from your account control panel.


We have seen how speed up WordPress and ensure that the user can navigate easily and without any problems within your website. It is no coincidence that having a high-performance and perfectly functioning platform is essential for a winning marketing strategy capable of growing your brand. That's why you need professional assistance like ours to ensure high performance over time. In fact, we take care of update management, bug and virus removal, plug-in development, maintenance, link monitoring, security and vulnerabilities. A 360-degree activity thanks to which you can benefit from cutting-edge technical support. Don't sit idle and choose the service that's right for you!
What does spam mean: definition and meaning
What does spam mean: definition and meaning of a practice that is so widespread on the web and at the same time quite annoying for those who receive it. You published a post on your Facebook page and among the comments you noticed a rather ambiguous advertising message, which has little to do with your sector. Or perhaps you received a promotional email containing a link that directs you to the website of a little-known company, but without having previously signed up to the newsletter. At best we are talking about invasive activities, with the dissemination of unsolicited press releases aimed at marketing a product. However, this system also hides illegal practices, which can jeopardize the your digital safety. So let's see what spam means and what the peculiarities of this phenomenon are.

What does spam mean

With the definition of spam we refer to those unwanted messages sent en masse by people trying to advertise or sell something, but also with the aim of defrauding the victim through phishing activities. Very often these communications (received without our consent) in addition to offering invasive advertising, they contain links that direct you to potentially harmful websites with which to rob you of your personal or even banking credentials. We are therefore talking about real rubbish advertising which manifests itself through the following systems:
  • E-mail
  • Posts and response comments on social media
  • User comments on blogs or forums
definition of spam Furthermore, many users do not know what lies behind their creation. In these situations, cyber criminals use a variety of methods, including sending emails with unsolicited commercial content or attempting to deceive users to obtain information private. Sometimes they are carried out by bots, i.e. programs designed to carry out repetitive tasks on the Internet, such as the massive sending of intrusive and borderline obsessive content.

What are the dangers for those who receive these messages?

Receiving spam communications is a really unpleasant thing and can make you very nervous, but its effects can be much worse. Among the negative consequences we can mention:
  • Damage to your reputation and that of your social profile or website;
  • The ability to divert the attention of the user who is reading your content;
  • The concrete possibility of stealing your credentials, be they passwords, bank codes or classic personal information such as e-mail address, tax code, telephone number and so on, etc.
If your account gets flooded with spam it is certainly the judgment and the judgment that get the worst of it opinion that the public will have towards you. But another aspect to consider is the action of cyber criminals, who for their shady purposes purchase lists of email addresses from third parties with the intention of stealing personal information from users via malware.

How to avoid falling victim to spam?

what are spam calls There are several ways to avoid suffering the effects of spam. First, it's important to be aware of what it is and that it can arrive via email, social media or other online channels. It can also sometimes be difficult to distinguish from normal content, but there are some signs you should look out for. For example, spam tends to have a urgent tone or it's too good to be true. Furthermore, it might include links to suspicious websites or offer gifts or prizes. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In addition to this, you can still make use of specific software plugins like Akismet (already present on WordPress). However, attention and prevention represent the main weapon you can have at your disposal.

What spam means: conclusion

We have seen what does spam mean and how this very widespread and very annoying phenomenon manifests itself, with even serious repercussions that can affect your digital security. This is why 360-degree IT support from an agency like ours can actually help you have a safe, high-performance platform that allows you to welcome as many visitors as possible. If you need to remove a virus, develop a plugin for your site or require WordPress assistance then you are in the right place!
Change WordPress theme in a few simple steps
Changing WordPress theme: what steps to follow to replace your website template with a new one that is more suited to your concept. When we look at something, be it a product or in this case a website, the first impression that is created in our unconscious will essentially depend on the aesthetic aspect that is shown to us, therefore even before having had a direct experience capable of producing an overall opinion on the matter. Therefore, it is true that concreteness and knowing how to do things represent an important aspect, especially if your company offers a specific service capable of satisfy customer requests. But it cannot be denied that appearance and graphics take on a decisive value (at least at the beginning), representing in fact a concrete help to convey the characteristics and advantages of your work, even more so in such a competitive sector as the digital one. Here because change WordPress theme it can be an intelligent solution for a graphic restyling of your web platform, making it more attractive and interesting for the public.

How to change theme on WordPress

Change WordPress theme without losing data Whether you are a small entrepreneur with a company of just a few people working for you or a manager of a multinational company, you will know perfectly well that having a certain level of notoriety and fame on the internet is a fundamental quality for success. And as we said earlier, present your audience with a well-curated online space and in line with the company image it allows you to get even closer to it, creating an even deeper and more lasting bond. There can be many reasons that lead you to this change. Many of our customers change their theme because the aesthetics no longer reflect the promotional message that the brand intends to disclose. Or they discovered the existence of a more interesting alternative capable of bringing additional functionality to the site. But let's not get lost in further chatter and find out how to replace a template on your platform through some simple and quick steps.

New template for your website: how to install it

If you want to change the theme on WordPress you must:
  • Access your dashboard
  • Click on Appearance and then on Themes
  • Click Add New
  • Press Install
how to change theme on wordpress You can then make it operational by pressing Activate. However, it is advisable to observe the preview so that you can immediately see the presence of possible problems, or realize whether the chosen theme is suited to your tastes. Better yet, before all that, read the feedback published by other users who have used the theme on their website, so as to give you a concrete idea right away.

Do you want to change your WordPress theme but can't find the one that's right for you? We'll think about it!

Replacing one template with another is quite easy, the problem is finding the one that best suits the characteristics of your site. In these cases, a smart solution is to create one yourself, so you can adapt it to your needs and above all without any problems related to bugs. There our web agency is one of the most established companies in the sector, with a team of developers ready to work with you to create a professional theme, taking care of the necessary updates and maintenance activities, among other things. Contact us to request advice on the management of your WordPress site, keeping it efficient and performing so you can focus totally on your business, without all those headaches that characterize the IT sector

Useful tips on WordPress

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