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Introduction to CouponXL: Your Partner for Success in the World of Coupons

CouponXL is more than just a WordPress theme; it is a real platform designed for those who wish to enter the market of online coupons, deals and discounts. This theme, with its many features and flexibility, is a powerful and intuitive solution for anyone who wants to create a successful website in this area.

Main Features of CouponXL

  1. User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive administration panel, CouponXL simplifies the creation and management of coupons and offers.
  2. Advanced Customization: The theme offers a wide range of customization options, adaptable to the specific needs of each company or individual.
  3. Flexibility in Categories: From restaurants to technology, CouponXL supports a variety of categories, making it ideal for a wide range of deals.
  4. Management Tools: Schedule coupon posting, set limits and deadlines, and monitor performance with detailed statistics.
  5. Advanced Search: Users can easily find what they are looking for thanks to advanced search features.
  6. Integrated Marketing Tools: Promote your offers with tools such as banner ads, e-mail marketing and pop-ups.
  7. Social Media Integration: Increase the visibility of your promotions by easily sharing them on social media.
  8. Responsive Design: CouponXL ensures an optimal experience on all devices, both desktop and mobile.
  9. SEO optimization: The theme is designed to be easily found and well placed in search results.
  10. Outstanding Customer Support: With detailed documentation, tutorials and a dedicated support team, CouponXL ensures constant support.

The Voices of the Market on CouponXL

NumbusThemes, in 2015, highlighted CouponXL as an effective way to monetize a coupon website, emphasizing integration with payment systems such as Skrill, Stripe and PayPal and compatibility with MailChimp for effective email campaigns.

Customer Feedback

Customers praise CouponXL for its versatility and excellent technical support. One customer expressed, "It is perfect for any project, from small to very large. Thanks for the good work."

A Complete Ecosystem for Coupons and Offers

  • Customizable Mega Menus
  • Advertising Support
  • Subscription System
  • Automatic Calculation of Discounts
  • Offer Management with XML Import
  • Custom Email and Login Pages
  • Different Post Formats
  • One-Click Installation

SEO and Technical Support

CouponXL follows the latest SEO standards and offers fast and dedicated technical support, ensuring a smooth user experience and optimal online visibility.


CouponXL is not just a theme, it is a complete solution for anyone who wants to create a successful coupon and offer site. With its wide range of features, customization, and excellent customer support, CouponXL is positioned as the ideal choice for industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Gianluca Gentile

My name is Gianluca Gentile, born in 1991. I have always had an immense passion for IT. Computers and the web, in fact, have become my inseparable adventure companions. So in 2012 I decided to transform my attitude and my skills into a "job". Through experience and professionalism I deal with restructuring and building the image of a company from scratch. Among my duties is the management of every phase of the creative process, meticulously taking care of every aspect of the advertising campaigns on the various media.

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