Speed up WordPress: how to do it?


As Speed up WordPress and guarantee visitors a more fluid and efficient user experience.

A parameter that outlines a greater possibility of success in any sector, and of earning money, is certainly time saving. It is a consideration that we must analyze even more so with regard to the digital sector, where the web connection and the use of services online it has reached speeds that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

For example, when you open a web page, from a PC or mobile phone, you expect it to be fluid and without any type of bug. Yet, if there were difficulties in loading, the immediate consequence would be that of leave the page in which you were browsing.

This is an eventuality that a website manager should absolutely avoid, as all this would turn into a loss of potential clients, perhaps interested in the product or service offered but who have not had the time or means to understand it. Here because speed up WordPress appears as the ideal solution for this circumstance.

Speed up WordPress: fewer bugs, more fluidity

One of the most important things for the credibility of a website is its speed, given that visitors are less and less patient and want to find what they are looking for immediately. But if yours site is slow, they could go elsewhere and never return. Therefore, speed in loading and reading pages is essential both for ranking on search engines and for user experience.

how to speed up WordPress

Indeed Google rewards fast sites, ensuring that these are promoted to the top positions of search results, obtaining a greater number of visits. But how do you make a WordPress site faster?

Let's see together some useful tips that can concretely help you speed up WordPress, making it more fluid and ready for use.

Improve user experience with a fast website

Having said that, how speed up WordPress? Here is some good advice on this:

  • Choose a light and minimalist theme: heavy templates full of superfluous elements will only slow down your website;
  • Reduce the number of plugins installed: if the site uses too many extensions it can become very slow, choosing those that allow an improvement in performance in terms of speed;
  • Update the platform regularly, keeping speed-related issues to a minimum;
  • Choose a good hosting: this can increase page loading speed;
  • Optimize your images: They can slow down the loading of a page, so be sure to optimize them before publishing them on your website.

fast website

By following these tips, you can improve website speed and improve user experience.

How to test your site speed

With constant WordPress updates and new technologies emerging, it's important for website owners to ensure their sites are fast and responsive. As we said earlier, speed is a key factor in the success of your online business, as visitors have limited patience, and if your site takes too long to load they will quickly leave. There are several tools that you can use for test WordPress site speed.

Among the best tools available on the web we have Google Webmaster Tools, a free tool offered by Google for help website owners improve and monitor their site. This program allows you to run speed tests from your account control panel.


We have seen how speed up WordPress and ensure that the user can navigate easily and without any problems within your website. It is no coincidence that having a high-performance and perfectly functioning platform is essential for a winning marketing strategy capable of growing your brand.

That's why you need professional assistance like ours to ensure high performance over time. In fact, we take care of update management, bug and virus removal, plug-in development, maintenance, link monitoring, security and vulnerability. A 360-degree activity through which to benefit from a technical support cutting edge.

Don't sit idle and choose the service that's right for you!

Gianluca Gentile
Gianluca Gentile

My name is Gianluca Gentile, born in 1991. I have always had an immense passion for IT. Computers and the web, in fact, have become my inseparable adventure companions. So in 2012 I decided to transform my attitude and my skills into a "job". Through experience and professionalism I deal with restructuring and building the image of a company from scratch. Among my duties is the management of every phase of the creative process, meticulously taking care of every aspect of the advertising campaigns on the various media.

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