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Yet Skin is an add-on for the pricing plugin of WordPress called Go Pricing. With Yet Skin, you can create eye-catching and attractive pricing for your website, with a wide range of options for customization. This add-on is easily integrated into your own website and allows you to choose from a wide range of brand, color and style options.

One of the main advantages of Yet Skin is that it offers a variety of pre-made templates for ready-to-use pricing. This means you don't have to create everything from scratch, but you can choose a ready-made template, customize it to your needs and add it to your website. Yet Skin's user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, even for those with no experience in graphic design.

There are several template options to choose from when using Yet Skin. There are standard pricing models, dual pricing models, and complex pricing models. Each model is designed to meet a certain type of need, but there is always the possibility to further customize them to suit your needs.

With Yet Skin, you can also customize pricing details, such as the title, description, and icon. Additionally, you can add links to specific websites or landing pages to help visitors quickly find what they're looking for. You can customize the styles of each pricing element in great detail, such as the background, margins, font and much more.

And if you really can't find a template that meets the specific needs of your website, with Yet Skin you can create a template from scratch, even starting from a blank sheet of paper. This feature is particularly useful for those who have special needs and want to create a custom price for their website.

Installing Yet Skin is very simple and fast. To install it, just download the plugin .zip file and upload it to WordPress. Once installed, the plugin appears as a new option in the website's admin menu. From here you can access your pricing customization options and change the look and style of your pricing.

Additionally, Yet Skin is compatible with a large number of ecommerce plugins, such as WooCommerce, Visual Composer, WPBakery, and more. This means that the customization options provided by Yet Skin can also be integrated into e-commerce websites.

Furthermore, the plugin is regularly updated and updated to ensure optimal performance. This means that whenever you use Yet Skin, you always have the latest versions of the software, with every bugfix, improvement and new feature included.

In summary, Yet Skin is an essential add-on for anyone using the Go Pricing pricing plugin. With a wide range of customization options and compatibility with many other e-commerce solutions, Yet Skin gives users the ability to create unique and eye-catching pricing for their website, without having to rely on expensive customization solutions.

What is Yet Current Version 1.2 – Aug 16, 2017?

Yet is a new Add-on for the popular Go Pricing WordPress plugin. With Yet you can create truly unique tables that will fit your style and theme perfectly. We've kept all table structures flexible, and now give you complete design freedom. Give your tables complete freedom, this time only your imagination is the limit. Yet is a skin that expands your table editing capabilities, allowing you to configure almost anything without coding knowledge. We have maintained the cleanliness and simplicity of our UI and designed the new features with the latest trends and needs in mind. Our new features include layered backgrounds with effects, colorful overlays, color gradients, button styles and effects. Check out the full list of features below! You can use your current table or import a test one. You can apply the Yet skin to your existing tables, without the need to start from scratch. Change the skin of the table and the new options will appear next to the existing ones. You can also import any test table. Deadline imminent? Finished ideas? Don't worry, we've created 85 test charts ready for you to use or inspire you! Check out all the test data on this page: All Yet Samples. We have created some dedicated pricing tables for the most popular WordPress themes, including Avada, Divi, X and Jupiter. Check out the dedicated champions page. Please note: the images used in the sample data are not included in the Add-on, but we can help you find where to buy them! Full features of Yet Skin.
– Layered full height column backgrounds.
– Stretched background images or patterns with zoom and black and white effects.
– Background colors and gradients with alpha color support.
– Optional column shadow.
– Optional inner column borders with unlimited colors.
– Middle part of the header with image and font icon support.
– Customizable price area with shadows, arrows and unlimited backgrounds and text colors.
– Spacing, line separator, unlimited text and background colors for lines in the body.
– Unlimited spacing, text and background colors for lines in the footer.
– Button styles and background effects. Administrator Interface Configuration options can be accessed from the administrator interface.

Answers to frequently asked questions:
1. Can I use Skin Yet if I only have the Go Pricing WordPress plugin?
No, Yet Skin is an Add-on for Go Pricing that you must purchase and install separately.
2. I got the Go Pricing plugin encapsulated in my theme, can I use Yet?
Yes, you can use Yet with your Go Pricing plugin which is encapsulated in your theme. You should purchase and install it separately.
3. I got the Go Pricing plugin encapsulated in my theme and would like to purchase the Yet Add-on, but I have a lower version of the Go Pricing plugin than version 3.3.2?
Contact us directly!
4. Can I apply Skin Yet to my existing table?
Yes, you can change the skin of any table without losing any content data. New skin-specific options will appear in the admin after changing skins.
5. Can I go back from Yet to Clean Skin?
Yes, you can change the skin of any table without losing any content data. Skin-specific options are not visible when using a different skin.
6. Can I change the structure and/or animation of an imported table?
Yes, you can easily change the number of columns and rows by creating new ones, using clone or delete or sort tools. Additionally, you can enable or disable animations or change column transitions.
7. Can I change the button style?
Yes, you can configure font settings, background, border and text colors, and rollover effects.
8. Can I set different background and text colors for the rows?
Yes, you have the ability to set the input space, line separator, background and text color for each line.
9. Can I set different colors for the idle and hover status of a column?
Yes, you have the ability to set different colors for the idle and hover states of each part of the column, including the background, header, rows, and buttons.

– WordPress 3.5+
– Go Pricing Plugin 3.3.2+
Go Pricing plugin not included; must be purchased separately.

“If you are experiencing issues with the Yet Skin for Go Pricing add-on, please feel free to contact G Tech Group for assistance. Open a ticket by writing to and our team will be ready to help you with the installation and configuration of the plugin.”


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