Postponing WordPress updates: the consequences

Postpone WordPress updates consequences

Postpone updates of WordPress can cause security and performance issues. Discover the risks and the importance of keeping your site always updated.

You may know perfectly well that WordPress is a very popular blogging platform, used by millions of users worldwide. One of the reasons it is so coveted is its relative ease of use and the ability to customization. However, for ensure safety and the correct functioning of your website, it is vital to keep this platform updated.

Nonetheless, many people ignore this important practice. That's why in this article we'll talk about the effects of putting off WordPress updates and the associated risks.

What happens if you don't update WordPress?

Many website owners ignore updates for various reasons, including fear that the new update might cause technical problems, the cost of a developer or the simple fact that it is a long and annoying operation. However, missing an update can have disastrous consequences:

The dangers of putting off updates on WordPress
the consequences and risks of putting off WordPress updates
  • Security risk

WordPress is a popular target for hackers. When updates are not performed, a security hole is created in the system that could be easily exploited by hackers. Instead, when the update runs, they come fixed any bugs of the software and improved the vulnerability discovered in the latest version, making the system much more secure.

  • Functionality issues

Postponing WordPress updates may cause functionality problems. You may notice that your site is performing poorly, or not at all. This happens new releases include bug fixes for several issues. Without them, these problems could continue get worse preventing the correct functioning of the site.

  • Incompatibility with plugins

WordPress is famous for its wide range of plugins available. However, ignoring updates may make them incompatible. But, if you don't update WP at the same time, they could start to work incorrectly.

How to keep the site updated

So, to the question “Why updates are important” we can only answer one way: safety. This is because outdated and vulnerable versions are easily taken targeted by hackers, putting your reputation and the safety of your users at risk. Furthermore, the problems are not only about putting the security of the site at risk, but also limiting its functionality.

And after discussing the associated risks, let's look at some practices to follow to ensure that your site is always up to date and safe:

  1. Make a backup: The first thing to do before any update is a complete backup of the site. This way, if the update causes problems, you can go back to the previous version.
  2. Check regularly for updates. In this regard, WP will send notifications within the dashboard.
  3. Update your software and plugins: When you realize that there are updates available, it is important to install them as soon as possible also for extensions and templates, not just for the platform release itself.

    Postponing WordPress Updates Risks
    Also update your plugins regularly
  4. Use stable plugins: Make sure to use only popular and stable plugins. That way, when you update, you can expect any bugs you encounter to have been fixed.

Postpone WordPress update, FAQs

1. Are there any risks in updating WordPress?
A: The risks are very negligible, not updating your software puts your website at even greater risk.

2. How can I back up my website?
A: You can use a plugin that allows you to completely save your site.

3. Why shouldn't I ignore WordPress updates?
A: Because this puts your site's security at risk and may cause functionality issues.

4. Are WordPress updates expensive?
A: They are not expensive, as they are offered free by WordPress.

Final thoughts

In summary, ignoring WordPress updates is a risk not worth taking, as it is important to ensure your website is always up to date to maintain security and functionality. However, there are some practices that can be followed in this regard, such as regularly backing up the site, checking for updates and using only stable plugins. If you're not sure how to update your website, contact a developer for help.

Don't put off updating your WordPress! Protect your website and make the most of its features.

Do you need support? Do not hesitate to contact us! Open a ticket or send an email to and our team of experts will help you manage every aspect of the upgrade. Don't waste any more time, protect your site today!

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