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MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme is a professional WordPress theme that allows you to create directory and listing websites with great ease. This is a highly customizable theme that allows you to create a wide range of websites, such as job search websites, restaurant websites, hotel websites and many more.

The theme was created to help users create websites that display information about a certain industry or type of business in an easily accessible and understandable way. Each page of the site can be customized to show all information relating to a particular item or service, including detailed descriptions, images, rates and user reviews.

The design is highly intuitive and comes with numerous features for advanced search and navigation. Additionally, MyListing allows users to create personalized profiles and share information and experiences on the site. This social networking feature is another way for users to interact with each other and make the site even more engaging.

Managing a directory and listing website requires great attention to organizing information. MyListing makes this task much easier thanks to its intuitive user interface that allows you to store, organize and share all the necessary information quickly and easily. This makes the site management process more efficient and less time-consuming.

One of the most interesting features of MyListing is the ability to accept and manage reservations via the theme. This means that users can not only search and find services or products through the site, but they can also book appointments directly. This makes the site much more useful and makes it a place where users can complete all their needs related to a particular service or product.

MyListing is also highly customizable, thanks to its wide range of customization options. This means that users can easily and quickly change the layout, design and functionality of the site to suit their specific needs. This means it's easy to create a website that accurately meets all of its users' needs.

In summary, the MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme is a very useful solution for websites that require management of a lot of information and offer many interactive features to users. The theme is highly customizable and comes with numerous advanced features that allow users to create a precise and complete website. Furthermore, the built-in booking function makes the site even more useful and functional for its users.]]>

What is MyListing?

MyListing is a WordPress theme for creating directories and lists with advanced features. It features a drag-and-drop front-end page builder, an advanced list type and page template creator, customizable search filters, customizable list tabs, a built-in Google map, a contact form 7, product reviews and comments and many other features.

How do you create pages in MyListing?

MyListing uses Elementor, the fastest growing open source WordPress page builder. It has over 50 ready-to-use Elementor widgets, allowing you to create high-quality, personalized pages.

How do you define the list type in MyListing?

MyListing allows you to create types of advanced lists that can be customized according to your needs. Using the List Type Editor, you can define custom fields, list preview display, and custom Explore tab.

How do you handle payment for listing submissions?

MyListing allows you to earn money through the presentation and promotion of lists. You can define listing presentation packages and set up payments directly in the theme.

How do you manage the customer?

MyListing is fully integrated with WooCommerce and Contact Form 7, allowing you to customize the pages and features of the list, manage the customer's purchase and send the contact request.

Does MyListing support multiple languages?

MyListing can be translated into any language, but is currently not compatible with multiple language management or WPML.

How do I install the MyListing theme?

To install the MyListing theme, you need to download the package from your Themeforest account, then upload it via the Themes section in WordPress.

Which versions of PHP are supported by MyListing?

The MyListing theme requires PHP version 5.5+. Make sure you have the correct version of PHP for seamless integration with your theme.

What is included in the MyListing package?

Included in the MyListing package is the MyListing WordPress theme, technical support, updates and access to all theme features.

What is included in MyListing technical support?

MyListing technical support includes technical assistance with troubleshooting and help or installation. Technical support does not include theme customization.

How do I get new theme updates?

To get the new MyListing theme updates, you need to log in to your Themeforest account and download the new package. Next, upload the package and install the updates.

What are the details of the latest MyListing update?

The latest update to MyListing is the release of version 2.10.3 on April 12, 2023. Among the fixes included are bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features such as Promote tab and search radius map view. It is always advisable to install the latest version of MyListing to ensure seamless integration with WordPress.

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