Luna Web Radio Player WordPress Plugin, translated into Italian, becomes a WordPress player plugin for Luna Web Radio.



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Il plugin Luna Web Radio Player WordPress è una soluzione utile per chi gestisce una web radio e vuole integrare un player sul proprio sito. Questo plugin prevede diverse funzioni e possibilità di customization, rendendo il player accessibile e adattabile alle esigenze dei propri utenti.

One of the main features of Luna Web Radio Player is the ability to upload your own playlist, in order to provide a wide range of musical options to the listener. The plugin supports various audio formats, including MP3, M3U and PLS, and allows the creation of multiple playlists, each of which can be associated with a specific time slot.

In addition to musical content, it is also possible to use the player for the transmission of live streaming content. Luna Web Radio Player in fact provides the possibility of integrating a link that refers to the live radio, in order to offer real-time use of its schedule.

The plugin also offers the possibility of customizing the appearance of the player, thanks to the presence of various options. For example, you can choose the color of the player, the type of play button, the size of the player itself and the position in which to integrate it within the site. In this way you can get a player perfectly in line with the graphics of the site and with your style.

Luna Web Radio Player also includes an advanced statistics function. This allows you to monitor the number of listeners, the number of playlist downloads, the number of song plays and general settings. This function becomes very useful for evaluating the effectiveness of your schedule and making any changes based on the results obtained.

Furthermore, the plugin includes a mobile device compatibility feature. This means that the player can be played seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, allowing users to listen to web radio wherever they are.

Finally, Luna Web Radio Player is equipped with an uptime function of 99.9%, which guarantees maximum stability of the player. This means that the player works flawlessly and reliably, without interruptions or connectivity problems.

In conclusion, Luna Web Radio Player WordPress Plugin is a complete and functional solution for integrating a player into your website. Thanks to the many functions and the possibility of customization, this plugin offers an optimal listening experience to its users, whether it is musical content or live broadcasts. Thanks to the mobile device compatibility function, their listening becomes even more versatile and accessible.

1. What is Luna Radio Player?
Luna Radio Player is the world's first fourth generation native HTML5 browser-based radio player that plays all MPEG and AAC audio streams and is written in JavaScript. It is compatible with iOS, Android and supports all browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera. The player works responsively, allowing you to quickly integrate a cross-platform radio stream into your web pages.

2. What are the main features?
The main features of Luna Radio Player include:
– user interface choice between two layouts (small and large)
– support for all MPEG and AAC audio streams
– extended support across platforms, browsers and mobile devices
– HTML5 streaming technology
– reading information about the song for Icecast2, Shoutcast2, Radionomy and Radiojar,
- cover image
– simple and compact design
– responsiveness
– draggable volume control
– mute option
– 7 audio visualizer effects
– possibility to create multiple instances of the player.

3. How does reading song information work?
The player can read song information for the following formats: Icecast2, Shoutcast2, Radionomy and Radiojar, Furthermore, the player can get the song information that is imprinted on the stream as Stream Title for Shoutcast2 and Icecast2 servers.

4. What are the system requirements?
The player requires the existence of a website on a web server. APPs are not supported. It is also necessary that the web server has permission to access the streaming server (for example, via CORS-POLICY or PHP).

5. Where can I find more details about Luna Radio Player?
You can find more information about Luna Radio Player on the official product website, documentation, examples, and release notes. Other versions of the player are also available such as the WordPress plugin or the Luna Audio Player plugin which includes the playlist and audio visualizer.

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