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Bookly Coupons è un Add-on per il sistema di prenotazione online Bookly che permette ai proprietari di aziende e ai gestori di servizi di offrire promozioni e sconti ai loro clienti attraverso l’utilizzo di codici coupon personalizzati.

This Add-on works by allowing business owners to create offers such as percentage discounts, specific amount discounts, “buy one, get one free” offers and much more. Once the custom offer is created, a coupon code will be created and provided to the business owner for distribution to customers via email or on social media.

Customers who wish to redeem the coupon offer can enter the promotional code during the online booking process. In this way, the online booking system will record the coupon code and automatically apply the discount on the final rate of the service or on the purchase total.

Business owners can also set limits on the amount of coupon uses, the offer expiration date, and the specific services or products to which the coupon can be applied. This feature helps ensure that the promotional offer stays below the business owner's budget expectations and allows it to be used only for the services or products the business wishes to promote.

Bookly Coupons also provides business owners and service managers with a tool to track the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. They can track how the coupon code is used, how many bookings were made using the code, the booking conversion rate and more. This allows them to better understand which offers are of most interest among their customers and whether their promotional campaigns are working or not.

Additionally, Bookly Coupons gives business owners the flexibility to use coupon codes across multiple services or products. For example, if a beauty salon owner wants to offer a discount on haircut service and coloring, he or she can create a coupon code that is applicable to both services.

In definitiva, Bookly Coupons è un Add-on utile per i proprietari di attività che cercano di aumentare le loro prenotazioni e di fidelizzare la clientela. La customization delle offerte, la flessibilità di limiti di utilizzo e l’analisi della campagna promozionale rendono Bookly Coupons uno strumento di marketing estremamente efficace per qualsiasi tipo di attività.

Q: Che cos’è il plugins Bookly Coupons?
A: The Bookly Coupons plugin is an add-on for the Bookly PRO plugin that allows you to create and manage promotional codes to apply to your booking.

Q: What are the features of the Bookly Coupons plugin?
A: Among the main features are:

– Automatic generation of promotional codes from the Bookly admin panel.
– Ability to apply coupons to specific services, operators or customers.
– Setting an expiration date and usage limit for promotional codes.
– Possibility to choose a percentage discount or a fixed amount.
– Inclusion of the promotional code used in the email or SMS notification.

Q: Is the Bookly Coupons plugin available as a standalone?
A: No, the Bookly Coupons plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly PRO plugin.

Q: How does the Bookly Coupons plugin integrate with Bookly PRO?
A: The integration is very simple and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Q: Where can I find more information and instructions on how to use the Bookly Coupons plugin?
A: You can see detailed documentation on Bookly's support website. Additionally, there is also a live demo of the plugin and quick video tutorials to get an overview of the features.

Problems with Bookly Coupons (Add-on)? Don't worry! If you need assistance with installing and configuring the plugin, contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket by writing to and their team will offer you all the support necessary to resolve the problem. Don't hesitate to contact them!


Gianluca Gentile
Gianluca Gentile

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