WooCommerce Dropshippers is a plugin that allows you to dropship on your WooCommerce website.



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WooCommerce Dropshippers è un plugin molto utile per quegli ecommerce che lavorano con un sistema di dropshipping. Il dropshipping ormai è una tecnica ormai molto diffusa e non solo in Italia, che consente agli e-commerce di vendere prodotti senza doverli necessariamente tenere fisicamente in stock. Gli e-shop in questione ricevono infatti l’ordine dal cliente e provvedono ad inoltrarlo al fornitore che provvederà a spedire direttamente la merce al destinatario finale.

Well, WooCommerce Dropshippers is a plugin that allows e-commerce managers to coordinate and manage this purchasing and shipping process efficiently. Thanks to this tool, in fact, the e-shop owner can assign the shipping tasks of specific products to different dropshippers. This, in practice, means that once an order for a dropshipping product has been received, the e-commerce will select the specific dropshipper who will take care of the shipping instead of the owner of the e-commerce itself.

The plugin can be downloaded and installed by following a few simple steps. Once the installation is complete, the e-commerce company can start setting up dropshipping through WooCommerce. The first step will be to assemble the list of available dropshippers. It is necessary to enter the contact information and the code with which the various dropshippers are identified in order to easily recognize them and to be able to assign them to the products to be shipped.

Often, in reality, e-commerce sites tend to collaborate with multiple suppliers at the same time, for greater effectiveness and efficiency of the service. WooCommerce Dropshippers can also have a confirmation function for order completion status, making the system even more reliable. In this case, the orders, divided by dropshipper, are presented in chronological order in the administrator screen. Also from this same screen, the e-shop owner can also choose which dropshipper to select for each order.

The system is very intuitive and easy to use, but also allows great flexibility in managing dropshippers. For example, you can set up the system so that there is a different dropshipper for each product or for a certain category of products. Furthermore, WooCommerce Dropshippers is also capable of transmitting customized information to selected dropshippers.

Ultimately, with WooCommerce Dropshippers, e-commerce owners have a simple and efficient system at their disposal to manage dropshipping in a clear, precise and error-free way. The automation of the shipping and order completion process, very often, represents a real godsend for anyone who manages an e-commerce and, thanks to this plugin, it is possible to manage many routine activities in an automated way. Updating the status of orders is also immediate, making it easy for the e-shop owner to be able to monitor the actual progress of their business.

In summary, WooCommerce Dropshippers represents an excellent solution for businesses that rely on a dropshipping system. Thanks to its advanced features, the plugin allows you to manage the shipping of products precisely and without errors, optimizing delivery times and making the process much more efficient. In this way it is possible to guarantee a quality shopping experience to your customers and optimize the actual performance of your e-commerce.

1. What is WooCommerce Dropshippers?
WooCommerce Dropshippers è un plugin di WordPress che rende il tuo e-commerce pronto per il dropshipping. Con questo plugin, un amministratore può assegnare a un utente il ruolo di “Dropshipper”, e poi assegnare a lui o lei i prodotti. Per ogni vendita, il dropshipper riceverà una notifica via email con l’indirizzo del cliente dove spedire la merce. Dopo la spedizione, il dropshipper potrà notificare l’amministratore del negozio dell’operazione completata.

2. How does the role of dropshipper work?
Once the Dropshipper role is assigned to a user, the admin can assign products to him. The user will then be able to start the dropshipping process, and once the sale is completed, he will receive a notification with the customer's address where to ship the goods.

3. How do I know how many dropshippers have completed the order?
The admin can check the orders and see how many dropshippers have already fulfilled the order.

4. What happens after the dropshipper ships the goods?
After shipping, the dropshipper will be able to notify the store administrator of the completed operation. Additionally, from version 1.7, dropshippers will also be able to send information about the tracking number, shipping company, shipping date, and notes to the administrator.

5. Can I set a dropshipper price for each product?
Yes, from version 1.5, admin can set a dropshipper price for each product (simple products and variable products) so that dropshippers can track their sales directly from the dashboard.

6. Where can I find the plugin documentation?
You can find the plugin documentation here.

7. What if I need to assign multiple dropshippers to a product?
In that case, you can use our latest add-on for this plugin.

8. How can I download the latest plugin updates?
Due to a delay in Envato's caching system, you can download the latest plugin updates via the download link at the top right of this page, as it often takes a few days for updated files to be available via their own mailing list. download.

9. What are the latest changes made to the plugin?
The latest version, 3.0.14, was released on 02/19/2022 and mainly includes bug fixes to increase compatibility with new versions of WooCommerce. You can check all the changes made, both for the main version and for the add-ons, in the Changelog section of the official website.

“Are you having difficulty using WooCommerce Dropshippers? Don't worry, G Tech Group is here to help you! Simply open a ticket by contacting our support service at support@gtechgroup.it and we will provide assistance with installing and configuring the plugin. Don't hesitate, contact us now!”


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