WordPress Pro Event Calendar is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage online events. The plugin offers many features, including adding events to a calendar, viewing events in a list or on a map, creating event categories, and customizing the calendar layout. Additionally, you can set up notifications to be sent to registered users to inform them of future events. With WordPress Pro Event Calendar, it's easy to manage events of any type, from conferences to concerts, from business meetings to private parties.


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WordPress Pro Event Calendar is an extremely useful and flexible plugin for managing events on your WordPress website. This plugin allows users to easily create, edit and organize public, private and recurring events in an effective and structured way.

The events calendar is highly customizable and can be integrated into any website page or post. You can manage many events at the same time and post any type of events, such as conferences, seminars, concerts and any activity that requires strict organization.

The plugin is very user-friendly, so no technical skills are required to use it. Event management takes place via a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which allows the insertion of all information relating to the event in just a few steps.

The event calendar is completely customizable, you can choose between various viewing options and decide which information to associate with each event. Integrating the event calendar into the website is equally easy, as various options such as sizes, positions and colors can be set with the drag and drop function.

The plugin has a user registration function and allows them to share events on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to increase visibility.

The plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and has a multilingual interface that allows you to use it anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can integrate calendar data with your iOS and Android apps using the Calendar API.

Other features available on the plugin include sending email notifications, the ability to export events to the calendar applicable to Google, support for full-screen mode and the mobile design experience.

In conclusion, WordPress Pro Event Calendar is a complete and functional tool that allows the management of events on the website in a totally customizable and effective way. Thanks to its user-friendlyness, users can manage events easily, without having to have technical skills. No matter what the type of event, this versatile plugin can meet all your event planning needs.

What is the Pro Event Calendar plugin?

The Pro Event Calendar plugin adds a professional and elegant calendar to your posts or pages. It is fully responsive, and can also be used within a widget.

What are the features of the plugin?

The plugin offers the following features:

– Elegant and refined design
– Responsive layout
– Easy event management
– Ability for users to send events from the frontend
– Ability to add special dates to the calendar, such as holidays
– Importing events from an ICS feed
– Importing events from FB (only pages owned by the administrator and events marked as 'Interested' or 'Participants')
– Synchronization of a calendar with an ICS live URL
– User roles – Set who can manage the plugin
– Custom CSS option to easily change the calendar style
– Bookings – Allows users to book events
– Export of the booking list to Excel (XLS)
– Limit the number of reservations in an event
– Draggable/tactile Google maps support
– RTL support
– Upcoming Events widget
– Today's Events Widget
– Subscribe to a calendar – Users can subscribe to a specific calendar to receive the newsletter.
– Mailchimp support
– Recurring Events – Create complex recurring events with the multiple options this plugin offers.
– Custom fields for events
– Date range support
– Light / dark graphics color
– Export / Import iCal feeds
– RSS support
– Filter events by category
– Various provisions included
– Built-in cache function to improve loading speed and save bandwidth
– WPML support – Easily translate it via a PO file or from the admin panel
– Multi-browser support
– Simple to customize – Tons of options to customize your calendar and so much more…

What has changed in the different versions of the plugin?

– Version 3.2.6: Fixed minor issues
– Version 3.2.5: Improved single event page and fixed minor issues
– Version 3.2.4: Improved accordion view, Added speakers to the new event form, fixed minor issues
– Version 3.2.3: Added new event option in weekly and daily layout, created duplicate option in calendar, fixed minor issues
– Version 3.2.2: Updated Payments Extension Plugin and fixed minor issues
– Version 3.2.1: Added FontAwesome settings, option to import events from FB page (admin-owned pages only), and fixed minor issues
– Version 3.2.0: Added timeline layout, calendar export/import option, minor bug fixes
– Version 3.1.9: Improved daily calendar view and fixed minor issues
– Version 3.1.8: Added 2 new Slider and Carousel layouts, Added Speaker custom content type, fixed minor issues
– Version 3.1.7: Improved weekly calendar view, fixed minor issues
– Version 3.1.6: Added multiple checkbox for custom fields, added weekly/daily arrangement for widget, fixed minor issues
– Version 3.1.5: Added presence and event status mode, Added compact dark layout, Added cover layout, fixed minor issues
– Version 3.1.4: Added gap parameter for grid layout, Added carousel layout and fixed minor issues
– Version 3.1.3: Improved style and responsiveness on several layouts
– Version 3.1.2: Added drop-down option for new event forms – custom fields, redesigned event form layout.
– Version 3.1.1: Addition of annual provision and import of events from FB
– Version 3.0.9: Added slider layout.
– Version 3.0.7: Added new “Card” layout, Updated font-awesome library.
– Version 3.0.5: Fixed minor issues.
– Version 3.0.2: Fixed IE compatibility issue, Added color option in categories.
– Version 3.0.1: Added new “Modern” layout, Improved CSS for default calendar layout.
– Version 2.9.9: Fix minor issues, replace calendar datepicker with text input in administration, fix special date color picker issue.
– Version 2.9.8: Added option to display “Booked” label in some layouts, fixed CSS issues, added category list in compact layout, fixed issue with custom fields.
– Version 2.9.7: Added Velenu option in dropdown delivery, Added daily events group option for incoming and list layout, Added scope shortcode parameter to display past events in some layouts (grid, list , compact).
– Version 2.9.5: Added custom fields in booking emails, fixed bug with dropdown delivery of custom fields in calendar settings, improved compact incoming layout, fixed calendar CSS issue in Chrome, fixed minor problems.
– Version 2.9.4: Added Extra dates field in frontend form, Added Field Reservations custom selector, Added Event form custom field selector, Added simple Upcoming Events list widget.
– Version 2.9.3: Fix iCal export issue, Support for latest payment extension.
– Version 2.9.2: Addition of the event date filter in the booking list, correction of the import of images from FB for some servers, addition of the time zone in the front-end of new events, correction of reminders in continuous bookings.
– Version 2.9.1: Fix event visibility issue, fix AM/PM translation, Add compact incoming layout.
– Version 2.9: Fixed ICS import issues with some feeds, Added option to hide remaining reservations, Fixed issue with location in ICS event export format, Added Let/long in REST API for locations.
– Version 2.8.9: Added REST API 2 support, fixed recurring date issue in single event page, fixed FB import error for some time zones, fixed double booking issue with continuous events.
– Version 2.8.8: Fix event options update issue, fix datepicker to show first selected day, fix issue with accordion arrangement with multiple columns, fix issue with custom permissions, add option of setting the maximum upload size.
– Version 2.8.7: Added Google Map API Key option, fixed the order of upcoming events with arranging scheduled events to be in the foreground.
– Version 2.8.6: Fixed FB events import issue since last update, added option for continuous bookings, fixed conflict between venues and WPML.
– Version 2.8.5: Fix extra dates issue, Fix images (file name with spaces) issue in grid layout, Allow import of FB events via comma, Fix pagination issue in grid layout , fix for Ical import issue on some servers.
– Version 2.8.4: Fix time issue in countdown layout.
– Version 2.8.3: Fix event linking issue since last update.

If you have problems with WordPress Pro Event Calendar, don't worry! G Tech Group is here to help you. Open a ticket by writing to support@gtechgroup.it and one of our experts will provide assistance with installing and configuring the plugin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need support!


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