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Optimize your shipments with Shipping Details, the WooCommerce shipping plugin. Easily manage shipping details and improve shipping efficiency. Find out more!

Le spedizioni sono un aspetto fondamentale per chi gestisce un negozio online su WooCommerce. Una gestione efficiente e precisa delle spedizioni può fare la differenza tra una buona e una cattiva esperienza d’acquisto per i clienti. Ed è qui che entra in gioco Shipping Details, uno dei plugin più importanti per ottimizzare le spedizioni su WooCommerce.

Discovering Shipping Details, the WooCommerce shipping plugin

The Shipping Details plugin for WooCommerce is an important extension of the popular e-commerce, designed to help users effectively manage the shipping process of their products, making it easy to organize and implement different shipping rates, shipping methods and shipping zones.

It offers a set of essential features to streamline everything, allowing store owners to provide a better shopping experience to customers and improve efficiency operational, but not only.

Special attention is also paid to customers with tracking services e monitoraggio delle spedizioni, dando loro la possibilità di avere una chiara visibilità sullo stato della spedizione. Possono essere informati automaticamente sugli aggiornamenti riguardanti la spedizione dei loro ordini, garantendo una comunicazione efficace e una maggiore fiducia nell’esperienza d’acquisto

How to configure Shipping Details

Here is a guide to set up Shipping Details on WooCommerce:

  1. Installation: Accedi al tuo pannello di amministrazione di WordPress e vai su “Plugin” > “Aggiungi nuovo”. Cerca “Shipping Details” e fai clic su “Installa ora” per installare il plugin. Successivamente, attivalo.
  2. General Settings: After activation, you will find the “Shipping Details” menu in the left sidebar of your admin panel. Click on it and go to the “General Settings” section. Here you can configure key options such as display of shipping details for customers and address display format.
  3. Couriers and rates: In the “Couriers and rates” section, you can add the couriers you work with and their shipping rates. Click “Add courier” and enter the courier name, contact information and shipping rates based on geographical areas or product weight. You can add more carriers and rates according to your needs.
  4. Shipping labels: If you want to generate shipping labels directly from your store, go to the “Shipping Labels” section. Here you can configure the settings for automatically generating shipping labels, including choosing the label format and integration with shipping services.
  5. User notifications: The “User Notifications” section allows you to customize the notification emails sent to your customers regarding shipment status updates. You can change the content and style of emails to provide a personalized and professional delivery experience.
  6. Advanced integrations: Shipping Details also offers advanced integrations with shipment tracking and monitoring services. In the “Advanced Integrations” section, you can configure the integration with selected carriers to allow your customers to track shipments directly from your store.
  7. Updates and support: Make sure to always keep the plugin updated to the latest version to access new features and bug fixes. If you need support or have any questions, you can contact the Shipping Details support team via their official website or support forum.

By following these instructions, you will be able to correctly configure Shipping Details to better manage shipments on your WooCommerce store.

The configuration includes the definition of different shipping rates, the division of the territory into shipping zones and the definition of personalized shipping rules for each zone.

Once configured, all shipments will be handled automatically depending on the user-defined settings. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, users can easily monitor ongoing shipments and view detailed information on shipping methods, delivery addresses and shipping costs.

Optimized 360 degree management

Using this plugin is especially useful for users who sell products online and need to put rules in place differentiated shipping depending on the destination of the product. It therefore allows you to define custom rates for specific geographical areas, such as states, regions or provinces. For example, if you sell fragile and delicate products, such as glass products or art, you may want to charge higher shipping rates to cover additional costs that may arise during the shipping phase.

Additionally, Shipping Details lets you automate key processes like generating shipping labels, automatically calculating shipping costs based on carrier rates, and automatically notifying customers about shipping status updates.

Frequently asked questions about the Shipping Details Plugin

1. What is Shipping Details, the WordPress shipping plugin?
The Shipping Details Plugin for WordPress is a Plugin that allows users of the WooCommerce Plugin to enter the shipping tracking number and display it on the “Track your Order” and “View Order” pages and send it via email when the order is marked as completed.

2. What are the main features of the Plugin?
The main features of the Plugin are:
– Adds courier details to all emails sent after tracking numbers are added.
– Supports up to 5 tracking numbers per order.
– More than 140 carriers supported.
– Most couriers support dynamic URL so that the customer does not have to enter the tracking number and is directly taken to the tracking results page on the courier site.

3. Can I suggest some ideas for the Plugin?
Of course, you can send us your ideas in the comments section or contact us on our website

4. Is there a support period for the Plugin?
Yes, there is a support period, but we have noticed that most people do not renew it. Please note that if your question is about plugin support and support has expired, we will not be able to respond to you. The support fee keeps us motivated to provide timely responses and keep the plugins up to date.

5. Which couriers are supported by the Plugin?
The Plugin supports more than 140 couriers, including: Australian POST Domestic and International, Canada POST, Correios, DHL, Fedex, Post Office UK, UPS and many more. If your courier is not listed but has an online tracking page, you can contact us to see if we can integrate your courier into the Plugin.

6. How can I send feedback and ideas?
You can send us your feedback and ideas here:

7. Can I also integrate other extensions?
Yes, you can integrate other extensions such as Easy Digital Downloads and Gravity Forms by visiting our website

8. What are the latest updates to the Plugin?
The latest Plugin updates include:
– Updated the plugin to support the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress 6.0.
– Fixed slowdown issues and removed automatic updates until further notice.
– Fixed issue with some courier URLs and works with the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress.
– Added support for in-person pickup option and works with the latest version of WooCommerce and WordPress.

WooCommerce shipping plugin, final considerations

Ultimately, Shipping Detail, the WooCommerce shipping plugin It represents an indispensable tool for users who manage e-commerce stores with different needs in terms of managing shipments and shipping costs. Thanks to its flexibility and its numerous features, this plugin allows you to simplify the management of shipping processes, increase customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of your online store.

“If you are having problems with the Shipping Details plugin for WooCommerce, don't worry! Our team is here to help you. Open a ticket by sending an email to for assistance in installing and configuring the plugin.”


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