WooCommerce One Page Shopping is a plugin that allows you to streamline the shopping process on your website. With this plugin, your customers can add products to the cart, view the total price and complete the purchase directly from the same page. This way, you reduce the number of clicks needed to complete a sale and provide a better user experience.


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WooCommerce One Page Shopping is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to simplify the online purchasing process by providing the user with the option to make the purchase on a single page. This plugin was designed to provide a quick and easy solution for users who want to purchase quickly.

The plugin allows you to create a customized shopping page, where the user can select the product or products they want to purchase without having to navigate between different pages. Basically, with the WooCommerce One Page Shopping plugin, the user is guided through a seamless purchasing process. The user will see all the available products in one page and can select the desired products using the available options.

The plugin works intuitively and easy to use. Once activated, a new item will be added to your WordPress admin menu called “WPB WooCommerce One Page Shopping”. From this menu you can configure all the plugin options, including the products to display on the checkout page, payment options and shipping options.

The plugin is highly customizable and offers numerous customization options. For example, you can customize the layout of the purchase page, the style of the payment button and the type of products displayed. Additionally, the plugin allows you to customize the text, colors and images used on the purchase page.

The WooCommerce One Page Shopping plugin also offers numerous additional features to simplify the purchasing process. For example, the user can view the cart and payment options in real time, without having to open a new page. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to use PayPal Express Checkout for an even faster purchase process.

The plugin is highly compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce, and works with many of the extensions available for the platform. Products purchased through the plugin are managed like any other WooCommerce product, with all the features and options available.

In summary, WooCommerce One Page Shopping is an extremely useful plugin for simplifying the online shopping process. With just one shopping page, users can purchase the products they want quickly and easily, without having to navigate through numerous pages. The plugin is also highly customizable, making it a great choice for businesses of any size and product category.

1. What is WooCommerce One Page Shopping?
WooCommerce One Page Shopping is an e-store extension that allows you to checkout faster. With this extension, users can complete the purchasing process without having to go to a separate checkout page. After the user adds an item to the cart, the checkout fields appear on the same page, allowing the user to complete the purchase process directly on the product page. The plugin's advanced settings allow you to show cart and checkout combinations on the shop page, category page and product page based on user preferences.

2. How does the advanced One Page Shopping compatibility setting work with other WooCommerce plugins?

The WooCommerce One Page Shopping plugin has been improved for compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins. Additionally, Stripe compatibility has been added.

3. Are there any examples of how One Page Shopping works?

Yes, there are some examples that show how One Page Shopping works. You can find these examples in the following link: [add_to_cart] alternatives, [product] handling.

4. How can I install One Page Shopping?

Installing One Page Shopping is very simple. After purchasing the plugin, simply follow the installation instructions. Plus, One Page Shopping works out of the box in basic mode, so there's no need to do any complicated setup.

5. What sections does the WooCommerce One Page Shopping page contain?

The WooCommerce One Page Shopping page is divided into three sections: “Product Settings”, “Store Page Settings” and “Category Page Settings”. Each section contains fields that allow you to set whether the cart or checkout appears on the appropriate pages.

6. How do the “Products settings” work?

The “Products settings” setting allows you to decide separately for each product on the “One Page Shopping” page whether to display the cart, the checkout or both.

7. How do the “Category settings” work?

The “Category settings” setting allows you to decide separately for each category on the shop page whether to display the cart, the checkout or both.

8. Is One Page Shopping fully compatible with all other Woocommerce plugins?

There is a slight possibility that One Page Shopping is not compatible with all other Woocommerce plugins. In case of compatibility problems with other plugins, you should contact technical support directly. A compatibility issue has been reported with the Booked WooCommerce plugin.

9. How can I receive technical assistance for One Page Shopping?

You can receive free technical support for One Page Shopping via the following link: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-one-page-shopping/7158470/support.

10. How do I update One Page Shopping?

To update One Page Shopping, you just need to follow the update instructions found on the WordPress plugin management page.

11. Is there a One Page Shopping changelog?

Yes, there is a One Page Shopping changelog that can be consulted by following this link: http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/changelog/.

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