WooCommerce Attach Me! what it is and how it works

wordpress Attach Me! what it is and how it works


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WooCommerce Attach Me: a plugin that allows your customers to attach files to their orders during the checkout process on your e-commerce. An extremely useful application for online stores that sell custom products or services that require customers to submit documents or other files.

WooCommerce Attach Me how it works

Among the main features of WooCommerce Attach Me! we have:

  • its easy trolley integration and the WooCommerce checkout process. Once installed and activated, the plugin adds an option in the shopping cart that allows customers to attach files directly to their orders. This is especially useful for online stores that sell custom products, as it allows customers to Send files with your own specifications or requests additional directly during the purchase process.
  • It also allows store owners to specify the types of files that customers can attach to their orders. This ensures that they can only send file types accepted by the store, thus avoiding compatibility issues or security issues related to attached files. It also supports multiple file uploads per order, allowing customers to attach multiple documents or images at once.
  • Another important feature of is the ability to set size limits for attached files. This allows store owners to control the maximum file size that customers can attach, ensuring that the files are not too large and do not slow down the purchase process or order fulfillment.The plugin also offers the ability to Send notifications to store owners each time a customer attaches a file to their order. This allows store owners to be informed at all times about files attached by customers, enabling them to handle customer requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Another interesting feature is the possibility of view attached files directly within the WooCommerce administration panel. This allows store owners to easily access files attached by customers and download or view them quickly and easily.
  • In addition, the plugin offers the possibility of set conditions to allow or disable file attachments based on certain criteria. For example, store owners can set conditions to allow customers to attach files only to certain products or in certain categories. This provides greater control over the file attachment process and allows them to customize the customer experience according to their needs.
  • Finally, offers an intuitive interface e facile da utilizzare sia per i proprietari di negozi che per i clienti. Il plugin è completamente personalizzabile e offre una serie di opzioni di configurazione per adattarsi alle esigenze specifiche di ciascun online store. Inoltre, il supporto clienti è disponibile per risolvere eventuali problemi o domande relative all’utilizzo del plugin.
woocommerce attach me!
WooCommerce Attach Me! what it is and how it works

WooCommerce Attach Me! FAQs

  1. What is Attach Me! for WooCommerce? It is a WooCommerce plugin that allows store managers to attach any kind of files to customer orders. You can attach images, documents, videos, proofs, without limits. In addition, store managers can also attach files to products (such as manuals, documents, etc.) that are automatically available for download on product pages and/or order details page after customers have purchased them (and optionally visible only if the order has reached a specific status)!
  2. How can I automatically update the plugin? To receive automatic updates, simply install and configure the Envato update plugin.
  3. How can I attach files to orders? Store managers will be able to upload one or more files directly from the "edit order" page. WCAM adds an "attachments box" for each order where the store manager can add as many files as they wish. Each attachment can only be visible for specific order states!
  4. How attachments work for products and variations? The store manager can also attach files to products (directly from their edit pages) that are automatically available for download on the product page and/or order details page after an order has been placed.
  5. I can automatically notify the customer by email when I attach files to the order? Yes, the store manager can notify the customer whenever a file is attached to the order and link it directly in the message. In addition, you can also automatically email all attachments as attachments.
  6. How can I secure links to files? WCAM creates secure download links for all product and order attachments. This way, only the owner of the order or the person who purchased the product can access its attachments!
  7. I can customize the order details page and other text? Yes, the store manager can customize the HTML excerpt used on the order details page by copying the file /woocommerce-attach-me/templates/view_order_template.php to the theme folder and customizing it as desired. You can also customize the text directly using the WooCommerce Attach Me! menu option.
  8. How can I preview the attached images? È possibile abilitare l’opzione “Anteprima dell’immagine” grazie alla quale se viene rilevata un’immagine di allegato, verrà visualizzata come una miniatura. Le dimensioni delle miniature sono personalizzabili (per impostazione predefinita viene utilizzata la dimensione predefinita della miniatura di WordPress).
  9. And whether client approval is required for attachments? The store manager can enable "customer feedback," "customer approval," and the selective option "feedback required" for each order attachment. This option will make the feedback field mandatory only if a specific approval value has been selected. The administrator can also enable an option to receive an email notification whenever a user approves/gives feedback to an attachment and to notify the customer whenever a file is attached to the order.
  10. How can I keep my server clean? Upon order deletion, any attachments are deleted. If you are using the WooCommerce Sequential Order Number Pro, use the following Add-on to display the custom id in the downloads table.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, WooCommerce Attach Me! is an extremely useful and versatile plugin for online store owners on WooCommerce who wish to allow their customers to attach files to their orders. With a wide range of features and configuration options, this plugin can meet the needs of any online store and ensure a personalized and hassle-free shopping experience for customers.


Need help with WooCommerce Attach Me? Contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket by writing to. support@gtechgroup.it. Our team will provide assistance in installing and configuring the plugin. We are here to help you!


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