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WavePlayer – Waveform Audio Player for WordPress and WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to provide your users with a better experience of listening to audio tracks on your website. Whether you're running a music site or an ecommerce store that offers audio products, this plugin can help you improve the way your users interact with audio content.

One of the key features of the plugin is its on-screen waveform feature. Also known as a waveform display, this is a graphical representation of audio that shows peaks and valleys of sound on a timeline. This feature makes the listening experience more interesting and engaging, as well as offering a way for users to better understand the structure of the song.

WavePlayer is easy to install and configure. You can choose your customizable player settings directly from the WordPress administration screen. From the design and size of the player, through the selection of the waveform, the colors and the arrangement of the player elements, up to the synchronization with your SoundCloud account: the plugin offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

Furthermore, the plugin offers multiple options for track playback, such as the ability to play songs in a loop manner, i.e. a podcast or a mixtape. The user can choose the audio playback speed in different positions, making the listening experience customizable.

The other interesting aspect is the sharing function on social networks. WavePlayer allows users to share tracks on social networks to let their friends know about their music. Basically, you can show the player on your Facebook or Twitter page directly from your site, so your followers can hear your music and rock out.

Furthermore, the plugin also offers the ability to create custom playlists. This feature allows you to organize your tracks in the playlist so that the user can listen to them in succession. An unlimited number of playlists can be created, and users can also create their own personalized playlists depending on their tastes.

Finally, WavePlayer supports different types of audio files, such as MP3, WAV, OGG, and M4A files. This allows you to play most of the audio formats available out there.

In summary, WavePlayer is a powerful and versatile tool for playing audio files in WordPress and WooCommerce. It offers multiple customization options, excellent audio quality, sharing on social networks and the ability to create custom playlists. If you're looking for a way to improve the listening experience on your website, look no further than WavePlayer.

How does WavePlayer work?

WavePlayer is a fully customizable and responsive HTML5 audio plugin for WordPress. Its interface is based on waveform of the audio file that is playing.

With WavePlayer you are free to host your songs, overcoming the limitations imposed by most of the free music cloud services available on the market, but without giving up a cool and modern player that you can customize to best match the look of your website.


WavePlayer 3.0 features 6 responsive skins, allowing you to choose the visual appearance that best suits your pages. In addition to the comprehensive customization capabilities that have made WavePlayer the best-selling and highest-rated plugin in CodeCanyon's WordPress media category, you can now customize stock skins or build your own skins from scratch. And the most exciting feature is that the selection of skins is not limited to one per website: you can even have players using different skins on the same page.

The responsiveness of the two new W3 skins is not limited to the usual CSS media query because WavePlayer also considers the real computed width of its parent container. In this way the interface is always arranged to accommodate what it can actually contain. The stock skin pack also includes “Play'n'Wave” and “Thumb'n'Wave”, two skins that are the simplest and most effective companions for your WooCommerce products, on the product page and shop page, respectively.


Aren't you tired of using cumbersome techniques to integrate a player into your WooCommerce audio products? We understand you… as we were! This is why we have developed probably the easiest way to integrate an audio player into your products. WavePlayer adds a Preview File option in the WooCommerce Product Editor (located in the Advanced tab) where you can select one or more audio files that will be associated with your product. We've replicated the same control that already exists for the downloadable file, so you can familiarize yourself with that option from the start. Once an audio file is associated with a product, WavePlayer takes care of the rest, adding a player to both your product pages and your shop page in the simplest way you can imagine.

The plus? This integration works “out of the box” with the most acclaimed free and premium WooCommerce themes, such as Avada, Astra, Bridge, Storefront (the official WooCommerce theme), WPOcean and with the most popular plugins for WooCommerce, such as WooCommerce Product Table or WooCommerce Frontend Manager. Is your theme or plugin not cooperating? Leave us a comment and we'll do our best to help you set up your products in no time!


Modern operating systems offer the ability to switch the interface to dark mode. By choosing this setting, the user can decide whether the main interface of their device is light or dark. Recommended by many as a way to extend the battery life of their devices, this new option is becoming increasingly popular and, of course, we couldn't leave it out in WavePlayer 3.0. You can now configure your player to follow the user's device color mode preference or force it to always be light or dark. When WavePlayer is configured to follow the device's color mode preference, the player will automatically switch to the appropriate formatting, so that each user can enjoy the player in their preferred environment.

WavePlayer Dark Mode can work in conjunction with your main WordPress theme, but it can also work regardless of whether your theme is currently compatible with Dark Mode or not. WavePlayer is ready to react to each user's Dark Mode settings, whether your theme is dark mode compatible or not.


With native support for both Gutenberg and Elementor, two of the most popular and well-integrated page builders on the market, WavePlayer 3 is by far the easiest and most intuitive player you can imagine. Building a page, like the one you're looking at, has never been easier! Both the Gutenberg block and the Elementor widget offer the full range of options, making WavePlayer the most customizable audio player on the market. In both builders, you will have access to all the skins, all the palettes, all the colors, every single option that you can use and adjust, even on the same page, with an infinite amount of combinations.

If you are having problems with WavePlayer – Waveform Audio Player for WordPress and WooCommerce, don't worry, we can help! Contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket and sending an email to support@gtechgroup.it. Our team of experts will provide professional assistance in installing and configuring the plugin. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you!


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