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Smart Product Viewer – 360º Animation Plugin is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to create a 360-degree view of any product and effectively present it to a wide audience. This plugin is compatible with most websites and CMS and can be integrated easily, without requiring advanced technical skills.

With the Smart Product Viewer plugin, users can navigate around the product and rotate it in every direction, getting a complete view of every nuance and detail. Furthermore, Smart Product Viewer allows you to enrich the product display with images, videos and technical data sheets, to offer the customer a complete and accurate view of the product.

The process of creating a 360-degree view is simple and intuitive. Simply upload your product images to the plugin, set the rotation parameters and display speed and you're done. The plugin is highly customizable, allowing you to choose the look, size and position of the product viewer on the page.

Smart Product Viewer – 360º Animation Plugin helps improve the customer shopping experience, as users can explore the product in an interactive and fun way. Furthermore, using a 360-degree view can increase the customer's level of trust in the product, as it offers a complete and detailed view.

The Smart Product Viewer plugin is particularly useful for the e-commerce sector, because it allows you to display products effectively in order to attract the attention of customers and increase the chances of sales. Furthermore, 360-degree viewing can also be used for the manufacturing industry to present products to customers and investors.

The plugin is highly compatible with most browsers and mobile devices, so users can access the 360-degree view of the product from any device, at any time, wherever they are.

In conclusion, Smart Product Viewer – 360º Animation Plugin is an innovative and effective marketing tool that allows you to create 360-degree views of any product in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to provide customers with a complete and detailed view of the product, increasing sales possibilities and improving the customer's purchasing experience.


1. What is Smart Product Viewer?

Smart Product Viewer is a 360° product animation plugin designed for WordPress e-commerce sites. It is used to showcase the products you sell and allows your customers to see the product in detail with a 360° view or understand how it works with detailed step-by-step animations.

2. What are the key features of the plugin?

– New Feature: Lightbox – a full screen lightbox has been added
– New Feature: Page Scroll – the 360° view animates when scrolling the page
– Widget integration – you can add 360° views in the sidebar as widgets
– Shortcode Generator – easy customization of layout, colors and patterns thanks to the code generator
– WooCommerce integration – you can use any 360° view as your WooCommerce product image
– Drag and Drop – practical image drag manager
– Responsive layout – fully adapted to mobile devices
– Mouse Interaction – allows you to rotate the product using the mouse
– Touch friendly compatibility – iPhone/iPad and Android devices supported
– Customizability – 64 navigation styles to choose from and customize
– Fluid Animation – detailed step-by-step animation
– Extended License – can be used in your WooCommerce theme
– Photography Examples – 360° photography examples included
– Complete Documentation – detailed documentation included
– Support – efficient customer support

3. What is the latest plugin update?

The latest update of the plugin is December 2020, v1.5.3. This update added support for WordPress 5.6 by eliminating the jQuery Migrate dependency.

4. How can I integrate Smart Product Viewer with WooCommerce?

Smart Product Viewer is a useful tool to increase WooCommerce sales. Product views created with our 360° animation plugin can be used as WooCommerce product images instead of simple images, encouraging the customer to purchase.

5. What are the user testimonials of the plugin?

There are over 800 satisfied customers of the plugin and most of them have stated excellent product quality and efficient customer support. You can read some testimonials on our website.

6. What are the plugin credits?

Threesixty Slider by creativeaura, noUiSlider by, and Magnific Popup by dimsemenov were used in the plugin and we appreciate their contributions.

If you have problems with Smart Product Viewer – 360º Animation Plugin, don't worry! You can contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket by sending an email to Our team of experts is ready to offer you the necessary assistance for installing and configuring the plugin. Do not hesitate to contact us for professional and personalized support.


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