How to view PDF on WordPress with the best plugins

guide to the best plugins to view pdf on wordpress

Discover the best plugins for visualizzare PDF su WordPress. Simplify your readers' reading experience and make your content more accessible and professional.

Today we will talk about a very useful topic for those who use WordPress as a platform for creating and managing online content: how to display PDF files on your WordPress site.

PDF documents are a popular format for sharing information, but we often wonder how incorporate them effectively and simple in WordPress pages. Fortunately, there are several solutions that allow you to do this, giving your readers a comfortable reading experience without having to download the file. We are talking about a series of plugins to implement, each with its own peculiarities and technical characteristics. Let's see them together.

The best plugins for viewing PDF documents on WordPress

Which plugins to upload pdf to wordpress

  1. Embed PDF Viewer. Use Mozilla's PDF.js API to display PDF documents within posts, using the [pdf-embedder] tag. If the browser does not support JavaScript or the Adobe Reader plugin is not present, the document is displayed via a link. You can set the zoom level and document width. Additionally, you can insert more than one PDF document into the same post.
  2. PDF Embedder. It allows you to view PDF documents within the web page, without the need to use external services. It uses the PDF.js JavaScript library to display documents, which are loaded in parallel. It is compatible with most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. You can set the zoom level and control the document download.
  3. PDF Viewer for WordPress. It uses Mozilla's PDF.js JavaScript library to display PDF documents within posts or pages. Simply select the PDF document from the media library and insert it into the article via a tag. The plugin allows you to set the width and height of the document and the zoom level. Additionally, you can set the player toolbar to the bottom right.
  4. WP Advanced PDF. Allows site visitors to convert pages to PDF files, so they can download or print them. It comes with a customizable graphical interface, which allows you to create template-based PDF documents. You can choose the components to include in the PDF output, including articles, pages, logs, author pages, and other variables.
  5. Google Doc Embedder. Allows you to view PDF documents within a web page using the Google Docs API. The plugin takes the PDF document and inserts it into an iframe on the website. You can set certain document characteristics, such as the width and height of the iframe, the pages to display, and the zoom level.
  6. PDF.js Viewer Shortcode. It's a simple plugin that uses Mozilla's PDF.js JavaScript library to view PDF documents. Use PHP functions to insert documents into WordPress pages. You can control the zoom level and width of the document, as well as specify the position and alignment. It is compatible with all modern browsers.
  7. PDF Light Viewer. Allows you to view PDF documents and images within a light and fast loading gallery. The plugin is compatible with all modern browsers and allows you to insert a short code into any post or page in WordPress. Among the features we have deferred loading, the download button and the ability to view only a specific area of the PDF.
  8. PDF viewer with App for Android and IOS. This plugin is optimized for mobile devices and comes with an application for Android and IOS. The plugin uses the PDF.js API and provides smooth and fast navigation through documents. You can set the document width, caption for the title and download icon. The mobile app allows you to download, share and print documents.
  9. PDF Posters. This extension produces a preview image for PDF documents hosted on your website, which are displayed as representative images instead of the usual links. The preview is created using an image taken from the PDF document. You can customize the style and size of the image. Additionally, you can insert PDF meta data, such as title and author.
  10. PDF Embedder Premium. Allows you to view PDF documents within WordPress pages and posts. The built-in PDF reader adapts perfectly to the size of your web page, providing comfortable and smooth navigation through the document. You can insert multiple PDF documents within the same post, control the zoom level and set an error message if your browser does not support JavaScript.

Why it's useful to know how to view PDFs on WordPress

Knowing how to view PDF documents in WordPress can be extremely useful for several reasons.

  • First, PDFs are widely used to present quality content, such as reports, manuals, guides or legal documents. As a very common format, having the ability to embed and display PDF documents directly on your WordPress site offers your readers a convenient way to access this information without having to open an external application or download the file.
  • Additionally, displaying PDFs directly on your website can enhance the look and professionalism of your content, providing a clean, easily accessible presentation.
  • Finally, if you use WordPress for commercial purposes, such as selling ebooks or online courses, PDF viewing allows you to provide users with a preview of your products, sparking interest and increasing the chances of sales.
how to view PDF documents on WordPress
plugin to upload pdf documents to WordPress


How do I insert a PDF document into a post?

You can refer to plugins such as Embed PDF Viewer, PDF Embedder and PDF Viewer for WordPress and all others mentioned in this article to insert the PDF document into a post. They use Mozilla's PDF.js API to display PDF documents within posts.

Is it possible to customize the appearance of the PDF reader?

Yes, many plugins offer features to customize the appearance of the PDF reader, such as document width, zoom level, and toolbar.

 Which browsers are compatible with PDF plugins?

Most plugins for viewing PDFs in WordPress are compatible with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Is there a plugin to convert pages to PDF files?

Yes, WP Advanced PDF allows site visitors to convert pages to PDF files for download or printing.

What are the aspects to consider when choosing the right plugin to view PDFs on WordPress?

Devi considerare le esigenze specifiche del tuo sito web, la velocità di caricamento dei documenti PDF, la compatibilità con i dispositivi mobili e la possibilità di customization dell’anteprima del PDF.

Final thoughts

The choice of plugin regarding how to display PDFs on WordPress depends on the specific needs of your website. Some of them offer advanced features such as customizing PDF preview and creating template-based PDF documents. Others focus on the speed of loading PDF documents and compatibility with mobile devices. Finally, some plugins offer features like Google Docs integration and mobile app support.

Choosing the right one allows you to give your users a smooth and hassle-free PDF document viewing experience.
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