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Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin è un’opzione altamente personalizzabile che ti consente di ottenere un layout perfetto per il tuo menu mobile. Ti consente di creare un menu mobile altamente responsive, che si adatta a qualsiasi schermo e dispositivo. Questo plugin è una soluzione ideale per creare un menu mobile personalizzato per il tuo sito WordPress.

Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin allows you to create an attractive mobile menu using an intuitive interface. You can insert your logo and choose from a wide range of icons and typography. Additionally, you can customize the entire mobile menu design, including position, color, width, and height.

The plugin is highly customizable and offers many configuration options, allowing you to modify the mobile menu according to your needs. For example, you can choose from different opening animations, border styles, and backgrounds. Additionally, you have the option to decide whether to keep the mobile menu open or closed while browsing the site.

Another cool feature is the ability to create a custom navigation list, which allows you to create specific navigation menus for certain sections of the site. This helps you keep your page navigation organized and easy for visitors to follow.

Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin è altamente compatibile con numerosi plugin popolari, come WooCommerce, WPML, Polylang e molti altri, il che lo rende perfetto per creare siti web multilingua e siti di e-commerce. Inoltre, il plugin è altamente compatibile con altri plugin di customization del tema, permettendoti di ottenere un design perfetto per il tuo menu mobile.

Finally, Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin is highly responsive and compatible with all mobile devices, meaning your mobile menu will be suitable for any screen and device. Additionally, the plugin is easy to install and use, making it a perfect choice for WordPress beginners and advanced users.

Overall, Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get a custom mobile menu for their WordPress site. The plugin is highly customizable, easy to use, and compatible with numerous useful plugins, making it an ideal option for building multilingual and e-commerce websites.

What is Touchy?
Touchy is a premium mobile menu and header plugin for WordPress. It was designed with the smartphone in mind to be responsive, fast and super comfortable to use. Touchy also works well on desktop browsers, so you can use it for a full desktop site if you want too.

Does Touchy work with my WordPress themes?
Touchy può essere utilizzato su qualsiasi WordPress theme ed è stato testato approfonditamente su diversi dispositivi mobili e browser desktop. Inoltre, può essere utilizzato per nascondere il logo/menu del tuo tema per classe/ID.

Is Touchy customizable?
Touchy is highly customizable. You can change the color of any element, positioning, hide any menu bar button, replace button functions, change transparencies, etc. through easy-to-use Live customizer integration.

What can I do with non-stylized widget spaces?
You can use unstylized widget spaces to add call-to-action behavior to your menu, insert content, insert shortcodes, or anything else you need. You can change the menu so that it is essentially unrecognizable from the default appearance.

Can I customize the dropdown menu?
Touchy's multi-level drop-down menu comes in the form of an accordion menu. You can customize it by placing icons to your menu items, descriptions and visual indication, customizing the font size and line height and distance from the menu item. You can also use one of your theme fonts in the menu.

How does the logo work?
You can insert your business or company logo. You can choose between the text option or uploading a logo image. When the site is scrolled, the logo fades slightly and the menu bar becomes sticky.

Can I change the drop-down menu icon?
You can replace all default icons (both menubar and dropdown menu) with custom icons. There are over 1500 icons available, making your menu even more unique.

Can I customize the search function?
You can edit the search field sample text, hide the clean field option, hide the “Search” button, and customize the color of each item. Touchy also includes a full-screen advanced search feature.

How does the plugin work with WooCommerce?
Touchy also includes a Woocommerce cart button. You can choose between the cart or bag icon. You can also insert custom icons (or choose from the 1500 available icons) and completely change the function of the back, call, email, search and menu buttons.

Does Touchy work with WordPress Multisite?
Touchy works well with WordPress Multisite and has been thoroughly tested on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Is there support and updates for Touchy?
Touchy comes with great customer support and free lifetime updates included.

“If you are having problems using Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin, don't worry! You can contact the G Tech Group opening a ticket by sending an email to The team will be happy to assist you with installing and configuring the plugin. Trust expert professionals, contact G Tech Group now!”


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