The Innovation of Side Tabs – Green Popups for Websites


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Improve User Experience

One of the essential aspects of a modern website is providing a smooth and engaging experience for users. The add-on Side Tabs – Green Popups revolutionizes this dynamic, proposing itself as a fundamental tool. When it comes to improving navigation, an indispensable reference is the User Experience (UX). The importance of UX cannot be underestimated, as it determines customer satisfaction, conversions and, ultimately, the success of your online business.

Key Feature: Pop-ups

While pop-ups are often associated with annoying interruptions, when used correctly they can become powerful tools. The Side Tabs – Green Popups add-on allows you to create custom pop-ups that appear on side tabs. These cards they are strategically positioned on the right or left side of the screen, attracting the user's attention without being invasive.

Intelligent Targeting

The genius of this add-on doesn't stop at simply presenting pop-ups. It uses a sophisticated approach, allowing pop-ups to appear based on user behavior. This kind of behavioral targeting ensures that information is presented at the right time, maximizing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Advanced Personalization and Analysis

The importance of customization cannot be emphasized enough. With Side Tabs – Green Popups, every element can be customized, from the size and position of the tabs, to the texts and colors of the pop-ups. Even more significant is the recent update that allows you to analyze the performance of the cards, offering valuable insights into user preferences and behavior.

Compatibility and Installation

In an ever-evolving digital ecosystem, compatibility is key. This add-on is versatile compatible with i CMS most popular ones like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Installation is a simple and intuitive process, making it accessible even to the less experienced.


In a digital age dominated by a constant flow of information, the add-on Side Tabs – Green Popups emerges as an indispensable ally. It offers not only the possibility to engage the user strategically, but also to analyze and adapt their strategies in real time.

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Gianluca Gentile

My name is Gianluca Gentile, born in 1991. I have always had an immense passion for IT. Computers and the web, in fact, have become my inseparable adventure companions. So in 2012 I decided to transform my attitude and my skills into a "job". Through experience and professionalism I deal with restructuring and building the image of a company from scratch. Among my duties is the management of every phase of the creative process, meticulously taking care of every aspect of the advertising campaigns on the various media.

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