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15Zine is a WordPress theme suitable for creating websites intended for publishing newspapers, magazines, blogs or online news. The theme is packed with functionality and features that make it ideal for those who want to create a very professional website with high visitor traffic.

The 15Zine theme is built to support publishing a wide range of content in a predefined page format. There are various page layout options that allow the site owner to choose how to present the content. There are also numerous features to choose from to add additional visual interest to your site pages.

15Zine supports the concept of placing articles on the front page. This feature allows you to post one or more featured content items, determined by the site owner, at the site's access point. This can be used to promote recent articles, popular articles, trending articles, or any other category of content. This feature makes the website very interesting and engaging for visitors.

The 15Zine theme is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, a web page creation tool that allows you to easily create custom templates. With this tool, the site owner can create a wide range of page layouts, including a custom page layout for each content category in the website. This means that each content category can have its own unique layout style.

15Zine is also compatible with WooCommerce, a plugin that allows you to turn your website into an e-commerce platform. This means that you can sell products through the site, such as magazine subscriptions, t-shirts or personalized gadgets. Furthermore, 15Zine is highly customizable and allows you to change the look of the site based on the owner's needs.

In terms of customization, the 15Zine theme offers numerous options. There are various chromaticity styles to choose from, to adapt to the theme and integrate with your coordinated image. Additionally, there are several font and text style options. This allows you to personalize the site and make it unique compared to other competing websites.

As for navigation, 15Zine has a responsive and customizable menu. The advanced search functionality of this theme allows you to create a comprehensive search bar, which also includes search filter options. There are also navigation options to list categories, pages, and all recent posts.

To encourage visitor interaction, 15Zine offers various sharing options on social media, such as the ability to share content on the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are also various options for adding comments, which can be opened or closed, at the discretion of the site owner.

15Zine is also extremely fast and SEO optimized. This means that the website will be well indexed by search engines, thus increasing visibility and traffic potential.

In conclusion, 15Zine is a highly customizable and feature-rich WordPress theme, making it ideal for creating websites intended for publishing newspapers, magazines, blogs or online news. With its layout flexibility, all the customization options and its wide range of features, what results is an extremely professional website that lives up to visitors' expectations.

Frequently asked questions about 15Zine v3.3+

1. What is 15Zine?

15Zine is an extremely versatile and feature-compatible magazine and newspaper WordPress theme built for 2020 and beyond.

2. Which versions of WordPress and PHP are compatible with 15Zine v3.3+?

15Zine is compatible with WordPress 6.0 and PHP 8.0.

3. Is it also compatible with Gutenberg?

Yes, 15Zine is compatible with Gutenberg, the WordPress content editor.

4. Is 15Zine also compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes, 15Zine is fully compatible with WooCommerce 5.7+.

5. What are some real sites that use 15Zine?

Some examples of sites created with 15Zine include Yury, Shut Up And Yoga, Puske, Renchlist, One On One Music, Finest Automotive, and Visual Cult Magazine.

6. What does “integrated review system with unlimited criteria/pros/cons” mean?

The built-in review system allows you to create detailed reviews for items or products, using specific and unlimited criteria/pros/cons to evaluate quality, functionality, design, pricing, etc.

7. How does the “Trending megamenu” option work?

The “Trending megamenu” option allows you to show the most popular posts of the moment/week/month, with an attractive and easy to navigate design, directly in the navigation menu.

8. How can I customize my site's home page with 15Zine?

15Zine has a powerful drag-and-drop homepage creation system, allowing you to choose between 4 different grid modules and 4 different slider options, with styles and images that can make your posts visually appealing.

9. How does 15Zine's unlimited reviews system work?

The unlimited reviews system allows you to use any number of criteria/pros/cons for each review or item, allowing for a detailed review of products, services, etc.

10. Can I customize the color of different sections of my site (menus, review boxes, etc.)?

Yes, 15Zine allows you to customize the color of different sections of the site, such as the menu hover, review boxes, borders, etc.

11. How does the infinite scroll option work?

The infinite scroll option allows visitors to automatically scroll through your posts without having to click the pagination button, making navigation faster and more intuitive.

12. Is 15Zine compatible with bbPress?

Yes, 15Zine is fully compatible with bbPress, the WordPress forum plugin. It allows you to create detailed and easy to navigate forums, including many custom modules and widgets.

13. Can I also use 15Zine to create custom pages?

Yes, 15Zine comes with many customization options for each page type, including page style, post type, background type, etc.

14. Is 15Zine compatible with child themes?

Yes, 15Zine is 100% compatible with child themes and comes with a child theme already configured for immediate use.

15. Who created 15Zine?

15Zine is created by an Elite Author from ThemeForest, with an author rating of 4.83 stars out of 5 stars from 1000+ customer ratings, ensuring the quality of the code and features.

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