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If you are looking for the best WordPress theme for schools and nurseries, you are in the right place. Smarty is the perfect solution for create attractive and functional websites for educational institutions of all types. With years of experience in SEO optimization, we will guide you through all the amazing features of Smarty, making your website visible and highly ranked in search engines.

A Well Organized Structure for Your School

Smarty is known for his well organized structure which makes creating a school website a breeze. With several sections dedicated to crucial information such as the history of the school, classrooms, laboratories and more, you can provide your visitors with an informative and engaging experience.

Elementor: The Perfect Companion

Our theme is compatible with the free plugin Elementor Plugin on WordPress, which lets you create pages intuitively and without any coding or design knowledge. Drag and drop items to customize your site and make it unique.

Limitless Customization

Smarty offers a wide range of predefined layouts that you can customize to adapt them to the specific needs of your school. Choose from different header styles, page footers, menu types, and side columns to get the look you want for your site.

Captivating Presentations

Smarty includes a tool for creating classroom and lab showcases, allowing you to add photos, descriptions, and other details for each room. This creates visually stunning presentations to engage visitors.

Integrated Calendar

Thanks to integrated calendar, you can view school activities and events in a clear and organized way. Users can also add events to their personal calendar, ensuring effective communication.

Blogging for Teachers and Staff

Smarty offers a dedicated space for blogging, allowing teachers and school staff to share news, updates and articles about learning to engage students and parents in school life.

Facilitates parental registration

Smarty simplifies the registration process thanks to online registration form. Parents can enroll their children directly from the website, avoiding the need for paper forms.

Lesson Planning

Teachers can use the lesson planning to plan specific lessons, specifying the themes, materials and learning objectives. You can also attach files or resources to lessons for easy student accessibility.

Expansion with Third Party Plugins

Smarty is compatible with third-party plugins, allowing the theme's functionality to be extended. Add a booking form for school visits, a student management system or a forum for the school community.

Responsive and Multilingual

Smarty is a completely theme responsive, ensuring that your site is perfectly visible on mobile devices. It is also compatible with translation plugins to reach a global audience.

In conclusion, Smarty is the definitive WordPress theme for schools and nurseries. Create a professional, engaging and informative website without the need for advanced skills. Optimize your website's visibility in search engines and reach a wider audience with Smarty.

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