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Smart Notification WordPress Plugin è uno strumento molto utile per chi possiede un sito web o un blog su WordPress e vuole inviare notifiche agli utenti sui propri contenuti, aumentando la visibilità e l’interazione.

Questo plugin supporta diverse tipologie di notifiche, tra cui Web & Mobile Push, FB Messenger, FB Notifications e Newsletter, tutte utili per raggiungere il maggior numero di utenti possibile, utilizzando differenti canali di comunicazione.

Simply put, Smart Notification WordPress Plugin is an advanced notification system that allows website owners to send personalized messages to specific users, based on their browsing choices or preferences.

To use the plugin you need to install and configure it, choosing the options that best suit the needs of your website. It is very easy to use, even for those who have never used this type of tool.

Web & Mobile Push notifications use push technology to send notifications to users, who can receive them even when they are not online on the site. This function requires the use of a push server, but thanks to the plugin it is possible to integrate such a system quickly and easily.

With the FB Messenger function it is possible to send private messages to users who use Facebook, directly from the website, thus reaching an even wider audience.

FB Notifications are notifications that are sent directly to the Facebook platform of users who have interacted in some way with the website or blog.

Finally, newsletters are a more traditional but still very effective form of notification, allowing you to send your content to users via email.

Thanks to the Smart Notification WordPress Plugin, users will be informed quickly and effectively about new content published on the site and will feel more involved and appreciated. In this way, not only will you increase the visibility of the website, but you will also strengthen the relationship with users, making your website even more interesting and usable.

In conclusione, Smart Notification WordPress Plugin è uno strumento essenziale per chi vuole aumentare la propria visibilità online, raggiungere nuovi utenti e incrementare l’interazione con quelli già presenti. Provare per credere!

Web push notifications are free. Unlimited. No third party suppliers. No hidden subscriptions. Forever!

Web push notification è una funzione che permette di inviare notifiche instantanee ai visitatori del sito. Questa funzione è fornita dall’omonimo plugin WordPress. Continua a leggere per altre informazioni.

Novelty! An amazing PHP stand-alone solution is available!

Smart Notification System is a complete solution for all popular platforms. Insert it into your website, Facebook Messenger, desktop notifications, newsletters, SMS, Viber, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Safari, Edge, Opera, Samsung browser and Firefox.

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Novelty! The new mobile app for Smart WordPressop is available!

Smart WordPress Mobile App is the best WordPress mobile app ever created. It is fully integrated with WordPress and can load any custom WordPress posts or taxonomies, as well as being powered by a very easy and powerful WordPress control panel build dashboard. You can also integrate it with WooCommerce, bbPress, Jobs and Events plugins.


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Service plugin setup:

We offer a service to install the plugin, configure all web push notification platforms configurations and generate Safari certificates for $20 only.

Main features

  • Supports IOS/Android/Windows 10/Windows Phone 8,8.1/BlackBerry 10/Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera/Samsung Browser platforms
  • Amazing geo-fence capabilities and auto Geo-fence messages to send any device automatically when it is in a certain area
  • Supports BuddyPress, wooCommerce, PeepSo and bbPress automatic events and a powerful tool to detect and create any custom event for WordPress
  • Send messages to user groups
  • Integrate with Ultimate Membership Pro
  • It supports localization so you can now download the .PO file to translate it into your language
  • Send push notifications in a server cron-job or send immediately
  • Send desktop push notification messages for Chrome/Safari/Firefox
  • 3 different ways to request push notification permissions from the popup box, icon or native opt-in window
  • Waiting time to show push notification permission request method
  • Popup box and icon in different screen positions
  • Option to show push notification permission request only for registered users or administrators or special parts of the site
  • Pay to read to force visitors to subscribe to push notification service
  • Visual statistics for each campaign
  • Visual statistics for all campaigns and all system progress
  • Detect and track the GPS location of your visitors
  • Send scheduled push notification messages with repetitive times
  • Support WordPress Widgets to make them available for visitors to subscribe to push notification Desktop with channel options
  • Meta box to clear push notification message or choose delivery channels
  • The plugin can send push notifications when some optional events occur:
  • – Notify all users when the administrator publishes a new post and the ability to send the notification to users who subscribe to channels equivalent to the article category
    – Notify author when the admin has approved and published his post
    – Notifies the author when the administrator has approved his comment
    – Notifies the author when a new comment is added to their post
    – Notifies the user when someone else comments on their comment
    – Notify all users subscribed to a post when a new update arrives
  • Mobile payload builder in event handler
  • Editing push notification event messages before shipping using WordPress filters
  • RTL style supported
  • Feedback service for IOS/Android to find and disable bad devices (i.e. devices that uninstall your app)
  • It gives you a detailed report after the sending operation is completed
  • Powerful panel to manage tokens of registered devices
  • Powerful dashboard for sending messages
  • Archive for sent messages
  • Smart tool to remove duplicate token data
  • Enter your device token data and prepare to send to queue system
  • Connect and send messages in the queue system which prevents any server overload
  • Pause/Resume preparing and sending your message at any time
  • Send a million messages in 20 minutes (tested on Hostgator shared hosting Hatchling package)
  • Send iOS Messages with Custom Badge, Sound, Lock-key and Image
  • Very easy to set up, very easy to use
  • Automatic reconnection in case of errors such as push servers not responding
  • Send additional values with your message in JSON or plain form (i.e. Used by programmers to send values such as post ID, URL to open, etc.)
  • Handling any errors from servers during the sending operation such as:

    The servers are unresponsive or temporarily unavailable and there is a possibility of automatically reconnecting
    If there are problems with the Google API key
    If the message size is larger than the size allowed by Google
    If Apple rejects the certification file and password phrase
    If Apple sends errors to reject payload size
    It gives you an error if there are some features that your server doesn't support
  • Connect and read device token values from any custom table in any local/remote database
  • Connect with multiple databases simultaneously
  • Categorize supporters using the channel system
  • Processing the text message to send as many characters as possible
  • Smart to cut your message if it exceeds the size allowed by Apple
  • Wonderful Easy panel to watch and process sending messages
  • Observe the instant log during the

    “If you are having difficulty using Smart Notification WordPress Plugin for Web & Mobile Push, FB Messenger, FB Notifications & Newsletter, please feel free to contact G Tech Group for assistance. You can open a ticket by writing to and the team will be happy to help you install and configure the plugin.”


    Gianluca Gentile
    Gianluca Gentile

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