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Smart Before After Viewer is a highly responsive image comparison plugin that allows its users to easily and interactively view changes made to certain images. This plugin game is designed to enable the before and after effect, which is a common technique used in beauty, weight loss, hair salon websites and so on.

In reality, Smart Before After Viewer is much more than just an image comparison plugin. The plugin was created using cutting-edge frontend technologies, which means that the images can be easily viewed on any device, be it a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Surfing on the website hosting the plugin, users will immediately realize the sobriety and simplicity of its design, which focuses on what really matters: the images. This plugin supports all major web browsers and mobile device platforms so whatever browser or device you use, Smart Before After Viewer always has a view optimized for your needs.

The plugin also has a variety of settings to change the appearance and behavior of the effect before and or after. For example, users can adjust the opacity of before and after images, meaning they can adjust how easy or difficult it is to see the difference between the two images.

Ci sono anche opzioni per regolare l’orientamento delle immagini tra verticale ed orizzontale, permettendoti di scegliere il modello più appropriato per le tue immagini. Inoltre, è possibile regolare i livelli di zoom delle immagini, l’effetto fade in/out e molto altro ancora. Queste opzioni di customization rendono Smart Before After Viewer un plugin molto flessibile adattabile a qualsiasi sito web e alle esigenze individuali degli utenti.

It is also important to note that Smart Before After Viewer is very easy to implement within any website. The plugin can handle both single and multiple images, so you can easily add before and after effect to any web page. All you need to do is upload your images and add a short coding to your HTML code or use a simple shortcode to show the before and after effect.

Inoltre, è possibile installare Smart Before After Viewer come plugin WordPress, che rende facile personalizzarne l’aspetto e l’effetto a seconda delle esigenze del tuo sito WordPress.

In summary, the Smart Before After Viewer is a highly responsive image comparison solution designed to easily view changes made to certain images. Its simplicity, flexibility and very easy installation are some of its strengths and its usefulness is recognizable in any website that requires a before and after effect capable of capturing users' attention and positively influencing their experience.

Frequent questions:

1. What is the Before After WordPress plugin?
A: The Before After WordPress plugin is a plugin that allows you to highlight the visual differences between two images. It's perfect for showcasing your work, where it's essential to visualize the changes you've made.

2. What are the key features of the plugin?
A: The key features of the plugin are:

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Support for touch devices such as phones and tablets
  • Shortcode generator for easily adding shortcodes
  • Different interactions to choose from: drag or hover
  • Different orientations to choose from: horizontal and vertical
  • Custom labels and colors to set any text and label color
  • Multiple views to create unlimited views on a single page
  • Template tags for use in your theme's template files
  • Detailed documentation included
  • Efficient customer support

3. Is the plugin compatible with mobile devices?
A: Yes, the plugin supports mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

4. Can I customize the labels and colors?
A: Yes, you can set any text and label color.

5. Can I create multiple views on a single page?
A: Yes, you can create unlimited views on a single page.

6. Is there a shortcode generator included?
A: Yes, there is a shortcode generator included for easy adding shortcodes.

7. Is there any documentation included?
A: Yes, there is detailed documentation included.

8. Is there customer support available?
A: Yes, there is efficient customer support available.

9. What are the latest versions of the plugin?
A: The latest version of the plugin, ver 1.4.6, was released on October 28, 2021. It has been updated to use the latest third-party scripts and to meet Envato's latest quality standards.

10. Who developed the jQuery TwentyTwenty plugin?
A: The jQuery TwentyTwenty plugin was developed by ZURB.

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