How to simplify online booking with Bookly Cart

How to Streamline and Simplify Online Booking with Bookly Cart, the essential add-on for every booking center


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How to optimize and Simplify Online Booking with Bookly Cart, the essential add-on for every booking center.

If you are looking for a way to improve your customers' experience durante il processo di prenotazione online e desideri aumentare l’efficienza delle tue operazioni, allora sei nel posto giusto. Con anni di esperienza nel campo SEO e nella gestione dei plugins di prenotazione online, ti presentiamo Bookly Cart, an advanced and highly customizable add-on for the popular online booking plugin, Bookly.

Bookly Cart: simplicity and convenience for your customers

One of the key features of Bookly Cart it is the possibility of creating shopping carts. Your customers can select one or more services from your list and add them to their cart, allowing them to book and pay for multiple services in a single transaction. This offers a unparalleled comfort, eliminating the need to make multiple separate reservations. Furthermore, the trolley offers a clear overview of reservations and related costs, further enhancing the user experience. But let's summarize the main features of this tool:

  • Customization delle prenotazioni. It offers an additional level of customization through the ability to add extra options to your core services. For example, if you offer a basic massage service with options such as a facial or a full body treatment, your clients can easily select the desired options and add them to the cart. This flexibility allows your clients to create service packages tailored to their needs.
  • Easy management and flexibility in payments. Gestire il contenuto del carrello è un gioco da ragazzi. I tuoi clienti possono facilmente aggiungere o rimuovere servizi, regolare le quantità e applicare sconti o promozioni direttamente dal carrello. La flessibilità nel processo di pagamento è fondamentale. Supporta diverse opzioni di pagamento, tra cui PayPal, Stripe e bonifico bancario. Inoltre, i clienti possono scegliere se pagare l’intero importo al momento della prenotazione o solo un acconto, mantenendo il saldo per il pagamento al tuo centro prenotazioni.
  • Instant confirmation and payment notifications. After completing the booking and payment, clients will automatically receive a detailed receipt via email. This step is critical to confirm the reservation and provides clients with immediate documentation of the services booked, total cost, and payment information.
  • Easy to customize and configure. Customization is within everyone's reach with Bookly Cart. You can easily adapt the appearance of the cart to the colors, text and layout of your website. In addition, you have the ability to insert custom messages to provide additional instructions or important information to your customers.

Simplify online booking with Bookly Cart, conclusions

In conclusion, Bookly Cart is an essential add-on for any reservation center that wants to simplify the online booking process and improve the customer experience. With his ability to create service carts and extra options, handle flexible payments and send automatic receipts, provides an optimal experience for both you and your customers. Don't miss the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Improve your business today, the future of online booking is here.


If you encounter any problems or would like assistance installing and configuring the plugin, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can open a ticket by sending an email to or reach us on WhatsApp at number 0465 84 62 45.


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Gianluca Gentile

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