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The School Management System for WordPress is software designed to simplify and optimize the management of educational institutions of all levels by providing advanced tools for managing students, teachers, courses, grades, attendance, and more. This system is integrated directly into WordPress, the world's most popular web content management platform, thus providing a user-friendly interface and easy integration with the school website.

One of the main features of this system is student management, allowing you to easily register new students, manage master records, track attendance, and keep track of personal and contact information. In addition, students can be assigned courses and their academic progress can be monitored by managing grades and teaching records.

Regarding teacher management, the School Management System offers tools for master record management, lesson planning, course assignments, and assignment management. Another useful feature is the ability to track teacher attendance and manage contact information.

The system also offers comprehensive and intuitive course management, allowing you to easily create new courses, assign teachers, manage schedules and classrooms, and publish course materials for students. In addition, you can monitor the progress of courses and track student performance effectively.

Another key feature is grade management, which allows students' grades to be recorded and monitored efficiently, as well as generating reports and statistics to assess academic performance. This feature is particularly useful for keeping track of student performance and identifying any areas for improvement.

Communication and collaboration among students, teachers, and parents are facilitated through the system's built-in messaging and notification features. Teachers can send important communications to students and parents, while students can communicate with their teachers and share teaching materials. In addition, automated notifications can be sent to inform users about events, deadlines, and other crucial information.

The system also offers tools for managing school resources and infrastructure, allowing you to keep track of classrooms, equipment, textbooks and other instructional materials. This functionality helps to optimize resource utilization and ensure an efficient learning environment.

One of the great advantages of this system is its integration with WordPress, which offers the flexibility and customization offered by this platform. School administrators can easily customize the system to fit the specific needs of their institution, changing aspects such as layout, colors, form fields, and more.

In addition, the School Management System for WordPress offers a wide range of advanced reports and statistics to assess student academic performance, monitor resource utilization, and analyze curriculum effectiveness. These reports can be generated in an automated manner and shared with school stakeholders to assess progress and identify any areas for improvement.

In summary, the School Management System for WordPress is a comprehensive and reliable tool for managing educational institutions, offering advanced features for managing students, teachers, courses and resources, as well as communication and reporting tools. Thanks to its integration with WordPress, this system offers a customizable and flexible solution that adapts to each school's specific needs.

1. What is the School Management System Plugin for WordPress and why is it ideal for managing complete school operations?
The School Management System Plugin for WordPress is an effective way to manage the complete operations of a school. From the portal, you can access different features that allow you to manage the most relevant aspects of the educational institution, such as class management, exams, attendance, library, news and events, and much more. This plugin is ideal because it offers several tools and features that greatly simplify the daily management of the school.

2. What are the roles of users and what are the related functionalities?
The system offers different roles for users, including admin, teacher, student, and parent. Each role has access to different features and tools that are specific to those users. For example, the admin has full access to the system and can manage all aspects of the school, while the teacher can access features related to teaching and attendance, and so on.

3. What modules are available in the system?
The system has a number of modules that cover all the needs of school management. These include the administrative module, student module, teacher module, parent module, subject module, class module, grade module, attendance module, message module, news-events module, transportation module, classroom list module, vacation module, migration module, payment module, and more.

4. What are the most recent changes and updates to the system?
The most recent changes and updates include the addition of new features, compatibility improvements with new versions of WordPress and PHP, security improvements, minor bug fixes, and optimization issues.

5. What are the hosting requirements to be able to use the Plugin?
The Plugin works best on Cpanel/WHM enabled hosting. Use/installation on Nginx/Plesk is not recommended and support for the same will not be provided.

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