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Coming Soon CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin è un plugin altamente efficace che consente agli utenti di creare una pagina in arrivo personalizzata per il proprio sito WordPress. Il plugin fornisce un conto alla rovescia elegante e moderno che può essere utilizzato per mostrare il tempo rimanente fino alla pubblicazione del tuo sito web, di un nuovo prodotto o di qualsiasi altro evento importante.

Il plugin è completamente responsivo, il che significa che le pagine che crei saranno visibili su qualsiasi dispositivo, inclusi smartphone e tablet. Inoltre, è compatibile con qualsiasi WordPress theme, quindi non devi preoccuparti di dover cambiare il design del tuo sito web esistente.

Creating a coming soon page with Coming Soon CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin is very easy and intuitive. After installing and activating the plugin, you can access the plugin configuration page from the WordPress menu.

The first step to creating your coming soon page is to customize the countdown. You can choose a due date, time, and time zone for your event. You can also customize the text that appears during the countdown and choose from several background options, such as images, videos, and solid colors.

Once you've customized the countdown, you can start customizing the other parts of your coming soon page. You can add a logo, title and description for your website or event. You can also add contact forms, social buttons, and other custom sections.

Additionally, Coming Soon CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin allows you to completely customize the design of your coming soon page. You can choose from different layouts, text styles, and color options to create a coming soon page that fits your branding or existing website. Furthermore, the plugin also supports custom fonts, so you can use your favorite font in your coming soon page design.

One of the best things about Coming Soon CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin is that it allows you to hide your existing website when creating your coming soon page. You can choose to show your coming soon page only to users who are not logged in or to all users, including those who are already logged in. This way, you can create your coming soon page without having to worry about your existing website.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to create a temporary “subscribe” page to collect email addresses of interested users. You can easily integrate the plugin with email marketing services like Mailchimp or Aweber and automatically send a subscription confirmation email to your users. This allows you to create a list of users interested in your website or product before the actual launch.

In sintesi, Coming Soon CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin è un plugin WordPress altamente personalizzabile e facile da usare che consente agli utenti di creare una pagina in arrivo elegante e moderna per il proprio sito web. Con il suo conto alla rovescia personalizzabile, la sostituzione temporanea del tuo sito web esistente e la funzione di sottoscrizione, questo plugin è un must per chiunque abbia bisogno di creare una pagina in arrivo professionale e funzionale.

What is Indeed Coming Soon?

Indeed Coming Soon is a highly versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create a “coming soon” or “under construction” page for your website. It features two modern layouts and a countdown timer, and can manage visitor logins based on their WP roles.

How does Indeed Coming Soon work?

The plugin allows you to create a temporary “coming soon” or “under construction” page while working on your website without visitors seeing it. When your site is finished, you can launch it with just one click.

What are the main features of Indeed Coming Soon?

The plugin includes 2 main layouts (with customizable countdown or with only the main titles), it is fully responsive for every mobile device, offers 10 different transition effects for pages, 10 predefined color schemes, 6 different background options to full screen, 9 email marketing platforms, 10 social media links and many other features.

Who can see the website while it is being worked on?

You can control who can see your website using WP roles. Furthermore, you can select which pages will be visible and which will be blocked via the “coming soon” page.

Is it possible to customize the background?

Yes, there are several background options to choose from, including a simple image, parallax, slideshow, special effects slideshow, video, and more. You can also customize the transparency of the background.

How does Indeed Coming Soon integrate with email marketing platforms?

The I plugin supports 9 email marketing platforms, including MailChimp, AWeber, Mailster, Campaign Monitor, and more. Simply select your preferred platform and set up your subscription page.

How does Indeed Coming Soon integrate with social media?

The plugin supports 10 different social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. You can add social media links to the “coming soon” page.

How do I install Indeed Coming Soon?

To install the plugin, you must have WordPress 3.0 or later and upload the plugin via your WordPress control panel.

How do I update Indeed Coming Soon?

Plugin updates are included in the purchase price and can be made through the WordPress repository.

If you are having problems with the Coming Soon CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin, don't worry! You can contact the G Tech Group opening a ticket by writing to for assistance with installation and configuration. Don't hesitate to contact us to solve your problems!”


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