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Prague | Architecture is a guided tour of the wonderful architecture that characterizes the city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. This tour offers a valuable opportunity for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the many and varied architecture of Prague. During the tour, participants will be able to admire the different artistic and architectural expressions that have contributed to making Prague one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The tour takes place on foot and can be booked through the official website, where you can choose the language and type of tour you prefer. You can choose between two options: the first is a daytime guided tour and the other is a nighttime tour. Both tours are available in Italian, and each participant will be provided with a map of the city so as not to get lost in the meanders of Prague's streets. The guided tour follows a specific route through the historic center of the city.

The guided daytime tour starts from the Old Town Square, where expert guides explain the history and architecture of the place. The square is surrounded by buildings of different styles, including the Town Hall, the Tyn Church and the Kinsky Palace. The experts will guide the participants through the narrow streets and squares, passing through the Jewish quarter and the old suburb of Mala Strana. Highlights on the day tour include the Dancing House, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

The guided night tour includes the exploration of the city's illuminated architecture and monuments. The tour begins after sunset and offers the opportunity to admire the historic buildings, churches and squares illuminated. The tour also starts from the Old Town Square, but boasts a particular magic during the winter season, with the Christmas market and the illumination of the historic buildings. Prague Castle has a spectacular view at night, lit up in different shades of blue. The guided night tour also includes a visit to the National Theatre, St. Nicholas Cathedral and St. Peter's Church.

During the day and night guided tour, experts will guide participants by showing the most representative examples of the different eras of Prague architecture. Artistic styles mix in the streets of the city, from baroque to gothic, from cubist to functionalist styles, from neo-Renaissance to modernism. You will thus have the opportunity to appreciate the great variety of historic buildings and monuments that make up the Prague skyline.

Furthermore, during the tour, experts will guide participants through the different historical periods of the city, describing the evolution of the architecture and the meaning of each building. Participants will also be able to discover anecdotes and curiosities about the lives of the architects who built the streets of Prague over the centuries.

In summary, Prague | Architecture is an excellent choice for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Prague's architecture, allowing you to discover the beautiful city from a different perspective, through the stories of expert guides. The guided tour is an ideal choice for anyone who loves art, architecture or history, while offering a 360-degree cultural exploration experience of the city.

Furthermore, tours offer the opportunity to meet new people, share information with them and appreciate the beauty of the places visited together. Prague | Architecture is a unique opportunity for those who love to travel, discover new places and new cultures, to appreciate the city of Prague from a different and evocative perspective. Thanks to this guided tour, you can discover the treasures hidden among the streets of the city, and appreciate how Prague's architectural culture is truly unique in the European panorama.

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