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Responsive FlipBook Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create a digital version of a printed book. This plugin is a perfect solution for users who want to create a digital book in a professional way. The plugin has many features and benefits, such as a wide range of customization options, strong mobile compatibility, and easy integration with existing web pages.

One of the main features of Responsive FlipBook Plugin is its ability to create a digital version of printed books using the flip book format. This format is based on the "flip" function which allows the reader to "flip" through the pages as if he were reading a real book. In this way, the reader has the experience of reading a traditional book, but using a digital device.

Another important feature of Responsive FlipBook Plugin is its customization ability. This plugin offers a wide range of customization options to help users create a unique flipbook that reflects their brand or style. These options include the ability to choose the flipbook design, choice of colors, selection of backgrounds, and much more. Users also have the ability to customize their flipbook by creating custom pages, inserting images, and even videos.

Responsive FlipBook Plugin also offers mobile compatibility. This means that the plugin works perfectly on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means that readers can access the flipbook from any device, without compromising the reading experience. Furthermore, the resulting flipbook uses modern technologies that make it compatible with major web browsers.

Furthermore, the Responsive FlipBook plugin offers an easy integration process with any existing web page. This means that a user can easily integrate their flipbook directly into their web page or blog. This requires no technical knowledge and allows users to have a flipbook well integrated into their website.


In summary, Responsive FlipBook Plugin is an excellent solution for users who want to create a digital book in a professional way. It offers a wide range of customization options, strong mobile compatibility, and easy integration with existing web pages. If you are looking for a way to create a digital flipbook for your business or website, then this plugin is definitely an excellent choice.

WordPress FlipBook FAQ:

What is WordPress FlipBook?

WordPress FlipBook is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create interactive books with a flip effect (flip like a book) directly on your website. The plugin offers many features such as the ability to easily load pages in batches, import PDFs, use a WYSIWYG editor, choose between different navigation styles and much more.

Do I need to purchase extensions to use some features?

Yes, some extensions must be purchased separately to use some features such as PDF import or flipbook printing. However, the basic plugin offers many features that can be used without purchasing any extensions.

Does the plugin also work on mobile devices?

Yes, the plugin was designed to work on desktop and mobile devices. The design is fully responsive, meaning the flipbook will automatically adapt to your device's screen resolution.

Are there predefined navigation styles available?

Yes, the plugin offers 11 predefined navigation styles to choose from. You can also customize the navigation style with the help of an advanced admin panel.

Is the plugin easy to install and customize?

Yes, the plugin is easy to install via the WordPress plugin manager and offers an advanced admin panel that makes customizing your flipbook very easy. Additionally, the plugin comes with detailed documentation that includes video tutorials.

Does the plugin support translation?

Yes, the plugin supports WPML, which means it is easy to translate the plugin into different languages and use it on multilingual websites.

What happens if I have problems with the plugin?

The WordPress FlipBook support team is always available to help you with any issues. You can contact the team via the plugin's support system and receive personalized assistance based on your needs.

Is the plugin updated regularly?

Yes, the plugin is regularly updated to ensure maximum compatibility with WordPress and to improve functionality. Additionally, if you purchase the plugin, you will receive free updates for one year after purchase.

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