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PHP Live Chat Pro is a powerful software solution for providing professional live chat service on your website. With this platform, your website visitors can communicate with your support team in real time.

The live chat solution is a very useful tool for companies that want to provide an efficient and quality support service to their customers. Live chat helps you resolve issues and answer customer questions quickly and accurately. For this reason, many websites integrate a live chat system to improve customer experience.

PHP Live Chat Pro is highly customizable software that integrates seamlessly with your website. With this solution, you can configure several options to customize the chat design, chat window appearance, chat functions, and much more. You can also customize the chat language to suit your website's needs.

The live chat system works very simply. When a website visitor enters the chat page, an easy access to the chat window is created. From there, the visitor can write a message and send it to your support team. Your support team can respond in real time and provide immediate assistance and support.

The live chat solution also provides several support features that can be used to improve the quality of support offered to customers. For example, you can integrate tools like FAQs into live chat to answer customers' most frequently asked questions. This way, your support team can focus on more specific and complex questions.

You can also monitor the performance of your support team thanks to the statistics provided by PHP Live Chat Pro. These statistics are collected in real time to provide information on response times, quality of support and customer satisfaction rate. In this way, it is possible to continuously improve the assistance service offered and increase customer loyalty.

PHP Live Chat Pro live chat solution is highly scalable and can be used on different platforms. This means you can use the software on multiple websites or even an entire network of websites. Additionally, the platform supports multiple languages, making it suitable for a global audience.

In summary, PHP Live Chat Pro is a professional and reliable live chat solution to improve customer support on your websites. With numerous customizable features, a wide range of support tools and real-time statistics, this platform can provide the support you need to meet your customers' needs, improve their experience and increase your retention rate.

1. Who can use PHP Live Chat Pro?
Anyone with a website running PHP and MySQL can use PHP Live Chat Pro to provide live support to their website visitors.

2. What languages does PHP Live Chat Pro support?
PHP Live Chat Pro supports all languages with automatic translation feature.

3. Is it easy to install PHP Live Chat Pro?
Yes, installing PHP Live Chat Pro is very simple and intuitive, thanks to the detailed instructions included in the documentation.

4. What features are included in PHP Live Chat Pro?
PHP Live Chat Pro includes many features, including the ability to create departments, share files, chat with map visitors, full translation support, and much more.

5. How does geolocation work in PHP Live Chat Pro?
PHP Live Chat Pro uses geolocation to show the approximate location of website visitors on the map.

6. Does PHP Live Chat Pro work on mobile devices?
Yes, PHP Live Chat Pro is fully mobile responsive and is compatible with most mobile devices.

7. Is there a limit to the number of operators or visitors who can chat at the same time?
No, PHP Live Chat Pro has no limit on the number of operators or visitors that can chat at the same time.

8. What are the requirements to use PHP Live Chat Pro?
To use PHP Live Chat Pro, you need PHP 5 or 7 (with PDO support) and MySQL 5.

9. Is there a monthly cost for using PHP Live Chat Pro?
No, PHP Live Chat Pro has no monthly costs and can be used without limits.

10. Is it possible to customize the colors and text of the widgets?
Yes, you can customize the colors and text of PHP Live Chat Pro widgets to match your website design.

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