PageLoader: Preloader and Progress Bar for WordPress


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PageLoader – WordPress Preloader and Progress Bar is a WordPress plugin that helps you create an animated loading when visitors enter your website. This application is easy to install and customize, requiring no advanced coding or programming knowledge.

The first thing you need to do is install the plugin on your WordPress site. You can do this directly from the WordPress plugins page, searching for PageLoader – WordPress Preloader and Progress Bar and clicking on “Install Now”. Once installed, activate it and you will be redirected to the plugin's settings page.

On the plugin's settings page, you can customize several aspects of the loading animation, including speed, color, and animation type. You can also select the image or logo you want to display when uploading, either by uploading it directly from your computer or by choosing one of the available pre-load templates.

Once you have customized the parameters, you can save your changes and your preloader will be immediately active on your website. When a user accesses your page, they will see your custom loading animation, which will give them the idea that the site is loading.

Additionally, the plugin also offers a progress bar that shows the page loading percentage. This can be a useful feature for visitors who have a slow internet connection or who access high-traffic websites. You can also customize the style of the progress bar by choosing the color and style of the bar through the plugin settings.

PageLoader – WordPress Preloader and Progress Bar is compatible with most WordPress themes and works well with all versions of WordPress. The plugin is also responsive and adapts perfectly to different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops.

In summary, PageLoader – WordPress Preloader and Progress Bar is a tool that helps improve the user experience of your website. With its customizable design, you can create an animated loading page that fits your branding perfectly and helps visitors understand that the site is still loading.

The plugin is easy to install and customize, and offers additional features such as a progress bar. If you are looking for a way to improve the user experience of your website, PageLoader – WordPress Preloader and Progress Bar is definitely a plugin to install.

Q: What is New feature!: Smooth page transitions (customizable)?
A: Smooth page transitions is a new feature added to the PageLoader plugin, which allows you to customize page loading effects for your website visitors.

Q: What is PageLoader?
A: PageLoader is a WordPress plugin that offers extensive customization of the loading screen and progress bar. It can be used as a simple preloader or as a branding tool.

Q: Is PageLoader compatible with WordPress Multisite?
A: Yes, PageLoader is compatible with WordPress Multisite.

Q: How was PageLoader tested?
A: PageLoader has been tested on different devices, browsers and operating systems.

Q: Is there a team developing PageLoader?
A: Yes, PageLoader is actively developed by a team with highly rated customer support.

Q: What features does PageLoader offer?
A: PageLoader offers many features and customization options, including the choice of 10 animated icons, the ability to load an image or use a URL image, customization of fade and blur effects, the option to enable transitions soft page settings, background color customization and much more.

Q: What's new in PageLoader version 4.5?
A: PageLoader version 4.5 added a new layered loading style and a section dedicated to background settings.

Q: Is it possible to customize page transitions?
A: Yes, you can customize page transitions to include any combination of appearing and disappearing animations.

Q: How does the safety lock function work?
A: The close safety feature allows you to show a helpful message with a close feature if it takes too long to load or if something is preventing the site from loading properly.

Q: Is it possible to customize the loading text?
A: Yes, you can enter up to 5 loading texts and customize the font color and size.

Q: Is there a limit to customizing the progress bar?
A: No, the progress bar is highly customizable with the ability to customize the width, thickness and roundness of the bar itself.

Q: What are the options for post-load animations?
A: You can choose to apply a scroll, scale, and opacity animation to individual elements on the page.

Q: Is there a page animation feature just for touch devices?
A: Yes, PageLoader offers the ability to disable the animation feature on touch devices.

Q: Is it possible to turn off the upload feature on specific pages or posts?
A: Yes, you can disable the upload feature on specific pages or posts.

Q: Do you offer customer support?
A: Yes, the developer team offers customer support.

“If you are having difficulty using PageLoader: WordPress Preloader and Progress Bar, don't worry! You can contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket and writing to Our team will provide you with the necessary assistance for the correct installation and configuration of the plugin.”


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