Newsomatic is a WordPress plugin that can automatically generate news posts.


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Newsomatic is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to automatically generate articles through the use of news sources taken from different websites. This is a vital tool for bloggers and website owners who want to keep their readers updated with a wealth of information without having to write each article from scratch.

But how does Newsomatic work? First of all, it is important to specify that the plugin uses RSS technology, which is a file format that allows you to distribute web content. This way, Newsomatic connects to various news sites and downloads the information you need.

Once the data is downloaded, the plugin processes it automatically and creates complete and well-written articles. But not only that: it is possible to customize the output in order to obtain precise and high-quality articles.

The process of creating articles with Newsomatic begins with choosing your news source. You can select one or more specific websites or use the plugin's search options to find any type of information.

The Newsomatic plugin allows you to filter news so you can select a specific time frame, choose keywords to get only the topics that are of interest to you, etc. Once you select these options, you can also set the number of articles you want to generate.

From these settings onwards, Newsomatic automatically generates articles. The plugin analyzes the downloaded data, selects the relevant content and initializes the writing process, obtaining the titles, subtitles, article body and multimedia elements.

But Newsomatic's real strength lies in its ability to customize. The plugin allows you to configure a series of options to ensure total control over the final result. You can set the length of the articles, select the multimedia file formats to use (such as images, videos, gifs, etc.), choose tags (keywords) and much more.

Furthermore, with Newsomatic you can easily generate multilingual articles. The plugin supports a wide range of languages and allows you to select the news and information sources you prefer based on the languages of your interest.

The result? High quality articles, written automatically, personalized and well structured according to your needs. Newsomatic is a useful and intelligent tool, which allows you to save precious time in writing articles on your website, without compromising the quality of content.

In summary, with Newsomatic – Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress, you can create articles quickly and easily, customizing them based on your preferences and the needs of your readers. This plugin is definitely an option to consider for all bloggers and website owners who want to provide their users with new information continuously, without having to spend many hours writing articles.

Frequently asked questions about the first WordPress plugin to create self-updating and monetizable news sites

1. What is this plugin and what does it do?

Newsomatic Automatic News Post Generator Plugin for WordPress is an innovative plugin that creates self-updating news websites and earns passive commissions through free organic traffic. You can automatically generate posts based on pre-established rules in any niche.

2. How does this plugin work?

Using NewsomaticAPI, the plugin fetches news-related content and automatically publishes it to the website. Using user-defined rules, this plugin can automatically generate posts based on specific keywords.

3. What is NewsomaticAPI?

NewsomaticAPI is a dedicated API that this plugin uses to retrieve news-related content.

4. What are the features of this plug-in?

– Automatic generation of posts based on predefined rules
– Works in any niche
– Support for customizing posts, including title and content
– Automatic generation of categories or tags for imported posts
– Creating posts only if the necessary keywords are present in the title or content
– Monitoring plugin activity in detail
– Automatic translation with Google Translate and DeepL support
– Custom support for keyword sets replaced with affiliate links

5. What are the latest updates to this plugin?

Update version 3.2.1: Added a new function to the plugin to exclude countries from the results

Update version 3.2.0: Uses both shortcode and Gutenberg blocks to directly list top stories from the world's largest news websites.

Update version 3.1.0: Uses HeadlessBrowserAPI that can parse JavaScript without installing scripts on the server.

Update version 3.0.0: Updated NewsomaticAPI instead of NewsAPI to get content from a wide range of news sources.

6. What are the requirements for using this plugin?

The plugin requires PHP Curl and PHP 7.4 or later.

7. How to test this plugin?

You can test the plugin via the test site builder. Please note that the generated test website will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

8. Where can I find assistance on this plugin?

Please consult the FAQ section on the manufacturer's website or contact technical support directly at

9. What are the recent changes to this plugin?

Please see the “Changelog” section on the manufacturer's website for all the latest changes and updates.

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