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LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme is a WordPress theme designed for creating a directory website, i.e. a website where users can search and/or add information about places, tourist sites, restaurants, shops and more.

This theme, developed by Pixelgrade, features a modern and clean design that is perfectly suited to the needs of a directory site. The features offered by Listable are varied and allow site owners to add, manage and monitor user content effectively.

Among the main features of Listable we find:

– Ability to add/register/create places/businesses: Users can add places or businesses to the website, providing information such as name, address, phone number, website, description and photo. Additionally, registered users can manage and edit information about their activities.
– Maps and geolocation: Listable uses Google Maps to show the location of places/businesses and user searches, so users can easily locate the place they are looking for.
– Advanced search and filters: users can carry out searches thanks to a search bar positioned at the top of the home page, allowing them to search for specific places/activities in various categories and geographical areas. You can also filter results by distance, price, rating, and more.
– Reviews and ratings of places/activities: users can leave reviews and ratings on the places/activities visited, helping other users choose where to eat, where to stay, where to shop and more.
– Advertising and sponsorship: site owners can sell advertising space and sponsorships for places/activities on the site, adding an additional source of income.
– Theme customization: Listable is highly customizable thanks to the presence of site customization tools that allow you to change the layout, colors, images and more.

Listable is an easy to use and customize theme. Installation is quick and easy through the WordPress admin panel. Additionally, users can easily manage the content of their site, adding photos and descriptions, checking user reviews and tracking visits.

Listable is a responsive theme, which means it adapts to different screen sizes, so the site will display correctly on all devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. It is also compatible with all major web browsers.

One of the main advantages of Listable is its scalability. The theme comes with a solid architecture and many advanced features that allow the site to grow over time, without compromising performance. Additionally, Listable is compatible with several additional plugins, such as WPML for creating a multilingual website, BuddyPress for creating an online community, and WooCommerce for selling products and services directly from the site.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a WordPress theme to create an online directory, Listable is an excellent choice. It offers a wide range of advanced features, easy customization and a solid architecture that allows you to create a high-performance and scalable directory website.

Listable FAQ:

1. What is Listable?
Listable is a WordPress theme for creating, managing and monetizing a local or global directory site.

2. What is the goal of Listable?
Listable aims to deliver the right content, in the right place and at the right time to meet all your needs.

3. What are the features of Listable?
Listable offers simple listing management where visitors can add their listings. It supports monetization through ad sales, allows for easy customization, and offers many optional plugins to extend functionality.

4. Do I need to purchase additional plugins to use Listable?
Listable requires the use of some free plugins like WP Job Manager and WooCommerce. There are also some premium plugins that come with the demo, but they are not included in the theme itself.

5. Does Listable support internationalization?
Yes, Listable fully supports Internationalization.

6. Can I customize the appearance of Listable?
Yes, you can customize the appearance of Listable using the Customify plugin.

7. What kind of support can I get for Listable?
Pixelgrade, the company that developed Listable, offers free support for 6 months after purchase. After this period, you can purchase paid support.

8. Does Listable work with all plugins?
Listable works with a wide range of plugins available for WordPress. There are also specific plugins that have been designed for Listable.

9. Does Listable have free usable documentation?
Yes, Listable's documentation is available online for free and is well organized and easy to use.

10. What if I have problems with Listable after purchase?
In case of doubts or problems, you can contact the Pixelgrade support team. They are available 7 days a week thanks to an online ticket system.

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