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Leadinjection is a landing page theme that was developed to help businesses create highly converting landing pages with ease. The theme is designed with a number of features that make it suitable for any type of online business. Many businesses prefer to use a theme for creating their landing pages, as it is cheap, fast and simple to use. Not only that, but also because a good theme makes the landing page visually appealing and functional.

Il tema Leadinjection è pensato per essere utilizzato con WordPress, che è una piattaforma di gestione dei contenuti web leader del settore. Utilizzando WordPress in combinazione con il tema Leadinjection, le aziende possono creare facilmente pagine di destinazione ad alta conversione in modo intuitivo e senza conoscenze tecniche avanzate.

The Leadinjection theme offers numerous features that help create high-performing landing pages. The Mailchimp integration feature allows users to capture page visitors' contacts through a signup form. This means that businesses can send their marketing emails directly to potential customers who have already expressed interest in their product or service through the signup form. This significantly increases the chances of conversion because the acquired contacts are already interested in the company's product or service.

Leadinjection also offers a wide range of pre-made templates that are ideal for various types of businesses. There are templates available for companies in different industries such as food processing, education, consulting, and so on. Each of these templates is designed to maximize user conversion from marketing campaigns.

The Leadinjection theme is also highly customizable, meaning businesses can change the style, color, and layout of their landing pages to suit their tastes and needs. This means that the company can customize the landing page to fit their brand, while ensuring the optimal user experience thanks to the intuitive arrangement of elements.

The “drag and drop” function is another important feature of the Leadinjection theme; allows the user to easily create their own landing page by simply deciding where to place the elements on the screen. This means that businesses can easily create custom landing pages without the need for advanced technical knowledge or a programmer. All it takes is a good idea and a little creativity.

The Leadinjection theme also includes a wide range of landing page elements including testimonials, social media icons, contact forms, calls to action, and so on. This means that businesses can quickly create complete and functional landing pages, while ensuring an optimal user experience. All elements have been designed to be highly customizable, in order to adapt to the needs of the company.

An additional feature of Leadinjection is that it was designed with mobile compatibility in mind. This means that landing pages created with Leadinjection are highly accessible from mobile devices. This is important because more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web, and landing pages that are not optimized for mobile viewing may experience reduced conversions.

The Leadinjection theme was designed with social media sharing in mind. Landing pages generated with the Leadinjection theme include social media sharing buttons to allow users to share the landing page on their favorite social media. This increases the company's visibility and increases interaction with the public. Furthermore, landing pages created with the Leadinjection theme are compatible with Google Analytics, which means that companies can monitor the performance of their landing page in a detailed manner.

Finally, the Leadinjection theme was created with SEO-friendly in mind. Every landing page created with this theme has been optimized for search engines. This means that landing pages will have better visibility on search engines, which will increase organic traffic to the company's website and therefore increase the likelihood of conversion.

In summary, Leadinjection is a highly customizable, easy-to-use, and high-performing landing page theme. With numerous features like Mailchimp integration, mobile compatibility, drag and drop, pre-built templates, Google Analytics compatibility and more, Leadinjection is one of the best solutions for creating high-performing landing pages for any type of business commercial. It allows businesses to create highly converting landing pages quickly, intuitively, and without the need for code.

What is Leadinjection?

Leadinjection è un WordPress theme per le pagine di destinazione (landing pages) costruito con HTML5, CSS3 e Bootstrap versione 3.x. È stato progettato per i marketer professionisti, i proprietari di business e gli affiliati per lanciare le pagine di destinazione in pochi minuti.

How can I easily install the demo?

You can easily install the demo with one of our predefined layouts by quickly importing it. Leadinjection is easy to use and customize.

What are the predefined layouts available in Leadinjection?

Le layout predefinite di Leadinjection sono: pagine di destinazione per la dieta e la nutrizione, per le app di criptovalute, per giardinieri e paesaggisti, per i coach di business, per le aziende di traslochi, per le assicurazioni, per le agenzie di SEO, per i medici e l’assistenza sanitaria, per app, software e online, per ebook, per le scuole di formazione digitale e le conferenze.

What are Lead Modals?

One of the most outstanding features of Leadinjection is Lead Modals, a plugin designed specifically for the Leadinjection theme. A Lead Modal is a pop-up window that appears when your potential subscribers click on a link, image, button or text.

What does Lead Modal offer to capture and convert more potential customers?

Le funzionalità delle Lead Modal includono la Exit-Intent Lead Modal, Trigger Options per visualizzare le forme opt-in o di call-to-action ai visitatori in modo opportuno, Animations per attirare l’attenzione di potenziali clienti, Drag & Drop Building per creare moduli in pochi minuti, Responsive Design, Smart Lead Modal Links, ecc.

What is Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is an editor for creating drag & drop style layouts, without the need to know coding. It is included free with your purchase of Leadinjection.

What is Slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution is a plugin for creating Responsive+carousel WordPress sliders, fully customizable, which display content in an elegant way. The plugin is included for free with the purchase of Leadinjection.

What is Redux Admin Panel?

Redux Admin Panel is a very powerful admin panel that allows users to easily and quickly customize the theme. From here you can change theme options, colors, fonts, backgrounds and more.

What is Mega Main Menu?

Mega Main Menu is a plugin for creating responsive menus, with customizable and fully customizable icons, sticks, dropdowns and variations.

What is the Click to Call button?

The Click to Call button is a customizable button that will be added to the mobile view of your site to allow customers to call you with a simple tap of the button.

What does Leadinjection offer in terms of fonts and icons?

Leadinjection provides you with vector-scalable icons that can be instantly customized. You can choose different sizes, select colors and use them in your content via shortcodes. Leadinjection also has Font Awesome Icons compatible with your site.

What is Contact Form 7?

Contact Form 7 is a plugin for managing customizable contact forms, easy to use and highly customizable via simple markups. The plugin is supported in Leadinjection.

What does WPML & Translation Ready mean?

WPML & Translation Ready means you can translate our website into any language using the language of your choice. You can use .pot files for custom translations. Furthermore, Leadinjection is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite.

What does it mean that Leadinjection is fully customizable?

It means that you can easily customize the theme, colors, fonts, backgrounds and other elements through the admin panel.

What does the Leadinjection Key Features theme offer?

Le funzionalità chiave di Leadinjection includono la customization dei colori tramite Color Picker, la facile installazione di demo, Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder incluso gratuitamente, Slider Revolution Premium, Powerful Admin Panel, responsive Design, CSS Animations con Animate.css, form preimpostati, layout dei prezzi, testimonianze e clienti in carosello, Shortcodes con componenti riutilizzabili, footer sezione widgetizzata, 600+ Font Awesome Icons e supporto video di YouTube e Vimeo.

What does the Leadinjection package contain?

The Leadinjection package contains documentation files, WordPress Theme Files and WordPress Demo Data.

How can I get support for Leadinjection?

LeadInjection dispone di un forum di supporto (https://support.leadinjection.io) nel caso tu abbia bisogno di aiuto o di technical support. Inoltre, il tema offre aggiornamenti a vita e lavoriamo costantemente per includere nuove funzionalità ad ogni aggiornamento.

Have there been any updates to Leadinjection recently?

Yes, recent updates include: WPBakery Visual Composer plugin updated to version 6.6.0, Redux Framework plugin updated to version 4.1.29, Slider Revolution plugin updated to version 6.5.3, Contact Form 7 plugin updated to version 5.4.1 and many Minor bug fixes.

“If you are having difficulty using Leadinjection – Landing Page Theme, don't worry! To receive professional assistance, contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket by writing to support@gtechgroup.it. Our team of experts will offer you support for installing and configuring the plugin, ensuring a quick solution to your problems.”


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Gianluca Gentile

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