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Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is a great tool for businesses that need an address registration form on a website. This plugin allows users to easily enter their addresses without having to manually fill in the fields, saving them time and frustration.

But how does Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete work?

By connecting to Google Maps, the form retrieves the exact geographic information of the address provided by the user, making the filling process much faster and more precise. This plugin improves the customer experience and makes it easier for the company to collect information.

Here's how it works: When the user starts filling in the address, the autocomplete feature is automatically activated. And once the user has selected the address, the autocomplete feature automatically completes all form fields, including postal code, city or country.

The plugin also supports reverse address search, which means users can search for an address from other information, such as the street name or city name. This gives users more flexibility when it comes to entering their information.

Customization options are another important feature of the Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete plugin. The user can choose to display only the necessary address fields, such as street, city and state, or they can opt for a complete address display, including floor and apartment fields.

Additionally, the plugin can be customized to include custom address fields to suit your business' needs. For example, if your company requires a building or suite number, this field can easily be added to the form.

Finally, Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is easy to set up and manage on the administrative side of the website. All information entered by users can be easily managed and retrieved from the website backend. This means that the company can easily access customer information for analytics or marketing purposes.

In conclusion, Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is a very useful tool for companies that want to simplify the address registration process for their users. With its powerful autocomplete features and great customization flexibility, this plugin is definitely a great investment for any business looking to improve their user experience on a website.

Gravity Forms 2.5 FAQ – Supported Now!

1. What is Gravity Forms 2.5?
Gravity Forms 2.5 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create custom forms. These forms are very useful for collecting information from website visitors, for example for filling out a contact form.

2. What does Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete do?
Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is an extension of the Gravity Forms plugin that allows you to add the address autocomplete feature in form fill fields.

3. Where can I find a free demonstration of Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete?
You can find a free demonstration of Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete on the plugin's official website by clicking on the “For Free demo click here” link.

4. How can I customize Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete?
To customize the Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete plugin, send an email to the plugin's support team.

5. What are the methods to install Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete?
There are two methods to install Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete:
– Method 1: Download the zip file you receive after purchase, then install it via WordPress > Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload File. Activate the plugin to complete the installation.
– Method 2: download the zip file you receive after purchase, extract the contents and copy the “address-autocomplete-gf” folder to the /wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress site. Activate the plugin from the Admin section.

6. How can I use Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete?
To use Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete, follow these steps:
– Install and activate Gravity Forms.
– Log in to the WordPress Admin > go to Forms > select a form to edit > click on the address field you want to transform into autocomplete.
– In the general settings, check Enable Autocomplete/Suggest with Google Places API.
– Check the module on the frontend. The selected address field is now transformed into autocomplete.

7. If I have questions about the plugin, how can I contact the support team?
You can contact the Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete support team by sending a message through their profile page or leaving a comment.

8. How to configure the API key, if required?
In some cases, you may need your Google Browser API key. If so, get the Google Browser API key from and add it to your settings. Make sure you enable the following APIs: Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Places API Web Service, and Geocoding API.

“If you are having problems with Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete, don't worry! G Tech Group is here to help you. You can contact us by opening a ticket and writing to, and we will provide you with professional assistance for installing and configuring the plugin. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to help you!”


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