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Google Maps is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create custom maps on their site. The plugin makes use of the huge database provided by Google Maps, which offers a wide range of features and tools for creating detailed maps.

The first thing to do to use Google Maps on your WordPress site is to install the plugin. Once installed, you will be able to access the plugin's configuration page and select default settings for your map, including map type, theme, style, and zoom.

Once the plugin is configured, you will be able to create a map using the WordPress backend. The plugin offers several options for customizing the map, including choosing the location, adding markers, selecting custom icons, adding marker labels, and choosing custom colors.

Once you have created your map, you will be able to view and further customize it using the WordPress frontend. The plugin offers several options to customize the map on the frontend, including the ability to select the view type, zoom level and display of marker information.

Additionally, the plugin allows users to share maps created on their site via social media, and integrate them into other parts of the site, such as contact pages, product pages, or event pages.

The geocoding functionality offered by Google Maps allows users to find specific locations on the map simply by entering the address. This means that users can easily find their way to a specific address, without the need to resort to other mapping services.

Furthermore, Google Maps also offers the possibility to create custom maps on your site, using the Google Maps API. This means that users can create custom maps that include geographic and location data specific to their site, such as the location of shops, offices or points of interest.

Ultimately, Google Maps is a WordPress plugin that offers a wide range of features and tools for creating custom maps on your site. The plugin is easy to use and offers a wide range of options for customizing maps, which can be easily integrated and shared via social media.

FAQ on installing the Google Maps plugin

1. How can installing the Google Maps plugin increase customer trust in my business?
Installing the Google Maps plugin on the website will show customers all the details about the company's physical presence, thus increasing their security and trust.

2. What are the advantages of the Google Maps plugin?
The plugin offers a large selection of predefined styling and layout features, allowing you to customize the view depending on your business needs. It also allows you to easily share all your business contact information about your opening hours to your site visitors.

3. Is it difficult to install the Google Maps plugin?
No, thanks to its simple installation, the plugin is installed in just 55 seconds.

4. How can I make it easy for site visitors to find my location?
With the Google Maps plugin, visitors can easily find the location of the company and reach the desired destination with the list of all available locations so they can choose the most convenient one.

5. Can I customize my plugin icon?
Yes, the plugin offers more than 20 predefined icon types and the option to create your own custom one.

6. What are the other features of the Google Maps plugin?
The plugin includes a large selection of customizable elements with selectable colors so you can integrate them with the style of your website. We also offer a demo link to preview the plugin's features.

7. How can I add the Google Maps plugin to my WordPress website?
Download the plugin from Codecanyon, insert it into your WordPress admin panel, configure the necessary settings and enter the corresponding plugin code.

8. What other solutions does Elfsight recommend to increase earnings for online businesses?
Elfsight recommends adding additional widgets to your website to achieve your goals. Among the most popular WordPress widgets are the Form plugin, the Facebook plugin, and the Pop Ups interactive plugin.

9. How long does it take to update the Google Maps plugin?
The latest version of the plugin, 2.4.2, is available for download and includes bug fixes and new features.

10. What languages are available in the plugin?
The plugin supports more than 60 different languages, making it an easily accessible tool internationally.

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