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Eventer – WordPress Event & Booking Manager Plugin is a very useful plugin for websites that present events, such as conferences, concerts, theater shows, festivals, exhibitions, courses and much more. In practice, this plugin allows you to organize and manage events in a more efficient and professional way, facilitating online booking, ticket sales, payment management and event promotion.

The plugin was developed for all those who want to organize an event and offer an online platform for booking tickets, as well as allowing the management of more practical aspects such as payments, event details and so on. This plugin, in fact, was designed to simplify the work of industry professionals, such as event organizers, as well as for organizations, companies and companies that organize events.

The Eventer plugin is very easy to use and allows you to organize events with all their specifications and details, which makes them reliably accessible to third parties. It is also very easy to customize the plugin and easily manage all aspects of the event. The plugin was developed to be highly compatible, so it integrates seamlessly with many WordPress themes that can be used to customize the website.

The Eventer plugin offers a variety of features, including online ticket booking, user registration, access control, event agenda management, social media sharing, and payment management. Furthermore, the plugin is very flexible, so it can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each event.

Online ticket booking is one of Eventer's core features. This feature allows you to set a maximum capacity for the event, the ticket price and offer different payment options to attendees. Once the user has booked the ticket, they will receive a web and email notification about the booking made, including information on the location of the event.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to limit access to the event to a selected group of people, for example those who are of a certain age, as this is necessary for booking qualification. User registration is also allowed, which means that users themselves can create an account and manage their tickets for the event.

Additionally, the plugin offers a wide range of payment options to customers, including PayPal and Stripe. This ensures a wide range of payment options, and helps event organizers increase profits from events.

Eventer also allows you to organize event agenda management. Event programs can be structured to include detailed descriptions and specifications of the event, even the options of each activity include its times. Additionally, you can track the progress of ongoing tasks and manage available or canceled tasks.

Event promotion is improved through social media management, as the plugin allows you to share events on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube. This helps spread the word about the event, thus increasing attendance and profits.

Using the Eventer plugin is also very convenient for event organizers, as it allows you to manage payments effectively. In fact, the plugin will take care of receiving bookings, including managing payments. This guarantees greater control of events to the owner and fewer problematic occurrences relating to money management.

The most important aspect of using the Eventer plugin is that it allows you to organize and manage events professionally, increasing profits and attendance. Thanks to a dedicated online platform, the plugin allows you to offer easy and free booking, access management, promotion of events on social media, management of event agendas, and helps achieve the best payment options available.

Additionally, the plugin can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of each event. In summary, Eventer – WordPress Event & Booking Manager Plugin is an ideal solution for event organizers and companies, who want to organize and manage events efficiently and effectively.

Frequent questions:

1. What are the main features of event recording?
Key features of event registration include a full-screen calendar view, a list and grid with numerous styles, countdown to upcoming events, the ability to register for free or paid events, payments via Woocommerce, the annual, monthly, weekly and daily view of events, the ability to sort events by categories, tags, places and organizers in the lists, the presence of multiple types of tickets for each event, advanced recurring event options, social sharing media and the ability to save events to iCalendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar.

2. Are there payment options for event registration?
Yes, payments can be made via the Woocommerce plugin.

3. What are the event viewing options?
You can view events in a list, grid or calendar.

4. Are there event filter options?
Yes, there are advanced event filters for the list view.

5. What languages are supported by the plugin?
The plugin is compatible with the WPML plugin for multilingual pages and the .pot file is available for translation.

6. Are there any limitations on the time period of recurring events?
No, recurring events can be repeated every day, week, fortnight, on a certain day of the week, every month or on specific dates you select.

7. Is there a limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased per event?
No, there is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased per event.

8. What options are there for event management?
There is a built-in event handler for each individual event.

9. How do I contact support?
Support is available through the dedicated forum for all verified buyers of the theme. Please have your purchase code ready when you register on our support forum.

10. Are there any requirements for using the plugin?
The minimum PHP version required for the plugin to function correctly is 5.6.

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