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Exporter for eForm is an export software that allows the user to export form and survey data and responses created using the popular WordPress plugin, eForm. You can download answers in various formats, including Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML.

Exporter for eForm offers many advanced features, including the ability to choose specific question answers to be exported, as well as the ability to export data only for a specific period of time. Additionally, the software supports customizing the exported data using custom templates, so you can completely customize the look and layout of the exported data to suit your needs.

Exporter for eForm also allows you to export data in a scheduled manner, so you can regularly schedule data export automatically, without any manual interaction. This means you can set Exporter for eForm to export data to Excel, CSV, or PDF format on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your specific needs.

But not only that: Exporter for eForm also offers many data management features. One of the most useful features is the ability to view the exported data via a graphical user interface, so you can easily examine the exported data. Furthermore, thanks to Zapier support, the exported data can be easily loaded into many existing business automation software.

Furthermore, Exporter for eForm also allows you to export responses, images and attachments individually, or groups of responses based on their filter properties. This feature is particularly useful for managing large amounts of data, as it allows you to select only the information you want to export.

Exporter for eForm is simple to use. Simply install the plugin in WordPress and it is immediately ready to use. Setting up Exporter for eForm is very easy thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and the customization options are endless.

In conclusion, Exporter for eForm is a fundamental tool for those who use the WordPress eForm plugin and need to export data and responses for analysis and archiving, without spending too much time and resources. Thanks to its powerful features and ease of use, Exporter for eForm is an indispensable tool for any task that requires managing large amounts of data.

What is Exporter for eForm?
Exporter for eForm is a paid add-on to the popular eForm – WordPress Form Builder plugin, which adds the ability to export reports in XLSX, PDF, XLS and/or HTML format. Additionally, it allows you to download submissions in any form into a raw CSV file for manual analysis.

What are the features of Exporter for eForm?
The features included in Exporter for eForm are as follows:

– Export reports: Extends the reporting functionality of eForm to export them in different formats. Charts are created dynamically for XLSX files, while for other formats they are rendered as JPG images.
– Persistent reports: reports can be made persistent, that is, displayed on the page without having to continuously interact with the database in order to save bandwidth.
– Export submissions to CSV: Export all submissions to a well-formed CSV file, where columns represent applications and rows represent submissions.
– Sending PDF attachments via email: You can send submissions as PDF attachments to users and administrators.
– Download submissions as PDF files: Exporter for eForm allows you to download submissions as PDF files.
– Customizing PDFs: PDFs can be customized if you know a little CSS. Customization can be done easily thanks to the provided CSS template. Just change the color codes.
– PDF extensibility: any PDF generated by the addon will include the template provided in order to customize all aspects of the output.

Where can I download Exporter for eForm?
Exporter for eForm can be purchased on Codecanyon through the link on the page https://wpquark.com/kb/#efa. Once you have made your purchase, you will be able to download it immediately.

Are there any minimum system requirements?
Yes, below we list the minimum requirements for installation:

– WordPress version: 3.5.x+
– PHP version: 5.2.x+
– MySQL version: 5+
– PHP XML library
– PHP ZIP library
– PHP GD2 extension
– PHP module mb_string
– PHP memory at least 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
– eForm – WordPress Form Builder, version 3.3 or higher.

Does Exporter for eForm work with all versions of eForm?
No, it only works with eForm versions 3.3 or higher. You may need to update the main plugin before installing this add-on.

Does Exporter for eForm work with all versions of PHP?
Works with PHP 5.2.x+ and all subsequent updates. However, it requires at least 256 MB of memory. The more memory available, the easier the addon will work.

Does Exporter for eForm work with all eForm form types?
Yes, Exporter for eForm works with all eForm form types, including multi-page, tabbed, multiple choice question and non-standard forms.

How can I customize the PDFs generated by Exporter for eForm?
The PDFs generated by Exporter for eForm can be customized if you know a little CSS. You can easily change the colors thanks to the CSS template included in the plugin.

Does Exporter for eForm come with a user manual?
Exporter for eForm comes with a comprehensive user manual that contains detailed information on its installation, configuration and use.

Are there any hidden costs or monthly subscriptions for using Exporter for eForm?
No, there are no hidden costs or monthly subscriptions to use Exporter for eForm. You only pay once to purchase the plugin.

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