Alternative text images, what it is and how it works

How to insert alternative text to images

WordPress Image Alt Text: An important element for web accessibility and SEO. Find out more about how you should use it correctly to improve your online presence. The use of websites is a fundamental element to guarantee an optimal user experience, but a crucial aspect is often overlooked: accessibility for people with visual disabilities. […]

Why not updating WordPress is a security risk for your website

do not update WordPress

Avoid security problems on your website: find out why not updating WordPress is a mistake you could pay dearly for. Read our guide to understand the risks and how to protect your site. If you are a blogger, you are probably familiar with the WordPress platform, one of the most used blogging systems […]

hreflang tag what it is and how it works

tag reflang what is it

hreflang tag what it is and how it works: the importance of the alt tag attribute for the creation of multilingual web pages for linguistic and geographical audiences. The rapid globalization process we are witnessing has inevitably led entrepreneurs and freelancers to address an international audience. And for this reason it has become essential to have a […]

Error 403 forbidden what it is and how to solve it

Error 403 forbidden how to solve

Error 403 forbidden how to solve: let's analyze together what the causes are, providing the main solutions to remedy this particular http error. Lately you have received several reports from users that your site is unreachable, and checking with a Google search the result shows the following words Error 403 forbidden, Access to […]

E-commerce: what it is and how it works: the advantages of electronic commerce

e-commerce costs

E-commerce: what it is and how it works: what are the advantages of e-commerce for companies and consumers. You have recently opened your own business, or perhaps you are in the process of creating one from scratch. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, your primary objective is to grow day after day […]

WooCommerce Guide: what it is and how it works

woocommerce guide

WooCommerce Guide: let's discover together the main features of this WordPress plug-in and what are the advantages that derive from its use. In the digital age, having an e-commerce is essential for a commercial activity that wants to grow more and more and compete as best as possible in its reference sector. In fact, the internet has become the main stage [...]

Best WordPress plugins 2023: which ones to choose

best wordpress plugins

The 10 best WordPress plugins 2023: let's discover together the top ten programs most appreciated by users and capable of ensuring absolutely outstanding performance. It is well known that WordPress is a very versatile CMS and capable of offering a professional service to all its users, even for those who do not have high knowledge on the subject […]

What is WordPress for from an SEO perspective?

sticker with the inscription SEO in female hands on the background of a laptop

WordPress is a very popular and fully search engine optimized content management platform. Its main goal is to provide webmasters with a means to create easily accessible and navigable websites. Another important aspect of WordPress is the possibility of using SEO plugins that allow you to customize […]

What is err too many redirects

what is err too many redirects

Err too many redirects: what this type of error consists of and what to do to resolve it as soon as possible. When surfing the internet it can often happen that you click on a site and find yourself faced with a screen announcing the presence of an error, a real anomaly on the page that […]

What is URL: definition and meaning

What does URL mean

What is the URL: definition and meaning of one of the essential elements for the normal functioning of a website. As soon as you have to open a website, be it a blog or a platform to promote your company, you will inevitably come into contact with a series of IT terminologies that you will have already heard of, but which […]

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