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DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is a very powerful page management tool based on WooCommerce. This tool was designed to help WooCommerce online store owners create high-quality custom pages quickly and easily.

DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is an extension that provides Page Builder functionality to your WooCommerce store. This means that not only will you be able to customize your main store page, but you will also be able to design and customize individual product pages, category pages, settings pages, checkout pages, and so much more.

There are many reasons why DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is so powerful and useful for online store owners. First of all, with DHWCPage you can design your pages in a visual and intuitive way, without having to know any code. This means that you will be able to design pages with great graphic impact, even if you do not have advanced programming knowledge.

DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder offers a huge variety of graphical tools, such as pre-built widgets, layout templates, page headers, multi-column layouts, buttons, sliders and much more. This means that you can customize every detail of your page, with maximum flexibility and creativity.

DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is also extremely flexible when it comes to configuring your pages. With DHWCPage, you can easily customize your pages based on your products and categories, so as to obtain a personalized and effective layout. Plus, you can easily create multiple pages and customize them to your needs, without the need to create each page from scratch.

DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is also an extremely intuitive page management tool. Thanks to the intuitive drag & drop graphical interface, with DHWCPage you can precisely position each element of your page, even without the need to use fixed rows or columns. This means that DHWCPage guarantees you maximum design and customization freedom, and allows you to produce pages with great visual impact.

Finally, DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is also extremely flexible when it comes to page management. Thanks to a complete integration with WooCommerce, DHWCPage allows you to easily integrate your products, categories and payment options with your custom pages. This way, you can create pages with great visual impact and productivity, without having to sacrifice the functionality of your store.

In summary, DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder is a very powerful and intuitive page management tool, which guarantees maximum flexibility and design freedom to owners of online shops on WooCommerce. Thanks to DHWCPage, you can design and customize your pages quickly and easily, obtaining a personalized and effective layout, without the need to know any code. With this tool, you can easily integrate your products, categories and payment options with your custom pages, achieving complete management of your store pages.

FAQ about DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder with WPBakery Page Builder, current version 5.1.x available for download!

1. What is DHWCPage?

DHWCPage is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to customize WooCommerce pages like My Account, Checkout, Cart or Shop page with WPBakery Page Builder. With DHWCPage, you can create any layout for WooCommerce pages quickly and easily, without any programming knowledge.

2. How does DHWCPage work?

DHWCPage works by integrating with WPBakery Page Builder which allows you to easily create custom layouts for WooCommerce pages. You can customize a single product page and/or create a layout for each product category.

3. Who can use DHWCPage?

DHWCPage can be used by web designers or developers who want to complete their eCommerce projects faster and provide a more stable and flexible online store.

4. Do I need programming knowledge to use DHWCPage?

No, no programming knowledge is required. DHWCPage is easy to use and you can create any layout for WooCommerce pages with ease.

5. Which WooCommerce products are supported by DHWCPage?

DHWCPage supports creating individual products for every type of WooCommerce product: simple, bundled, variable, downloadable, virtual product. Additionally, you can create a single product for each product category.

6. Is DHWCPage compatible with other WooCommerce plugins?

Yes, DHWCPage is compatible with other WooCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce Extra Product Options, WooCommerce Bookings, Advanced Custom Fields, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, WooCommerce Germanized, and MarketPress German Market.

7. Is DHWCPage compatible with any WordPress theme?

Yes, DHWCPage is compatible with any WordPress theme.

8. Does DHWCPage include a frontend builder for individual products?

Yes, DHWCPage includes a single product frontend builder that allows you to customize the single product page layout and showcase your products.

9. Are there system requirements for DHWCPage?

DHWCPage requires WPBakery Page Builder plugin or Fusion Builder in your Avada theme to work properly and requires you to have at least WordPress 4.0 and WooCommerce 2.6 installed.

10. How can I download DHWCPage?

You can download DHWCPage from the official WPBakery Page Builder website or from the Codecanyon download area after purchasing.

“If you are having problems using DHWCPage – WooCommerce Page Builder, don't worry! You can contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket by writing to support@gtechgroup.it. Our expert team will provide assistance with installing and configuring the plugin. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any problem you encounter.”


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