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Advisor Quiz is an AI-powered software that helps identify and recommend ideal careers for users. The program is based on a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes users' answers to some specific questions to identify personal characteristics, strengths, aspirations and work preferences.

The Advisor Quiz system is very intuitive and easy to use. After accessing the software, the user is guided through a series of questions about their work preferences and experiences, their level of work and their professional training. The questions are designed to assess users' specific skills and aptitudes.

Once all the data is collected, Advisor Quiz uses artificial intelligence to compare the user's answers with job market trends and available career opportunities. The main objective of the program is to provide tailored career solutions for individual users.

To do this, Advisor Quiz uses an innovative tool that gives you access to a vast network of contacts and employers. This way, users have access to specific job opportunities and practical tips for creating a successful resume. Additionally, the software also provides detailed guidance on how to prepare for a job interview, how to write an effective cover letter, and how to negotiate a higher salary.

In addition to helping people find work, Advisor Quiz is also able to support those who want to launch a business. The software offers a wide range of useful advice for those who want to start their own company. Users can consult a wide range of startup guides, how to make a business plan, how to create an effective marketing strategy and how to raise financing.

Advisor Quiz's big advantage over other career programs is its advanced AI-based technology. The software has the ability to analyze massive amounts of data and provide highly personalized career solutions for individual users. This means that no two career solutions will be exactly the same using Advisor Quiz.

Ultimately, Advisor Quiz is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve their career goals. With the support of highly advanced and personalized software, users can identify career opportunities that match their qualities and skills, and create a highly personalized career path that will lead them to success.

What is the Advisor Quiz and what exactly does it do?

Advisor Quiz è un plugin premium di WordPress per creare quiz con risultati che includono suggerimenti di contenuti o prodotti in base alle risposte dell’utente. È compatibile con WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads e Custom Post Types. Il plugin ti permette di sfruttare il grande potenziale di marketing e di coinvolgimento dei quiz, di segmentare i visitatori in base ai loro interessi e di fornire suggerimenti informati per migliorare le conversioni e ottenere lead.

Can I create quizzes without prompts?

Yes, you don't need to link hints to each quiz. The plugin will still work like a regular quiz builder and you can still benefit from it.

What are the different types of quizzes available?

There are four types of quizzes available:

1. Content Filter – New to WordPress! Create a set of questions and answers that will act as filters for your content or products.

2. Trivia Quiz – The most common type of quiz, where you can test users' knowledge.

3. Personality Quiz – A popular and viral way to segment users based on their interests and personality.

4. Count Quiz – Simple concept, but great potential. Ask users one or more questions where there is no right or wrong answer, but they simply select how many answers satisfy them, depending on the question.

What are the different quiz layouts available?

There are three quiz layouts available:

1. Presentation – This layout will work like a slider presentation and each question will have an image in the background. One question will appear at a time.

2. Image Grid – The most common quiz layout, where each question and answer can have images.

3. Minimal – If you are looking for something simpler and don't want to depend on images, you can use the Minimal layout, which uses no images but still has a clean and attractive look.

Can I customize quiz layouts?

Yes, each layout has a set of options that you can change to make the quiz match your website. You can customize the text labels of alerts and buttons and enhance the quiz display: change the colors and fonts of each layout, the symbols used for answer check boxes, and add images and rich media to enhance your quizzes.

Can I suggest content and products to the quiz results?

Yes, the different quiz types will allow you to include suggestions based on different factors, but to set the suggestions you will always use the “Query Builder”, which will allow you to select which type of content to suggest, which should include everything from your website, from pages, to blog posts, to custom post-type entries like team members, portfolio, testimonials, and even WooCommerce products or Easy Digital Downloads. You can then limit the contents, filtering by each taxonomy such as category and tags, searching for keywords or for WooCommerce products, you can also filter by price, availability, among other parameters. You also have some simple layout rules for how suggestions will be displayed.

Can I share quiz results on social media or via email?

Sì, ogni quiz include alcuni strumenti di marketing semplici. Puoi abilitare i link di condivisione sui social media alla fine del quiz insieme ai risultati, per consentire agli utenti di condividere il loro risultato. Puoi anche bloccare il risultato dietro un modulo di acquisizione email, in modo che gli utenti vedano solo il risultato del quiz dopo aver inserito la loro email. L’integrazione con AWeber e Mailchimp è inclusa.

Can I integrate the plugin with my ads?

Yes, when you create a quiz, you can integrate any type of content on some areas. You can render shortcodes, add HTML content, or run javascript-based ads. These are the areas where you can integrate content: Before results, After results / Before suggestions, After a certain number of questions.

What can I track with the plugin?

The plugin tracks quiz activity and visits, providing lots of data you can use to improve the quiz and your website. You'll be able to see how the quiz is helping your website, with data on conversions and clicks. Statistics will include the following data: visits, referrals, number of quizzes started, number of quizzes completed, answer results, click suggestions, new users registered after taking the quiz, WooCommerce product purchases after the user checks in quiz.

Posso integrare il plugin in qualsiasi WordPress theme?

Yes, the plugin works on all WordPress themes. Each quiz will have a unique short code that you can use anywhere on your website to display the quiz. In this way, the quiz is virtually compatible with all themes, including the most popular: Divi, Avada, X-Theme, The7, Enfold, BeTheme and with all Page Builders, such as Divi Builder and WPBakery, by adding the shortcode to text modules.

Is the plugin ready for translation?

Yes, the plugin is ready to be translated and for each quiz you create you can customize the button labels and information, so you have different quizzes for different languages.

If you have problems with Advisor Quiz, don't worry! G Tech Group is here to help you. You can contact us by opening a ticket and writing to Our team of experts will provide you with the necessary assistance in installing and configuring the plugin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help!


Gianluca Gentile
Gianluca Gentile

My name is Gianluca Gentile, born in 1991. I have always had an immense passion for IT. Computers and the web, in fact, have become my inseparable adventure companions. So in 2012 I decided to transform my attitude and my skills into a "job". Through experience and professionalism I deal with restructuring and building the image of a company from scratch. Among my duties is the management of every phase of the creative process, meticulously taking care of every aspect of the advertising campaigns on the various media.

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