How to create gift cards with Woocommerce Gift Card Pro

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As create gift cards on WooCommerce with Woocommerce Gift Card Pro, an advanced plugin that allows users to easily create, sell and manage your gift cards within a WordPress and WooCommerce-based online store.

Gift cards are a popular and versatile way to make your customers happy, allowing them to purchase the products they want or gift them to loved ones. A perfect solution for increasing sales and retaining customers, as well as being a gift much appreciated by those who receive them. So, get ready to discover how to make the most of the Woocommerce Gift Card Pro plugin to offer your customers a unique and personalized shopping experience, while improving the profitability of your online store.

How to create gift cards with Woocommerce Gift Card Pro

Woocommerce Gift Card Pro is a plugin that adds a variety of custom features to e-commerce websites, allowing owners to offer their customers the option of purchase and use gift cards as a form of payment.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, users can configure it through the dedicated configuration section in WordPress. Here you can select custom options like gift card prices, gift card codes, usage limits and customization options. It then allows you to easily create personalized gift cards with unique designs by choosing from a variety of pre-made templates or uploading your own custom designs. This feature allows store owners to create gift cards that fit the theme and design of their online store.

Once the desired options are configured, users can publish the gift cards on their online store. Gift cards will be available for purchase directly from the product page or via a page dedicated to gift cards. Users can choose from a variety of predefined amounts or specify a custom amount for the gift card. They can then purchase gift cards by adding them to their cart and completing purchases like any other product in the online store. Once purchased they can be sent to both the customer and the recipient via email, or printed as a physical copy to be delivered in hand.

When customers receive their gift cards, they can use them to purchase products in the online store. During the checkout process, a field is provided where customers can enter their gift card code. Once applied, the gift card amount is automatically subtracted from your order total. If the cost of the order exceeds the gift card amount, customers are asked to provide an additional payment method to cover the difference. If it is less than the gift card amount, the remaining value can be used for future purchases.

The advanced features of WooCommerce Gift Card Pro

WooCommerce Gift Card Pro also offers a number of advanced features for managing gift cards:

  • track and manage all gift cards from their admin panel
  • View gift card information, including codes, amounts, and usage status
  • search and filter gift cards based on different criteria, making it easier to manage the numerous gift cards issued.
  • Set an expiration date for gift cards, which prevents customers from using expired gift cards
  • Set limits on gift card usage, such as the number of uses or the maximum amount that can be used in a single transaction.

These customization options allow store owners to create gift card usage policies that adapt to their business needs.

Why do customers want to buy gift cards?

Gift cards are becoming very popular in recent years, to the point of representing a market worth over 100 billion dollars in the USA alone. According to a recent survey by Card Cash, more than 50% of participants said that gift cards allow recipients to choose the gifts they want to purchase, while about 25% said that gift cards are easier to purchase than traditional gifts.

how to create a gift card in WooCommerce
a survey on the huge demand for gift cards from consumers.

Most customers buy gift cards during holidays and birthdays. The 75% said he bought the gift card as a birthday present, while the 64% said he bought it during the winter holidays. Other popular occasions such as weddings, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day are also great opportunities to purchase gift cards.

How to increase sales volume with gift cards?

Create and sell gift card products with flexible setup

  • The admin can create and sell gift voucher products
  • Admin can edit, delete gift vouchers
  • Three types of pricing schemes: fixed price, selected price, customized price

Easily design gift card with drag and drop

  • Admin can setup gift voucher module, customize PDF gift voucher and email template
  • Upload a background image
  • Use shortcode to add gift card content
  • Generate QR code for gift cards
  • Change gift voucher language, font, text size

Import gift cards from backend

  • Admin can import gift card CSV file from backend
  • The gift card sample CSV file is attached to the document

Share gift cards via email

  • Customers can purchase and send gift cards to friends via email
  • Customers can redeem gift vouchers
  • Customers can track gift card history in their account
  • The admin can attach the PDF gift card to the notification emails sent to both the buyer and the gift card recipient

Manage gift card information from the backend

  • Track gift card status with history log
  • Each PDF gift voucher, gift certificate has a QR code for security purposes

Main features

gift card key features

Final thoughts

Ultimately, Woocommerce Gift Card Pro is a complete plugin for managing and creating gift cards in WooCommerce that offers a wide range of custom features. With this extension, owners can easily implement and manage a gift card system within their store, offering customers an alternative payment option and creating a more flexible and personalized shopping experience.

Having problems with Woocommerce Gift Card Pro? Contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket and writing to We will provide assistance with installing and configuring the plugin.


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