How to create reusable blocks in WordPress

What are reusable blocks in WordPress,

Creare blocchi riutilizzabili su WordPress: a great solution to save time and increase productivity.

When it comes to building a website, the main goal is to create something unique, eye-catching and functional. This means that you often find yourself having to design and develop different parts of the site, such as headers, content sections, contact forms, and so on.

Here a common challenge arises: how can we make the process of creating a website more efficient and less time- and effort-consuming? The answer lies in creating reusable blocks.

What are reusable blocks in WordPress

Reusable blocks are a WordPress feature that allows users to save blocks of content (text, images, videos, etc.) that they can be reused on other pages of the site web. This is especially useful for owners who use the same content type or layout on many pages.

Guide on how to create reusable blocks on WordPress
reusable WordPress blocks how they work

That's why WordPress introduced this tool with its block editor, Gutenberg. With Gutenberg, you can create custom blocks for your specific needs and use them flexibly within your site. This saves you time and effort in content design and management, as it is not necessary to create every single element from scratch.

How to create reusable blocks in WordPress

Creating a reusable block in WordPress is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the page or post where you want to create a reusable block.
  2. Select the content you want to include in the reusable block.
  3.  Click the “Add Block” button at the top of the WordPress toolbar.
  4. Select the “Reusable Blocks” section and click on “Add Reusable Block”.
  5. Give your block a name and click “Save Block”.
  6. Your block is now available in the “Reusable Blocks” section to be used on other pages.

Creating reusable blocks in WordPress can be especially useful for website owners who use one similar style or layout on many pages. For example, an airline website might have a section about booking flights that is featured on many pages of the site. All this therefore saves time and maintains a uniform style throughout the site.

Reusable WordPress blocks


What are other ways to save time on WordPress?

WordPress offers many features to help website owners save time. For example, using plugins to automate processes and reduce the time spent managing your website can be a great solution. Plus, using custom themes simplifies content creation and overall website management.

Is it easy to create a reusable block in WordPress?

Yes. Simply select the content you want to include in the block, click the “Add Block” button on the WordPress toolbar, select the “Reusable Blocks” section, and click “Add Reusable Block.” Name your block and save it.

Can I modify an existing reusable block?

Yes, the reusable blocks can be flexibly modified. Simply open the reusable pad, make the necessary changes and save them. This way, all pages that use the reusable block will be automatically updated with the changes you make.

Can I use a reusable block across multiple pages?

Yes. Simply select the desired reusable block and place it on the desired page. This way, the reusable block can be used anywhere you want within the website.

Creating reusable blocks on WordPress, final considerations

In summary, create reusable blocks in WordPress allows you to take advantage of a useful and flexible function.

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