The best plugins to create an effective FAQ Section

guida sui migliori plugin per creare una sezione FAQ efficace

Discover the best 10 WordPress plugins for create an FAQ section effective on your site. Optimize communication with visitors and resolve questions quickly.

If you are a website owner, creating an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section can be a great way to provide information in an organized way to your users. In this guide we will present you the 10 best WordPress plugins to create your FAQ section!

How to create an FAQ section

Creating an effective FAQ section on your website is critical to providing visitors with the answers they need quickly and efficiently. If it is well structured and complete, it can significantly reduce your customer service workload, as many frequently asked questions can be answered by visitors themselves.

Furthermore, it increases user trust in your brand by demonstrating your industry expertise and attention to customer needs, while also improving the overall site experience by allowing visitors to quickly find the information they need, thus reducing frustration and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

quali plugin usare per creare una sezione faq
FAQs as an ideal tool to ensure a good user experience on your website

It is therefore a valuable tool for optimizing communication with visitors, improving customer satisfaction and optimizing the operational efficiency of your website.

The 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Create an Effective FAQ Section

  1. Accordion FAQ: is a free WordPress plugin that helps you create easy-to-use FAQ sections. When site visitors click on the question, a window will open with the answer without having to refresh the pages. This plugin also allows you to customize your FAQ with your WordPress theme.
  2. Quick and Easy FAQs: is a paid plugin capable of creating responsive and customizable FAQ sections. Includes search tools, styling, and customizable icons. Furthermore, it offers you the ability to create categories and subcategories.
  3. WP Responsive FAQ with Category: extension that gives you the ability to create a responsive FAQ with customizable categories and icons. You can also add detailed answers for each question and categories that appear on your FAQ page.
  4. Ultimate FAQ: perfect if you want to create an advanced FAQ. It is easy to use and allows you to create categories, subcategories and add customizable icons. This plugin has become popular thanks to the functionality of creating multilingual FAQs, ideal if your website has users of different languages.
  5. Arconix FAQ: free, it is a tool suitable for creating clean and modern FAQs. It is easy to customize and has a smooth user experience. It also features several customization options, such as adding categories and pagination.
  6. WP Simple FAQ: It has an intuitive and clean user interface and allows you to create FAQ pages with questions and answers without having to create categories.
  7. FAQ Show : for a fee, you can add categories, icons to display them in the sections you want. Furthermore, according to user feedback, this plugin is very simple to use.
  8. FAQ by WD: free, suitable for creating an organized FAQ section. In addition to the ability to create categories and subcategories, it tracks visitors who have opened and read the response, useful if you're trying to monitor traffic.
  9. AWESOME FAQ: This paid plugin allows you to customize your CSS FAQ theme and HTML templates to create your own unique design. It also has many customizable options such as adding categories, subcategories, icons and “back to top” at the end of each question and answer.
  10.  Help FAQ: Very popular extension, you can create questions and answers with professional formatting and add categories and subcategories.


Q: How do I create an FAQ section in WordPress?
A: You can do this using one of the 10 plugins described in this guide.

Q: What is the best WordPress plugin for creating an FAQ section?
A: The answer depends on your needs and your availability to spend.

Q: How can I customize my FAQ section?
A: You can customize your FAQ section using the customization options offered by the plugin you use. For example, you can add categories, subcategories, icons, custom CSS, and much more.

Final thoughts

best plugins to create FAQ page

Create an FAQ section on your website is a great way to provide information in an organized way to your users. We are sure that in this list you have found the plugin that is right for you and that will satisfy your needs.

At the same time, if you need more support with creating FAQ sections for your WordPress site, contact us now! Open a ticket or send an email to and let our experts help you choose the best plugins for you. You'll get the support you need to improve your user experience and grow your online business. Don't waste any more time!

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