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Course Builder is a WordPress theme for creating online courses, which offers many features and tools for managing your educational website. With Course Builder, you have the ability to create professional, high-quality online courses, making it the ideal theme for anyone who wants to create an online learning platform.

The theme offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create an eye-catching, easily navigable website that reflects your brand and business goals. The theme is simple to use and allows the user to create a complete course web page without having to have any technical knowledge.

Course Builder theme layout

The Course Builder theme has two predefined layouts, namely the grid layout and the list layout, which allow you to view the available courses in different ways. The grid layout offers a more intuitive view and is suitable for the most colorful and lively themes, while the list layout is the ideal choice for more serious and professional pages.

Organization of the Course

Course Builder allows you to easily create an online course and organize it with your content. You can organize your course into a hierarchy of sections and lessons, assign quizzes, exercises, and assignments to enhance your audience's learning. Furthermore, it is possible to associate one or more teaching materials with each lesson or section.

Interactive learning

Course Builder makes learning interactive and fun. Users of the module can interact with the course through quizzes and challenges that allow them to get immediate feedback on the status of their progress. Built-in exercises can be customized and adapted to the needs of your audience.

Blog for your course

The Course Builder theme offers the possibility to create a blog to support the course. This blog allows you to publish articles, new resources, information about your products and educational services to increase audience engagement with your web platform.

Publication of courses

Course Builder allows you to publish courses quickly and easily. The course page contains all the important information for users, right from the start of the course to its expiration date.

Student management

Thanks to the Course Builder theme you have the ability to easily manage your students and monitor the status of their progress. You have a page dedicated to student management, which includes information such as the number of students enrolled in your courses, their personal data and their ratings.

Management of the educational Web page

The Course Builder theme allows you to easily manage your educational page, offering an abundance of tools and customization options. These tools allow you to customize your website to your liking, and have more control over your content. You can use a wide range of customization options, such as choosing fonts, colors, and the style of the educational page.

In conclusion, Course Builder is the perfect theme for anyone who wants to create a professional online training platform. The theme is easy to use and offers many tools for managing and organizing your courses. Thanks to this theme, you can easily create and share your learning materials, making it easier for your audience to learn. With Course Builder, you have complete control over your educational page, making your management and customization easy.

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