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Advanced Floating Content is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add floating content to your website. In other words, this plugin allows you to add text or images that appear on the screen and do not move despite scrolling the page.

This feature can be useful in numerous situations. For example, if you are publishing content marketing for your website, you can use the plugin to insert a widget that shows the latest post shared on social media, adding a short description.

But not only that, the plugin is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of its users. You can choose different fields, such as width and height of the content, ability to increase or decrease the opacity of the float content when scrolling the page, precise positioning etc.

One of the nice features offered by the plugin is the fact that you can focus on visual tools and their spectacularization. In fact, the plugin allows you to customize the design of the float content by adding a colored background, a custom border and even the shadow of the content itself.

The plugin also allows you to choose from a variety of input options for the content. You can choose to use text, an image or a mix of both. Additionally, you have the option to add a link to a desired landing page, a close button, and a timer to set the amount of time the content will hide itself.

Furthermore, with Advanced Floating Content you have the ability to dock the content anywhere on the screen; this means that you can also move the content to less common positions such as to the right of the screen, down and even above the textual content.

In addition to being easy to use, Advanced Floating Content is also very lightweight and does not slow down your website or its speed. This means that the plugin will not negatively affect the user experience of browsing the website.

Furthermore, the plugin has also been optimized for mobile devices to ensure that the floating content appears correctly on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

In conclusion, Advanced Floating Content is a flexible, customizable and lightweight plugin that allows you to add floating content on your website effectively. Thanks to its many features, such as the ability to customize the design of the content or to dock the content anywhere on the screen, it helps capture users' attention and improve the browsing experience through a visual language.

Advanced Floating Content plugin FAQ:

1. What is the Advanced Floating Content plugin?

Advanced Floating Content is a plugin created to be used for all purposes. It's not difficult to use and the interface tries to cover everything in a single plugin to ensure you don't need to use other plugins. Whether you need to show a footer alert or a header alert, advance a feature that floats around the site, share your social network links, a commercial image, or modified HTML floating content, everything does our plugin for you.

2. What is the price of the extended license?

The price of the extended license is $150, but at the moment you can save the 40% ($100 less).

3. Can I check my floating content statistics from admin?

Yes, you can check your floating content statistics from the plugin admin section to ensure they meet your viewing needs.

4. What are the features of the plugin?

Features include promotion and business advancement, use a single plugin for everything, control impressions of the banner/floating content, video embed, social media sharing, responsiveness with the of automatic adaptation, customization of HTML content via the default WordPress editor, control of floating content anywhere on the site and creation of floating themes.

5. Can I create unlimited themes for my floating content?

Yes, you can create unlimited themes/layouts for your floating content with the use of the plugin's theme builder.

6. Are there any restrictions on viewing floating content?

Yes, you can control the display of floating content on certain pages/posts/categories or across the entire site.

7. Can I hide floating content under certain circumstances?

Yes, it is possible to hide floating content on certain widths or certain page heights.

8. Is the plugin compatible with Elementor?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with Elementor and offers additional features such as displaying floating content as a header or footer.

9. What are the system requirements to use Advanced Floating Content?

The plugin requires WordPress 3.8 or later and jQuery JavaScript libraries.

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