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Chat – Support Board – PHP Chat Application is an online chat program that allows communication between customers and operators on a website. The platform was created to help improve user experience and increase the efficiency of the customer support process quickly and effectively.

This PHP-based chat application allows company visitors to communicate in real time to ask for support or information. Chat is available on every web page of the site and offers a simple and intuitive user experience. Operators can talk directly to customers and answer their questions in real time. The chat allows you to easily perform various actions such as: transferring the chat to another operator, inserting internal notes, recording the conversation, sending documents, seeing the history of previous conversations and interacting immediately with the visited site.

With the Chat – Support Board – PHP Chat Application you can improve the management of online support and improve the relationship with your customers. The application offers the ability to customize the appearance of the chat to match your company's branding. The chat is also accessible from all devices, so anyone can access the platform and communicate in real time wherever they are. The chat functionality can be easily integrated into the company website.

The chat platform is easy to manage and can also be customized by the operators. Users with administrator permissions can create chat routing rules, set working hours, use canned responses or record custom responses, and define operator permissions. Furthermore, you can monitor and analyze customer service performance through comprehensive statistical data, which includes information such as the number of chats handled, chat frequency, average response time and other important metrics.

Chat – Support Board – PHP Chat Application is a robust chat solution that greatly improves online support management and communication with customers. Thanks to this online chat, companies can interact in real time with their audience, offer an impeccable assistance service and increase the trust of their customers. The online chat management application is easy to use and manage and provides many customization options. Essentially, if you want to improve the experience of your website visitors and provide quality customer service, the Chat – Support Board – PHP Chat Application is a key solution.

Support Board for PHP: FAQ

1. What is Support Board for PHP?

Support Board for PHP is a PHP script that allows you to automate customer communication through AI-driven chatbots and a chat system integrated with the most used platforms.

2. Which messaging platforms are supported?

Support Board supports many messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram, to name a few.

3. What artificial intelligence functions are used?

Support Board allows you to connect to Dialogflow and Open AI (ChatGPT) to consume rich messages dynamically.

4. Can Slack be used for direct communication with customers?

Yes, you can use Slack for direct communication with customers.

5. Is there a version of Support Board for WordPress?

Yes, there is a version of Support Board for WordPress that you can find on Codecanyon.

6. Where can I find more information about Support Board?

You can find more information about Support Board on the official website, Furthermore, there is a changelog page to constantly check the updates and progression of the software.

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