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Optimizing your Hotel with Soho Hotel Booking Calendar: the Complete Solution for Online Bookings

Have you ever heard of Soho Hotel Booking Calendar? Si tratta di un plugin per WordPress progettato specificamente per semplificare le operazioni di prenotazione e gestione online per hotel e strutture ricettive. Questo plugin è uno strumento potente che può rivoluzionare la tua strategia di prenotazione online.

An Easy Plugin to Install and Configure

The first step to using Soho Hotel Booking Calendar is a breeze: just install and set it up. The simplicity and speed of these operations allow hotel operators to concentrate on their work, instead of worrying about technical issues. In addition to this, the plugin offers multiple features that allow you to manage guests, rooms, prices and reservations with extreme ease.

Features Tailored to Every Need

Quello che rende Soho Hotel Booking Calendar particolarmente efficace è la sua customization. Ogni hotel o struttura ricettiva ha esigenze specifiche, e questo plugin è stato progettato proprio per adattarsi a tutte queste necessità. Un esempio di questa flessibilità è il modulo di prenotazione online, che può essere integrato in qualsiasi pagina web e permette agli ospiti di effettuare prenotazioni direttamente dal sito dell’hotel.

Flexible Rate Management

Soho Hotel Booking Calendar allows you to flexibly manage your hotel rates. You can define seasonal rates, rates based on room type and days of the week. These rates can be changed at any time, allowing you to update your prices based on your hotel's needs.

Easy Management of Guests and Rooms

La gestione degli ospiti è resa semplice con Soho Hotel Booking Calendar. Ogni ospite può avere un profilo utente, che permette di monitorare le prenotazioni passate e future. Puoi anche inviare email di conferma e promemoria automatici agli ospiti, garantendo una comunicazione efficiente e tempestiva. Anche la gestione delle camere è un gioco da ragazzi, grazie alla possibilità di creare un elenco di camere e di monitorare le prenotazioni con facilità.

A Personalized Booking Page for Your Hotel

Soho Hotel Booking Calendar allows you to create a personalized booking page for your hotel or accommodation facility. You can customize the appearance of the booking form, error and confirmation messages to provide an optimal user experience.

Integration with Other Digital Marketing Tools

This plugin easily integrates with other digital marketing tools such as Google Calendar, TripAdvisor and Facebook. You can also embed guest reviews directly into your hotel page, increasing your customers' trust and satisfaction.


  1. What distinctive features does Soho Hotel offer?

Soho Hotel emerges as an all-inclusive solution for hotel websites and other hospitality establishments that need advanced booking features. The arsenal of features includes pre-built websites, reservation management, multi-language support, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  1. How does the Soho Hotel booking mechanism work?

Soho Hotel's booking mechanism takes advantage of a range of features, including an availability calendar, a channel manager, email notifications and multi-venue management. It offers the possibility to customize customer categories, set booking conditions, add optional extra services and establish rates.

  1. How is online payment handled with WooCommerce?

Soho Hotel takes advantage of the popularity and efficiency of the WooCommerce plugin to process reservation payments. This allows you to accept payments in multiple currencies and connect with local banks. Accepts all major credit cards and provides access to payment statistics.

  1. How do I use the Soho Hotel multilingual translation plugin?

The Soho Hotel multilingual plugin, specially designed for this platform, allows for easy translation of the website into different languages. Room availability is synced across different website languages, eliminating any concerns about inconsistencies.

  1. Is it possible to customize pages via WP Bakery Drag & Drop Page Builder?

Yes, Soho Hotel offers the ability to customize website content using WP Bakery Drag & Drop Page Builder's easy and intuitive interface, completely eliminating the need to write code.

In conclusion, Soho Hotel Booking Calendar is a complete solution for accommodations looking to optimize their online reservation management. Its multiple functions and its customizability make it an indispensable ally for every hotel. Download Soho Hotel Booking Calendar today and start revolutionizing your online booking strategy.

Please feel free to contact us if you are having any issues installing or configuring Soho Hotel Booking Calendar for WordPress. Our support team is always at your disposal. You can open a ticket by sending an email to or contact us via WhatsApp by writing to the number +39 0465 84 62 45. We are here for you and ready to help you solve any problem.


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