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Simplify the management of repeat appointments with Bookly Recurring Appointments. Recurring bookings, automatic confirmations and integrated calendar for efficient organization

In the fast-paced world we live in, managing appointments has become an increasingly complex challenge. For both professionals and clients, balancing schedules and maintaining a precise schedule can be an extremely complicated task. Fortunately, thanks to technological evolution, there are today intelligent and innovative solutions that they simplify this process significantly.

In questo contesto, l’importanza di un plugins per la gestione degli appuntamenti diventa evidente, in grado magari di offrire un integrated and automated system for booking, managing and confirming appointments, improving efficiency and satisfaction for both professionals and customers. Solutions you can find with Bookly Recurring Appointments.

What is Bookly Recurring Appointments

Bookly Recurring Appointments is an extension of the popular online booking plugin Bookly, which allows you to manage recurring appointments in a simple and efficient way. With this additional feature, users can schedule meetings that automatically repeat according to a certain pattern, saving time and eliminating the need to repeat the same booking steps every time.

One of the main features is its flexibility. Users have the option to define a broad variety of repeat patterns, depending on your needs. For example, you can set meetings to be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other custom time interval. This is especially useful for recurring tasks like classes, therapy sessions, workout sessions, salon appointments and much more.

analisi plugin bookly recurring appointments
Bookly Recurring Appointments appointment management

With this extension you can also specify a deadline after which recurring appointments will end automatically. You may want to schedule a series of them over a period of six months or a year and then have them end. And instead of having to manually delete them after they're done, BRA will do it for you, saving you time and effort.

Simple and intuitive appointment management plugin

Managing recurring appointments is simple and intuitive:

  • Enough create a new appointment in the Bookly backend as you normally would and then select the “Recurring” option.
  • At this point, a drop-down menu will open allowing you to choose the type of repetition, the time interval and other custom options.
  • Once you have chosen all the desired settings, just save the appointment and the system will take care of it generate them automatically repetitions according to the specifications provided.

In addition to scheduling recurring appointments, this extension offers a number of additional features that make appointment management even easier and more efficient, including sending reminders or automatic booking via email or SMS, so that customers remember their appointments and don't forget them. Additionally, you can customize appointment details and information, such as time, duration, service name, and more.

Another useful feature is the management of canceled or modified appointments. If a recurring appointment is canceled or modified, the system will ask the user whether they want to apply the cancellation or modification to that specific appointment only or to all future appointments. This guarantees greater flexibility and allows you to make changes even after several recurring appointments have been scheduled.

During the process you can easily view and filter all recurring appointments in the calendar. This allows you to have a clear overview of all your future meetings and manage them easily. Furthermore, it is possible export data in various formats, such as CSV, Excel or PDF, for easy access and use.

, managing appointments with Bookly Recurring Appointments
plugin for managing recurring appointments

In terms of integration, Bookly Recurring Appointments integrates seamlessly with Bookly's online booking system and works with most major payment gateways, allowing your customers to book recurring appointments and pay securely and conveniently online.

Bookly Recurring Appointments Plugin FAQ:

1. What does the Bookly Recurring Appointments plugin do?
Allows customers to book weekly or monthly appointments in advance. This feature automates the process of creating a series of appointments with a custom repeat interval, making it easier for clients to book regular meetings.

2. What are the features of the plug-in?
Bookly Recurring Appointments features include:
– Enabling recurring bookings for all services or for specific services
– Setting daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly repeat intervals for each service separately
– Ability to choose how customers should pay: just for the first appointment or for the entire series at once
– Easily manage all recurring appointments via the Bookly admin panel
– Sending a single combined notification to the customer for the entire booking
– Ability for customers and staff to cancel a series of recurring appointments via email

3. Is it necessary to have the Bookly PRO plugin to use it?
Yes, the Bookly Recurring Appointments plugin is an addition that requires the Bookly PRO plugin.

Having problems with Bookly Recurring Appointments?

In summary, Bookly Recurring Appointments is a highly functional and customizable extension for the Bookly plugin, which enables efficient scheduling and management of recurring appointments. With its flexibility and ease of use, this extension simplifies the booking process for users, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors. If you are looking for a way to automate the management of recurring appointments in your business, this extension could be the ideal solution for you.

In case of problems, contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket and writing to The support team will be ready to assist you with installing and configuring the plugin.


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