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Bookly Customer Cabinet è un add-on per Bookly, un plugin per WordPress che permette ai tuoi clienti di prenotare appuntamenti online. Questo add-on offre ai tuoi clienti un’esperienza personalizzata e semplificata, poiché crea un’area riservata dove possono accedere con le loro credenziali per visualizzare e gestire le loro prenotazioni passate e future, ed eventualmente cancellarle o modificare i dettagli.

Once the add-on is installed, a link is automatically created on your booking page that redirects your customers to the Customer Cabinet page. Here they will be able to access their personal information, enter or change their contact details, highlight preferences or special needs, and view all their bookings.

The main function of the Customer Cabinet is to allow your customers to view, modify and cancel their reservations quickly and easily. The reservations page offers a complete overview of all future and past reservations, organized by date and time. Customers can select a booking to view details, including the date, time, service chosen, professional name, and amount paid.

If necessary, customers can change the details of the reservation, such as the date, time or service requested. Furthermore, they can also cancel the reservation, but only if the cancellation is made within the deadline allowed by your cancellation policies.

In addition to the main function of viewing and managing reservations, the Customer Cabinet also offers other useful features for your customers. For example, they can view their review history, including all past bookings, so as to keep track of habits and services chosen in the past. Furthermore, they can also express their preferences on certain professionals or services, so they can be sure they always find what they are looking for.

To access the Customer Cabinet, customers must register with an email and password. This process is very simple and quick, but you can customize and manage the registration process as you see fit. For example, you can request additional information about your customers, or set up an email confirmation for each new registered user.

Once your customers have signed up, they can access their Customer Cabinet directly from your website. This way, they will be able to make their bookings more efficiently and securely, with the guarantee that all details will be stored securely and accessible only to them.

In summary, Bookly Customer Cabinet is a very useful add-on for those who use the Bookly plugin for online bookings. Thanks to its ease of use and practicality, your customers will be able to manage their reservations and personal data efficiently and quickly, without having to contact your staff directly. This way, you can offer a better service and increase the loyalty of your customers, further improving your business.

Q: What is Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)?
A: Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) is a plugin that allows you to create a secure personal area for customers on your website, where they can view and manage their bookings and personal data. Additionally, customers can also change or cancel reservations, view payments made and update personal information.

Q: Does Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) require another plugin to be installed?
A: Yes, this plugin is an add-on that requires the installation of the Bookly PRO plugin, available on Codecanyon.

Q: What are the main features offered by Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)?
A: Among the main functions offered by Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) we find the possibility of configuring a personal area for customers, which allows them to view and manage reservations and personal data previously provided. Customers can see all appointment details such as date, time, employee, status, duration, price, etc. Furthermore, Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) also allows you to modify or cancel reservations.

Q: Is Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) GDPR compliant?
A: Yes, using this add-on you can ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

Q: How does Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) integrate with Bookly PRO's booking and scheduling system?
A: Like all Bookly add-ons, Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) integrates seamlessly with Bookly PRO's booking and scheduling system, taking just a few minutes to install.

Q: Where can I find more information about how to use Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)?
A: You can find all the information on how to use Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) in our detailed documentation available here: -Customer-Cabinet-Add-on.

Q: Is there a demo available for Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)?
A: Yes, you can try the free demo of Bookly on this site

Q: Where can I find video tutorials about Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)?
A: You can find video tutorials about Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) on our YouTube channel, available here:

“If you are having problems with the Bookly Customer Cabinet Add-on, don't worry! You can easily contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket and writing to The team will provide assistance with installing and configuring the plugin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions!”


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