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BookingWizz per WordPress: the plug-in dedicated to websites made with WordPress, which allows you to integrate an online booking system easily and effectively.

What is BookingWizz for WordPress?

This platform was created to meet the needs of those who need to manage appointments, classes, events or any other type of booking through its own WordPress site. Among its main features we can mention:

  • ease of use. Una volta installato il plug-in sul proprio sito WordPress, è possibile configurarlo rapidamente e facilmente attraverso l’interfaccia intuitiva fornita. Offre una vasta gamma di opzioni di customization, che consentono di adattare il sistema alle specifiche esigenze del proprio business.
  • create different categories of bookings, such as client appointments, event bookings, lecture bookings, and so on. In each category, you can customize specific settings, such as the duration of reservations, the maximum number of participants allowed, and more.

BookingWizz also allows you to create an unlimited number of resources, which can be associated with reservations. For example, if you manage a fitness center, each class can be considered as a resource and assigned to specific dates, times and instructors. Resources can be managed by both administrators and users, depending on the permissions set.

Once you have configured the system to suit your needs, BookingWizz offers an intuitive and easy-to-use booking interface for site users. Users can select the desired category and view the available dates and times, based on the settings provided. They can then select a specific date and time and provide the necessary information to complete the booking.

In addition, BookingWizz offers a wide range of features to manage reservations and bookings for both administrators and users. Administrators can view and manage all reservations through the interface, accepting, rejecting, or canceling them as needed. They can also generate detailed reports on reservations, view payments made, and manage resources.

On the other hand, site users can view, edit or cancel their reservations through a restricted area, accessible with a username and password. They can also save their profile information to facilitate future bookings. BookingWizz also allows different payment gateways to be integrated, offering the ability to accept online payments for reservations.

In addition, BookingWizz has an internal calendar, which allows all bookings and reservations made to be clearly displayed. This calendar can be customized according to your preferences, allowing you to view different filters such as categories, resources, or instructors. You can also export the calendar in different formats, such as CSV or PDF.

Another interesting feature of BookingWizz is the ability to receive automated notifications and reminders via email. Administrators can set up different types of messages, such as a booking confirmation email sent to the user or a reminder to the user before the booked event. This helps to automate the booking management process and provide better service to users.


Frequently asked questions about Version 1.5.1 available:

1. What are the requirements for using this plugin?
- This plugin requires BookingWizz version 6.0.0, which must be purchased separately.
- The credit card payment plugin is not included and can be purchased separately.

2. What does this plugin do?
- BookingWizz for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to integrate BookingWizz into your WordPress site seamlessly. The plugin will install BookingWizz for you (you need to purchase BookingWizz and upload it to the root of your site) with one click and seamlessly integrate the system interface into your WordPress site. You will not need a separate login to manage your events/bookings/calendars. Currently, BookingWizz for WordPress has 2 widgets and 5 shortcodes.

3. What widgets are included in this plugin?
- The calendar widget: can show a single calendar (service) that you will select in the widget settings or can show all calendars (a drop-down menu will appear on the front end).
- The upcoming events widget: currently you can select which calendar events to show (can be all of them) and how many events to show.

4. What shortcodes are included in this plugin?
- [BW_calendar]: will show a calendar on any post/page. If there are multiple calendars in the system, a drop-down menu will appear in the upper right corner to select the desired calendar.
- [BW_calendar id="id_calendar"]: will show a single calendar (service) of your choice, with no drop-down menu. Be sure to change "id_calendar" to the actual calendar ID (you can find it in the all services table).
- [BW_events_list]: will show all events in all calendars for the current month.
- [BW_event id="id_event"]: will display the information and reservation button only for a specific event. The event ID can be retrieved from the event table in the administration.
- [BW_attendees_list eventID="X"]: will show the list of participants for a given event. The event ID can be retrieved from the event table in the administration.
- [BW_calendar id=all lang=language]: will display the calendar in the desired language (English, Spanish, French).

5. What are the main changes made in version 1.5.1 of the plugin?
- Security improvements: added sanitization and escaping of all input data before output.
- General code cleanup.
- Removal of inline styling and scripting when possible.
- Adding the "strict" directive to all JavaScript and jQuery scripts.
- Implementation of wp_enqueue_script/wp_enqueue_style when needed.
- Updating the jQuery library.
- Troubleshooting a problem with the plugin update.

Si prega di notare che queste domande frequenti fanno riferimento alla versione 1.5.1 del plugin BookingWizz per WordPress. Per ulteriori informazioni o richieste di supporto, si consiglia di fare riferimento alla documentazione inclusa con il plugin o di contattare il technical support del produttore.


Ultimately, BookingWizz for WordPress is a powerful tool for managing appointments, reservations and bookings online through a WordPress site. With its intuitive interface and numerous customization options, it offers a reliable solution for any business that needs to manage reservations and appointments effectively.

"If you are experiencing problems with BookingWizz for WordPress, please contact G Tech Group by opening a ticket by writing to Our team will provide you with immediate assistance in installing and configuring the plugin."


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